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George asks…

sore throat home remedies?

home remedies for a sore throat.
it sucks, cuhs valentines is coming and i have plans this week. it irritates and takes out the fun of what i have planned. home remedies?

vti answers:

Gargle with Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar, mix it in warm water with raw honey. Both have healing properties. It will make your throat tingle and you will feel the mucous drawing out of your nose and throat. When I do this, I’m constantly spitting out loose mucous for a while afterwards, and the throat pain slowly disappears, depending on how bad the situation is.

Also, take lots of Vitamin C!

(You must buy the vinegar at a health food store, as regular vinegar is artificially made from either grain or coal tar and colored!)

William asks…

any suggestions for home remedies for sore throat?

i’ve had a sore throat since about friday. at first it was something mild, thought it was nothing. but now i can barely speak :/
anyone know any home remedies for this?
i would greatly appreciate it

vti answers:

Honey and lemon juice with hot water is always good remedy to clear up a sore throat.

If you want something stronger to kill off a throat infection, actually alcohol helps a lot.

1 teaspoon honey / 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar / lemon juice
Mix and drink slightly warmed or in a glass of hot (not boiling) water.

At night time add in 1 tablespoon of spirits (straight whiskey or vodka)

Vodka can also be used as a mouth wash. Some gargles like Listerine contain alcohol and can be used instead for killing bacteria. Salt and Vinegar mixed in water is another option which works but tastes gross!

Drink lots of orange or lemon juice – fluids during the day. Honey Lemon Tea is also a good option. Hot drinks tend to be better for losening the throat.

Hot soups are also a good meal for a sore throat.

Nancy asks…

How to treat a sore throat with home remedies?

I just woke up with a sore throat today, and don’t really have the money to go to a doctor just for it. Is there any home remedies out there to treat my sore throat?

vti answers:

Ricola herbal throat drops

make some tea and use honey to sweeten it.
Use lemon for added flavor plus its good for your throat

the honey and the lemon are both soothing to the throat.
Drink plenty of fluids

also gargling helps.
Gargle with salt water every morning evening and night.

Mark asks…

Very sore throat, any home remedies to relieve the pain?

Iv been sick for about 3 days now, and my sore throat is getting worse. I don’t feel like driveing anywhere so does anyone know any home remedies to relieve the pain?

Thanks in advance.

vti answers:

Mix malt vinegar into a glass with a little warm water and gargle twice a day.Also gargle with a tsp of salt in warm water three times a day in between using the vinegar. The treatment will kill the bacteria causing the infection and pain. Salt is very soothing usually one day of this treatment is sufficient. Vinegar is very cleansing and will strip away the bacteria gently.

Ruth asks…

Any home remedies for sore throat and stuffy nose?

Im sick and I dont even have time to go to the doctor, can you help with some home remedies?

vti answers:

Try this pressure point. It’s important that it’s done correctly. Right under your cheekbone, directly under your eye, you can feel a ridge in the cheekbone. You kind of want to gently, but firmly in an acupressure sort of way, push slightly upward against the bottom of that ridge with several of your fingers. This should help alleviate the stuffy nose.

Don’t let the stuff dry up in there overnight, get a humidifier. Also, any opporunity you can get all that junk out of there, do so. Don’t let it clog up in there. Take hot showers, let the hot water hit on your face. The moisture from the steam is also helpful.

You might try eating soup with lots of pepper. Or spicy foods in general.

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