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Daniel asks…

My 5 year old nephew as a terrible dry cough, what are some good home remedies?

He has a bad coughing attack, and cough medicines don’t work, what are some good home remedies to stop the coughing attacks? Help please.

vti answers:

I have this problem every time I get a cough.. I went to a pharmacist and she told me an incredible way to help me with my sore throat. So first of all it gets dry because of coughing so much and you get that tickle right? Well she told me its because you are dehydrated and not neccessarily from not drinking water, you are suppose to drink things with electrolytes in them such a gaterade, but what she recommended was this packaged stuff from the pharmacy I’m sorry I don’t have the name of what I drank but ask them they will help and it really worked!!! (even though it tastes alot like salt water)

Sharon asks…

Home remedies for a wet cough and runny nose?

Does anyone have any home remedies for a wet cough and runny nose?
I’ve taken
None of them helped..
And I’m tired of taking medicine.. I’d rather do a natural thing for my body…
Any remedies?

vti answers:

I would suggest to you there can be several cough remedies and mild kids cough remedy available nowadays. Cough drop patches are scientifically proven and accepted as natural cough remedy and as a natural cure for cough by a large amount of masses. They are not only holistic in nature but also aim at natural healing processes like regenerating and cellular repair. For more information about this just visit

Robert asks…

What are some at-home remedies for coughing?

I have been coughing at night lately, but nothing worth going to the doctor over. Are there any at-home remedies that I can try?

vti answers:

Take a hot shower.
Use Vapo rub at night
Drink hot tea.
Have a shot of whiskey.

If this continues for more than a few more days, see your doctor.

Thomas asks…

I was wondering if anyone had a home remedy to sooth a cough and sore throat? My mom has an upper respiratory?

inefection and has been put on antibiotics, and was told to take an over the counter medicine to relieve the coughing, but it doesn’t do much good, so without having to worry about different medicines interacting, what would be some good home remedies that might help her cough and coat her throat?
Besides drinking warm tea…

vti answers:

An awesome thing to do is for her to steam herself over a bowl of hot water.
Get a big glass bowl, fill with boiling water about half full – sit her at the kitchen table, she bends over the bowl with a big towel over her head and the bowl and breathes deeply. It sounds stupid to do, but works really well!
I have chronic bronchitis so when I get it, the above steaming works great.
Another good thing for her to have is a cool mist humidifier in the bedroom while she sleeps.
Taking as hot a shower as she can stand and just breathing in all that hot steam in the bathroom.
Vick’s rub on the chest really, really works.
Sucking on hard candies – not cough drops, but lemon sour candy, peppermints, etc.
If her coughing is really horrid, she could ask the pharmacist for a cough medicine with codeine – to be used really carefully, but it will at least let her sleep.
Hope she’s feeling better soon – lucky her to have you to look after her 🙂

Sandra asks…

Is there any home remedies to sooth the cough?

I am coughing really bad because of my allergies and there are lots of things I cant take because I am pregnant but does anyone know any kind of home remedies that might stop the coughing

vti answers:

There really isnt much you can take due to being pregnant. I suggest drinking more water than you already are. Even though this sounds like it would not do much but a lot of times the cough is being produced due to some kind of build up (flem etc.) in the lungs. With drinking more water the water can circulate and actually break things up in your lungs and make your cough a productive cough. This means that instead of coughing constantly you will probably have one or two good coughs until whatever it is inside you is gone.
Good luck with the allergies and the pregnancy.

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