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Is Ephedra Healthy?

Ephedra has been around and used for literally thousands of years… It’s as safe as, say, caffeine or alcohol – which is to say, anything can be unsafe if used irresponsibly. Ephedra has terrific benefits when used properly, and it’s too bad that the poor judgement/actions of a few caused the substance to be banned for everyone else.

Ephedra, or ephedrine sulfate, is a naturally occurring substance derived from plants. Its principal active ingredient is ephedrine, which when chemically synthesized is regulated as a drug under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. In recent years ephedra products have been widely promoted to boost weight loss, sports performance, and energy. In addition, ephedra is enormously popular with dieters because it suppresses appetite and boosts energy. It is known under many names including Desert or Mormon tea.

The FDA had to take a stance on this as the media interest was so high. Unfortunately, the media interest wasn’t well informed and poor logic has led to the drug being banned when much more harmful drugs, such as aspirin, are freely available on the high street.

The FDA has to act as a drug regulation authority, but it doesn’t operate in a vacuum. If the political or media drivers are powerful, they do adjust their judgments. Drugs, such as eca thermogenic stack that are used in the bodybuilding world are especially closely looked at by the FDA and it will seek to jump on any drug that can have physiological effects.

As well as the political and media drivers making the FDA’s task challenging, there are also economic factors involved. If a substance is classed as a supplement, then the FDA is unable to regulate it or take its fee for any distribution of the supplement. However, when it is ready to class a supplement as a drug, then it can control the drug and take money for its regulation and distribution. This may be a factor in some of its thought processes.

There are thousands of legal products which will kill you if you overindulge. It’s a fact that more people die each year from allergic reaction to PEANUTS, than died from Ephedra every year.

They “think” they can link about 85 deaths to “misuse” of Ephedra over a 25-year study – less than four per year, and don’t forget about “misuse.”!

In the past, the FDA has approved many drugs that have since been linked to adverse side effects, and even death; (remember fen-phen?). Why pick on ephedra, which has been used safely for thousands of years? Is it because ephedra is an herb, which cannot be patented, and thus poses a serious threat to any of the billion dollar pharmaceutical companies’ line of weight loss drugs! Well, needless to say, that’s just simply pure speculation.

FDA is big pharmaceutical companies’ puppet! Weight loss industry profits in multi-billions. Has nothing to do with ephedra being safe or not. How many big pharmaceutical companies have disclaimers for their products,(on the telly adds),that list extreme side effects including death? It’s unreal that any of those products were approved by the FDA.More people have died from aspirin then ephedra.

Ephedra is an herbal product. It works by stimulating the nervous system, which can increase heart rate and blood pressure.

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