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Wish You Were Smart?: An Impartial Evaluation of the ZOX Pro Training System

Everybody would like to be at least a tad smarter–many people even dream of being much smarter. The makers of the ZOX Pro Training System want to teach you how to discover the power of your brain and, essentially be smarter. But can you actually train your brain to be smarter? Can training your brain to be smarter be accomplished? Will the ZOX Pro Training System truly work? We thought we’d take a closer look at the program and find out if it is worth it’s asking price. It’s easy to lose weight fast if you follow the right program.

The program can help make you smarter by teaching you how to be a speed reader. In essence, the ZOX system is one that teaches you how to speed read through, well, nearly everything. The technique you learn for your speed reading is called Memory Photography and is believed to teach you how to mentally photograph whole pages for later recollection. Losing weight is easy with this step by step method.

For many students, the toughest aspect of the entire learning process is being able to sit and read all of the reading they are assigned and then remember it afterwards. For dyslexics and those who suffer from ADD and ADHD, this is particularly troublesome. The program is made to help make the reading component of learning go a lot faster. It promises you that you can read whole pages or even whole books in just a few minutes time. If you do the ZOX Pro Training System properly, by the end of it you can read extremely fast and remember what you’ve read when you need to. This offers students who aren’t good readers quite a boost to their confidence.

The ZOX Pro Training System was created by Dr. Richard Welch and is based on a book that was written by Shannon Panzo. Dr. Welch has spent as long as 30 years exploring the brain and how it works and keeps information. His Memory Photography system is built upon the combination of his own research and experience and the theories and information found within Panzo’s book. It all looks super good on paper.

The ZOX system itself isn’t low-cost. It is currently selling for just under $200 but for that $200, you get a variety of learning modules to help you work through the program as well as a lot of bonus materials to help you put what you have learned in the course to further use. Thus, if you are okay with paying almost $200 for videos, lessons, audio files and eBooks then you will be okay with the asking price.

Our big issue with the ZOX Pro Training System is that being able to read something quickly is all well and good but that doesn’t necessarily make you smarter. It is learning how to process and understand what you read that helps you be smarter. Though if the reading process itself is extremely tough for you, the rest of it will probably be a struggle too. In this aspect, the ZOX Pro Training System is a fantastic tool to have at your disposal.

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