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Laura asks…

What are some home remedies for a cough?

I’ve had a horrible cough for a week and the doctor said it’s respitory. He prescribed me over the counter cough medicine and I’ve been taking it for 3 days. It doesn’t seem to work very well. What are some home remedies for cough? I’ve been drinking lots of water and I’ve been trying the spoonful of honey remedy.

vti answers:

I find that having a hot juice drink with honey helps me. Just squash but with hot water.
My husband thinks that lemonade in juice helps his cough.

George asks…

How do I stop a dry cough that occurs only when I lay down in bed at night?

I do not have any allergy’s nor sinus, and I have not been sick nor do I smoke, anyone have any home remedies, cough drops do NOT help nor does liquid cough medicine.

vti answers:

Try black current and Honey warm/hot this helps me a lot or if you don’t like it warm/hot leave it until it goes cold then drink it.

Michael asks…

What are some home remedies for getting rid of coughing?

What are some home remedies for getting rid of coughing?

vti answers:

Hot water add some lemon juice and honey. Get it really hot. Also, lemon drops and of course cough drops. Hot green tea.

Betty asks…

Is there any home remedies for coughing?

My daughter is keeping everyone awake at night coughing. Any home remedies out there that might help?

vti answers:

Honey is EXCELLENT for cough supression. In fact they just published a study on how it is more effective for children the chilrends cough medicine.

Steven asks…

Does cold or cough during the 4th month of pregnancy affect the child?

is their any home remedy for cough?

vti answers:

The fetus is like a parasite -thriving while you feel all of the bad stuff!! Wash your hands better, use a nasal rinse, run a vaporizer when you sleep, drink lotsa water, and see your OB.

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