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Steven asks…

Qust. about vitamins and minerals?

i am not getting enough vitamins and minerals by food , so i am thinking to take some multivitamin tablets (supradyn) but the problem is that i am 100% vegetarian and i do not want to take any vitamin or mineral which taken from non- veg sources.
the supradyn tablets contain:
vitamin A (acetate) I.P 10000iu
cholecalciferol I.P 1000iu
thiamine mononitrate I.P
riboflavine I.P
pyridoxine hydrochloride
calcium pantothenate
ascorbic acid
alpha tocopheryl acetate
biotin usp
tribasic calcium phosphate
magnesium oxide
dried ferrous sulphate
magnese sulphate monohydrate
copper sulphate pentahydrate
zinc sulphate
sodium molybdate dihydrate
sodium borate

Please let me know if there is any vitamin or mineral which is produced form animal sources. or anything that i should know.

vti answers:

100% vegetarian is called “vegan”, and on a vegan diet there are a few minerals (iron, zinc, calcium) and one vitamin (B12) – and the Omega 3 fatty acids that you can easily be deficient in, if you don’t know how to get them from plant sources. Taking any other supplements is useless and can even be harmful. However, its not that difficult to get all 5 of these from your diet, by adding a few easily available items. Here’s a good, concise round-up of them:

1. Calcium

Non-vegetarians can choose milk and cheese as their primary forms of calcium intake. For the strict vegetarian, nutritional calcium choices are much slimmer. Calcium fortified soy, rice and almond milk can supply the much needed calcium as long as three to four servings are consumed every day.

Vegetables also contain calcium, which can fit perfectly into the vegetarian nutritional guidelines. Turnip greens, collard greens and rhubarb have the highest amounts of calcium per serving. Tofu recipes cooked with tofu made with calcium sulfate provide a great source of calcium. Just one half cup of tofu made with calcium sulfate can contain as much as 430 mg of calcium.

2. Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids and omega 6 fatty acids need to be balanced in the body for optimal health. Most vegetarian nutrition guidelines contain foods that are high in omega 6 fatty acids, but lack a proper source of omega 3s. Fish is the most common omega 3 source, but vegetarians rarely include fish in their diet.

In place of fish, flaxseed, flaxseed oil and raw walnuts can included in daily meals. Flaxseed oil is very temperamental and must not be heated above 100 degrees F. Flaxseeds must be ground immediately before use and can be sprinkled on salads or blended into soy, fruit shakes.

3. Iron

Animal products are the primary source of iron in the typical diet. For the vegetarian or vegan, finding a good source of iron is important. The list of iron containing beans and vegetables is lengthy, which means variety in vegetarian nutrition. Tofu, lentils and Swiss chard are three of the best choices.

Eating iron is not enough, as the body needs vitamin C to convert the iron into a useable form. Optimally, foods rich in iron should served with other foods rich in vitamin C. For an additional iron boost, vitamin C rich foods can be cooked in a cast iron skillet where more iron will be pulled into the food.

4. Zinc

Zinc plays an important role in the body’s immune system. Between 15 and 50 mg of zinc should be consumed on a daily basis to keep the immune system strong. Zinc also affects skin and neurological health. For the vegetarian or vegan, toasted wheat germ, Swiss chard and lima beans are the top three sources of zinc.

5. B12

The B vitamins are crucial for energy conversion and the prevention of certain forms of anemia. The typical diet is rich in vitamin B12, as milk, yogurt, choose and eggs are fantastic sources. For the vegetarian, consuming enough vitamin B12 may be the most difficult part of establishing a healthy plan for vegetarian nutrition. Many vegetarians resort to supplements for their vitamin B12 needs. Brewer’s yeast, nori, Chlorella and spirulina are the best natural sources of vitamin B12 that can be added to the body.

Black strap molasses is also a great source of iron and calcium: one that is often overlooked: its cheap, tasty especially when mixed with cinnamon, and cheap.

That said, f you still think its difficult to eat a balanced, healthy vegan diet for some reason, you could go to almost any health food store and ask them for vegan vitamins.

James asks…

Vitamin and mineral supplement questions?

1. Which vitamins and minerals conflict with each other in general? I heard Vitamin A conflicts with D. Is that true? What other vitamins and minerals conflict with each other and what is the effect or remedy to this?

2. Can a lutein supplement, Vitamin D supplement, boron supplement, a multivitamin, and selenium all be taken at the same time and have no conflict? Also, if all taken together at once, will they generally be properly absorbed as if they were taken individually?

3. Is a healthier and better source of Omega 3 from flax or fish?

Thank you.

vti answers:

Well vitamin A is often found in nature alongside vitamin D so no i don’t think there is a problem with them being taken together. Also, they both need fat for absorption so they both need to be taken alongside a main meal and the same applies to vitamins E, K, coQ10, and omega 3.

