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Steven asks…

home remedies for cat uti?

for a cat ith a urinary tract infection

vti answers:

How do you know you cat has a UTI? Usually someone would have to tell you it burns when they pee, has you cat said that to you? What color is the pee, it might be something else. But make sure she drinks clear liquids, and cranberry juice. She is gonna need some anti-biotics.

Donna asks…


well due to the fact that im uninsure and have no money i had to buy azo u.t.i test trips…it came back positive for leukocytes what does that mean????
i have no burnibg or pain what so ever just urges sometimes…ive also had weird discharges and smells down there….

I’ve searched and somebody said to use 1/2 teaspoon in 1 oz of water (shot glass size) and take it like a shot, use water or even cranberry juice as a chaser. dows this cure it for sure????
if i drink alot of water will it cure it???

does anybody know any.home remedies that will CURE this not just help it????


vti answers:

There are none. You have to go to a doctor or it could get worse and progress to something like pelvic inflammatory disease. Maybe you can find a pharmacy nearby that has nurse practicioner services; I know there are some CVS pharmacies that do, and there might be others. It’s cheaper than going to the doctor–and the antibiotics to treat a UTI aren’t really all that expensive, either, even without insurance. Probably not much more than your many home remedies you would try before giving up and going to the doctor anyway.

“Positive for leukocytes” means there are white blood cells in your pee, which means they are there to fight off an infection. Therefore, you have a UTI.

Mary asks…

What are sum home remedies for UTI in pregnant women?

vti answers:

Now what do you want home remedies for ? If you are pregnant, or if you are not pregnant, there is one simple cure for a UTI, and that is to go to your doctor and get some antibiotics. If you are pregnant, your baby’s welfare is very important, as well as your own. So, don’t mess around with useless home remedies…get some antibiotics and get the UTI under control.

Thomas asks…

any good home remedies for UTI?

Have tried the cranberry juice along with plenty of water and has not yet work!! I don not want to drink antibiotics because it will lower the effect of my birth control!! please help!!

vti answers:

Shoot, I get those all the time, stop your suffering and go get some UTI over the counter medicine called Uristat!!!!!. It’ll stop the pain but won’t cure it. So go get the medicine, and just drink lots of water.

Helen asks…

At home remedy for uti? ?

I can’t go to the doctor. My mom always thinks I’m having sex if I have a uti. So I don’t tell her. Anyone know any tricks to get rid of it?

vti answers:

I never went to the dr so idk for sure if I had one or if I was just drinking too much soda or something but if a uti makes you feel like you have to pee all the time even when you don’t then try only drinking water. It usually helps me once the water has gone all the way through…though that could take a couple hours

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