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Your Questions About Natural Remedies

Mark asks…

What’s the best home remedy for a sore throat?

vti answers:

Ice cream does the trick for me.

Thomas asks…

What are some good home remedies for sore throat?

I woke p with this really bad dry and sore throat what are some home remedies to fix it?

vti answers:

Hi Niarae,
Honey and ginger are the two best natural home remedies for a sore throat. Read the article I provided a link for below to see all kinds of home remedies for a sore throat… But ginger and honey are definitely the best way to get rid of it.

Jenny asks…

Does anybody know the best home remedies for sore throats?


Just looking for the best home remedies for sore throats–tried salt down the throat–didn’t work.

Any ideas on this would be great!!


Homeopathic remedies are welcome also!!


vti answers:

Cough drops,
tea with honey
lemon water [warm] and honey
a hot shower.

They can all help a bit with your throat 🙂

Helen asks…

What are some home remedies for sore throat?

I’m starting to get quite the sore throat, and I was wondering if there were any good home remedies for curing it?

vti answers:

Zinc lozenges
Herbal Tea with honey
Warm tap water + salt + gargle
Steam (take a hot shower, use a vaporizer) sometimes your throat is sore because it’s dry
Ice chips

Regardless: Stay WELL hydrated, drink lots of water.

Stay away from smoke (smoking), dryness, OTC throat sprays, milk, caffeine, soda

Daniel asks…

Any home remedies to cure sore throat when it starts?

This morning ive felt a small sore-ness in my throat, now 12 hours past its a sore throat.

Are there any home remedies I can use and do before it blows out to a full cold?

I know the Gargle with salt water already, anything besides warm salt water?

vti answers:

Here’s tip i found and tested, and it worked!
Warm water with some lemon juice, and two spoons of honey.
It will really do it some good.

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