I wouldn’t worry about supplements conflicting as there is no real evidence for that. You should however worry about supplements conflicting with certain prescribed medications as there is evidence for that. So if you are any prescribed medications or have a medical condition, talk to your doctor or pharmacist first before taking any supplements, particularly herbal extracts.

Vitamin B complex is best taken in the morning as B vitamins help release energy from food.
Thee same would apply to coQ10 if that was taken.
Calcium is best taken alongside vitamin D as vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium. You shouldn’t really take calcium without taking magnesium. And they are often found together in supplements in the 2:1 ratio, considered the optimum.

Many comprehensive multivitamin and mineral formulas have all you mentioned except omega 3 and perhaps boron. Omega 3 needs to be in an oil format. And i think there was some directive in the UK at least that considered boron none-essential for health.

Fish oil is considered the better source of omega 3. But make sure it is molecularly distilled.

Basically regarding supplements, follow as directed on the label.
Best wishes.

Robert asks…

how do they get the vitamins and minerals into small tablets?

how do we know we are getting minerals and vitamins from tablets?

vti answers:

They extract vitamins and minerals from various chemicals or food sources and then dehydrate them into powder. They then put the correct amount of each powder together along with other ingredients to keep them in tablet form. When you take a vitamin, you’re most likely not absorbing all of what the bottle says it has in it. Our bodies are made to absorb vitamins and minerals from food, in their natural states. So, the best thing is to eat a well balanced diet. You can still take a multi-vitamin, just know you don’t actually absorb all of it.

Mary asks…

Are vitamins and minerals as important as regular food?


Thank you!
Are they as important as proteins, carbs, and fats?

It’s for an assignment

vti answers:

Vitamins and minerals are found in fruits and vegetables. However, with soil depletion, and poor diet choices we often do not get enough and thus the need for food-derived supplements. You have to eat many servings of fruits and vegetables (raw is best) to get the amount of vitamins and minerals needed by your body for proper cellular function. Most people do not get enough in their daily diet. This is important, because our body can not produce vitamins, minerals, or anti-oxidants we must ingest them either in food or in supplements. Proteins, carbs and fats are also important. Protein is essential at the cellular level but vitamins and minerals are needed for the body to break down the protein into components that the body can actually use. Carbohydrates are used as energy by the body to perform cellular functions. Fats in the proper amount help in the absorption of the other nutrients by the body. So, all are necessary for the body to perform properly.

Sandy asks…

Vitamins and Minerals?

I’m going to partake in one of the world’s most challenging half ironman in 3 months– I know that I need to start taking an overall combination of vitamins and minerals. I feel that my body is depleted and can’t recover no matter how well I eat. Does anybody have any recommendation of a well-rounded multi-vitamin including minerals especially magnesium in a liquid form (made for women). Also, has anybody heard of this company the Colgan Institute? ( What is the big hype about them? Thank you for your time and help.

vti answers:

These are the vitamins Gwyneth Paltrow uses. You don’t have to be pregnant. I like them because you don’t have to take them with food and they don’t make me jittery or upset my stomach like other high potency vitamins–

At my last eye exam the doc said my vision was better. I don’t know if it was because of these vitamins, but that’s the only thing I changed in my diet.

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Mandy asks…

Under age transporting of beer?

My son is 19, he got pulled over for speeding, the police searched his car, and found 2 unopened cars of beer in his very back. He wasn’t drinking, are anything at this period of time! What should he do, fight it, are just go with what ever will happen, what does happen to him?
He wanted to be a policeman, himself, he is in his first year of college, , but we are pretty sure once this hits his record he will not be allow to be on any police force.

vti answers:

If he is just charged for the opened beers he will probably just get a fine.

Steven asks…

How long can i store beer before it gets expired?

can i still drink 1 year old beer?

vti answers:

How long? Light beers range from 4-6 months and dark beers up to a a year but for many years for certain more rare beers.
All beer can be drank after one year. You may notice a bit a strange flavor and possibly strange aromas but they can be drunk.

The guide for beer storage and aging is that heavy-darker beers store longer and better than lighter beer styles. For more on light Vs dark beer style see,

:More of the same just drawn out more.:
Sure you can. Drink up my beer friend for beer is here to make you happy. While it is true that some beer does improve with age all beer deteriorates with age. To the extent of deteriorating, the light beers* will not mask the newly developed poor flavors but the heavy dark beers do. As for the light beers, there is not much in them to lend in further flavor development. They are therefore best from the time of release until a certain prescribed time, say of 2-4 months. But then that is what they are meant to be. The darker beers however will continue, albeit very slowly, to develop some flavors. They can do this because the chemical nature of a dark beer is more complex than a lighter one (yeah I know, ‘duh.’) The issue with age/old beer comes down to freshness.

