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Ruth asks…

Cough home remedy for my 6 month old son.?

My 6-month-old son has a bad cough for 2 weeks now; his doctor says there are no medicines he can prescribe at this age. I do not know what to do. Does anybody have a home remedy?

vti answers:

Take him in the bathroom and turn on the hot water and let the shower run this will make it steamy and calm the breathing and congestion it worked for my daughter

Mandy asks…

What are the best cough drop/lozenge or any other remedy for coughing and sore throat?

Help! I have lost my voice and I have a horrible cough that hurts. My throat isn’t terribly sore but my chest is. I would like some kind of lozenge to help my voice and possibly stop me from coughing. I don’t react well to most over the counter medicines and cough syrup…they usually either put me to sleep (even the non drowsy kind) or they just don’t work. I would really like some suggestions on home cough remedies and lozenges to help me feel better.

I hate being sick!!!!! I just don’t have time for it!
I have a cold
I can’t use strepsils….I live in the U.S., they are only available in the UK…thanks though

vti answers:

What’s really good is just hard candies, like peppermints or lemon drops. For lozenges, choose one with menthol or honey-lemon. You should be steaming yourself, too. In a warm shower, then with a coolmist humidifier as you sleep.

Sandy asks…

Does anyone have a home remedy for cough?

Getting over a cold. CAN’T STOP coughing esp. at night
Do you know any home remedies?

vti answers:

Honey and lemon 🙂 x

James asks…

Suggest home remedy for cough and wheezing at night time. I am currently taking mucinex.?

It all started with runny nose for one week. Runny nose is gone now but still have cough and wheezing. I have shortness of breath in night. have already tried steam and tea. anything other than that is appreciated. I have scheduled allerfy test next week as well. Is garlic good? does it have any side effects?

vti answers:

This may sound odd, but I read it in the Peoples Pharmacy column in the newspaper…They suggest that you put VicksVapoRub on the soles of your feet…It would be worth a try..You can check this out at

Michael asks…

natural home cough remedy?

what is the best thing for a childs cough ive heard cough nmedicines are useless and the shops are shut please help

vti answers:

Whiskey with honey and lemon. Wrap up in a blanket and sweat.

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