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Digestive Disorders And Aging A Natural Remedy

The information presented here is something that personally worked for me. I found that as I was getting older my digestive system was naturally slowing down and I had a lot of stomach acid, it took a long time for me to digest and it also kept me up at night.

Every time I would mix different food and drink, such as a macaroni dinner with some chicken, wine and then later tea or coffee and a piece of dessert, I would be up for half the night.

This went on for quite a while, I even went to some medical doctors to see what could be done but didn’t get much help.

But after doing my own research, something finally worked and changed the way I was digesting. I started to take probiotics and to this day it has not totally cured my digestive problems but close to it, maybe 90% cured.

I take one probiotic in the morning and it works for me. As mentioned, about 90 % or more of the time I am able to eat better and I do not have digestive problems the way I used to. No more acid indigestion, gas, and the feeling of always being full. The balance of good bacteria in my stomach seems to have done the trick.

Under this article I will place the probiotic formula I take. And this is not a commercial but something that has really worked for me. TheĀ  instructions say to take two gels one in the morning and another at night on an empty stomach, but I only take one in the morning. If my stomach seems to get out of balance, I’ll take two.

In conclusion, there are many more natural things that have worked for me and I will write about them here from time to time. In addition I will include some information from an excellent anatomy and physiology book I have that tells you why things happen when you age and helps you to understand what the real problem is. From there you can try some natural things to see if they work. They certainly have for me.

This is the Probiotic combination that I have been using:

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