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How You Can Anti-Age Naturally

Everyone desires to stay young, look young and feel young forever. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural anti-aging remedies and activities we can integrate seamlessly into our everyday lives, regardless of how hectic they might be. The only thing standing in the way of truly looking and feeling younger is an individual’s desire to accomplish what they set out to do.

Sure, there is surgery and other unnatural means of anti-aging, but going about it the natural way is healthier and more gratifying. So, just what are the best natural anti-aging tips and tricks? Simply put, you can separate them into three piles: food, lifestyle and supplements.

The Anti-Aging Lifestyle

Exercise is and has always been one of the easiest and most essential anti-aging techniques. It’s best to shy away from high-impact exercises as you age, since they can damage the joints, however. So, consider swapping running for jogging and maybe take up yoga as well.

Meditation is also great for stress reduction, relaxation and even aids with sleep, all of which can greatly impact how quickly you age. If you’ve never meditated before and don’t quite know how to quiet your mind, there are countless podcasts, books and audio how-to’s out there to get you started.

The Anti-Aging Diet

It should come as no surprise that the Western diet isn’t anti-aging focused. The best anti-aging foods are those choc-ful of anti-oxidants like leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits. That’s because anti-oxidants help to flush the body of aging and disease-causing free radicals that lead to everything from wrinkles to cancer. Also, it’s important to eat many of these foods in their natural form, or raw, since cooking can often weaken or eradicate the vitamins and minerals you were looking to get out of them.

Learn About Anti-Aging Supplements

Even a healthy diet doesn’t provide quite enough of the anti-aging nutrients we need to make a dent in the aging process. Fortunately, there are all sorts of ways to supplement what we’re lacking.

A quick note about supplements: all-natural, high quality supplements are key. Supermarket brand supplements won’t cut it. Green grocers, heath food stores and homeopaths usually have the type of product you want.

Besides a good multi-vitamin, you might want to supplement even further with anti-aging powerhouses like: DHEA, Acai, CoQ10, Lutein, Morinda Citrifolia (aka proxacine), Resveratrol and Acai. (Note: if you’ve never heard of proxacine, you may have heard of its parent plant, the noni fruit, which is one of the most anti-oxidant rich foods on earth).

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