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William asks…

Does anyone have any good home remedies for pink eye?

Both of my eyes are bright red and goopy. They were matted shut this morning.

vti answers:

The boric acid solution is great! I know that the thought of putting anything with the word “acid” in your eyes sounds horrible but it is the most soothing solution there is! If it doesn’t help within two days though, you should see a doctor. Remember to to wash your hands reguarlily as pink eye is extremely contagious.

Chris asks…

Does anyone know of any reliable home remedies for Pink Eye?

My girlfriend may have it.

vti answers:

Definately go see a doctor. I had it and just went into the eye doctor they have at the local Walmart and the doctor prescribed drops and the visit was like $25.00 and the drops maybe $15.00..and it was cleared up in 3 days. Why try a bunch of home remedies and have it take weeks. I would just get the meds and get it taken care of. Good Luck

James asks…

Does anyone Have a home remedy for conjunctivitis(Pink Eye).?

vti answers:

Oh yea this is what you do. You boil water and get a tea bag of chamomile and put it in a cup and you put a few drops of the tea in your eye like three drops and itll get better.and dont touch the eye

Sandra asks…

What are some good home remedies for pink eye?

vti answers:

Aren’t any. See a doctor.

Charles asks…

What are some home remedies for pink eye?

vti answers:

Ask your pharmacist. I believe they now have an over the counter remedy.

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