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Mandy asks…

What is your dog’s favorite brand of high quality dog food?

From brands like these:
* Artemis
* Blue Buffalo
* California Natural
* Canidae
* Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
* Eagle Pack Holistic Selects
* Fromm
* Innova
* Merrick
* Nature’s Variety
* Orijen
* Solid Gold
* Taste of the Wild
* Timberwolf Organics
* Wellness
* ZiwiPeak

vti answers:

My dog’s favorite? Probably the Merrick. It has pieces of dried fruits/vegetables mixed in with the kibble, and if you add water to it, it makes it’s own gravy too.

But Canidae and Artemis are also much enjoyed by her, and tie for a close second place. 🙂

Donald asks…

my english buuldog id is 10 months old have had problems with numerous food with testing and trying found?

found out after cosly test and different foods he is allergic to chicken he has been on holistic select problem is he has about 6 bm a day even overnight he gets up and has bm on floor any suggestions i add small amounts of yogurt to his food any suggestions[have also tried the fish in holistic with no success] kate

vti answers:

I would feed him only dry dog food and no food after midday. You might have to look for a food with no chicken in it. You can also make his food yourself but that is a lot of work. You could consider switching him to a raw meat diet which is what dogs were meant to eat anyway. And ask this in the Pets category and you might get more help with it.

John asks…

Which dog food brand is best for my dog???

I have a chihuahua and I’d like to know which one of these brands id the best for him:
Canidae or Timberwolf or Eagle Pack Holistic Select?
Innova is not available in my country…
Thank you a lot!

vti answers:

Of the ones you listed (which are the best options…settle for nothing less)
I would pick canidae als
Its good for all breeds

I was told that eagle pack holistic has something in it that’s not great for long term for a dog (coming from a great dane breeder)

Someone will probably post a link to a website for dog food ratings (I can’t bc I am on my phone) definatley take a look at that. I saved it on my computer bc it is a great site

Good luck!

Jenny asks…

Quality Food for Great Danes?

We have 2 Great Danes….we currently feed them Holistic Select. Our male has bad gas and they go through a 33 lb. of dog food a week. Is there a cheaper brand out there with same quality as Holistic Select?

vti answers:

Try and also look in Pawnation, where you can enter search keywords into a search box and come up with many helpful answer. I haven’t really analyzezed dog foods yet in Pawnation.

Linda asks…

Puppy food – Eagle pack or Evo? Raw or Dry food? Chicken or Beef?

i had a 9weeks old old english sheepdog puppy, his breeder told me to feed him with Eagle Pack – Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed Puppy, i m currently feeding him this with raw beef mince, is this the best healthy receipe for him? and which brand is actually better in nutrition? Eagle Pack or Evo? and for a puppy, should i feed him raw, cooked or dry food?

many breeders told me to feed him with raw beef, becasue beef has lots of nutritions, but today a sale asistance in Pet Paradise told me lamb is better than beef, is that true? and he told me to feed him cooked food and Evo pet food.

i really want my dog to be healthy and have a very balanced diet, but just very confused now bcos many people told me many different things, but which one is really good for my pup~?

vti answers:

Definitely listen to your breeder, they have probably been researching and breeding for years, it’s their reputation that will be harmed if they don’t breed healthy dogs, so they have your interests at heart. The guy at Pets Paradise is just looking out for his own concerns, I bet he didn’t sell Eagle pack. In my opinion lamb mince is to fatty and you normally end up with an overweight dog. It is very important with large/giant breeds that they don’t get overweight as puppies.
If you have any concerns about his diet always speak to your breeder, that is what we are there for.
Good luck with your new family member.

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