But even freshness comes down to how the beer was treated, style of beer, and storage conditions. Basically, a light beer style will last 2-4 months or longer if produced in a mass-industrialized brewery. They last this long because there is nothing left in it to break down and taste bad.** Light beer from a mass-industrialized production brewery is sterile filtered to strip it of all life and almost all breakdown products. They are also often pasteurized and these two processes give them great stability. Unfortunately, it also strips them of a great deal of flavor. The other lighter beers are somewhat filtered or not at all and thus do not hold up as long as the former. Dark beers are treated as the above second category of light beers are but have an added advantage of a higher osmolality and alcohol content. Both these conditions help it resist any microbio activity which would develop off flavors. But since they also have more chemical components further flavor developments occur with increasing storage time. There roasted dark flavors also aid in hiding any (if any) off flavors.

*For my examples light beer is any beer both light in color and alcohol but also density (body) as exemplified by American Lagers, Pale Ales, Bitters, Helles, and a few other styles. Dark beers tend to be the ones we see as darker in color, heavier in both body and alcohol concentration. Some dark beers we know are Belgian Brown Ales, Porters, Stouts, and many Bock styles. See web page cited for a brief description of light versus dark beer.

**Storage conditions can alter a beers life-span. A beer stored in warmer temperature will deteriorate faster than one in cold storage. Light too can negatively effect the life-span of beer .

“Don’t drink yellow beer.”

Many many great beers are yellow. This guy groups all yellow beer in to the mass produced category he hates. As a man that knows and loves beer I view that as just shameful.

Chris asks…

Germany beer drinking age?

I’m going to a music festival in Germany next month. I read the general rules on the site under “Age limit” ( SummerBreeze fest -> Info -> Age Limit) , and they said “Drinking any type of alcohol, including alcopops, under the age of 18 is strictly prohibited and against German law!”. Isn’t beer legal from the age of 16 in Germany? Or the the Germans don’t count beer as alcohol? The festival is taking place in Dinkelsbuhl.

vti answers:

Beer, wine, champagne is allowed at the age of 16.
Alcopops (alcoholic drinks with added sugar) and drink with spirits (vodka, whiskey, …) at the age of 18.

Donald asks…

Does Beer Expire? Or Get Better with Age?

I recently found two 22 ounce bottles of Arrogant Bastard Ale that
I’ve had for like 7 years (used to decorate my bachelor pad) So my question is does beer go bad or get better with age? I really hate to pitch them if they are still drinkable.

vti answers:

Higher end beer like AB will age well. The flavors will blend mellowing some and bringing out others. I have several beers that are much older than that I’m aging right now.

Mass produced crap like Budweiser and Coors are best consumed fresh and will not last much more than six months if stored.

I’m envious of you, if you want to sell them let me know. I’ve been collecting… And consuming rare and craft beers for many years and would love to get my hands on a rarity like that. You luck SOB.


Seriously, there are some bad answers on here. Here is a quote and a link to a great page all about aging and storing beer.

“Wine is not the only drink that can be aged for maturation. Many beers benefit from extended aging. We’re not talking about your average beer with a mere shelf life of 3-6 months, tops — before quality begins to degrade. We’re talking about beers that beg for maturation and strict storage like vintage beers, barleywines, imperial stouts, Belgian strong ales, lambics, old ales and so on. Ideally, any type of beer that can be laid-down for a year or two, or even more, in order to build a slew of complexities and thus further its character in a positive way. ”

I myself have at home a 2003 Thomas Hardy Ale, a 1992 Thomas Hardy Ale and a 2005 Westvleteren Abt 12… Just to name a few.

Nancy asks…

Beer Drinking Competition!!!?

hey, me and my friends are doing like a beer olympics..but the main way to win is how much beer you can drink. I would like to say that we are all of legal age and are experienced drinkers so i dont want any angry moms being preachy.

so i am looking for some tips to win this thing. what to eat beforehand, what beer to drink (it can’t be more or less than 5%). basically any tips you have for being able to safely consue the most beer possible


vti answers:

The key to a beer drinking competition is to treat it like an eating competition. It’s not about who can drink more liquor, but about who can keep going without getting to full. If you have a couple days to prepare, eat a lot of food the two days before to expand you stomach, and then do not eat within 6 hours of the competition. If the competition is well into the day or at night, eat a small meal with some carbs (bread, cereal, etc) about 6 hours prior so that you have a base for your stomach to settle on.

Also, if you are allowed to use beer bongs I would strongly recommend it. You can take a beer or two like it’s nothing through a beer bong. Above all, you want to go at a brisk but steady pace. You don’t need to kill 8 beers in the first 10 minutes, but you also do not want to go too slow because you will get full.

As for which beer to drink, the lighter the better. I personally prefer really cheap light beer, but some people think the better beers go down smoother. Another issue is the temperature of the beer. Some people think it is easier to chug beer that is not too cold, and actually prefer it only slightly cool. Personally I like it to be chilled but not freezing. If it is too cold it is hard to chug, but if it is too warm it’s kinda nasty.

And yes I am drunk right now.

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Steven asks…

Cancerous tumor in thumb, what are the treatment options? Holistic healing, positive thinking etc.?

am 28 yo, and had a tumor taken out of my thumb recently. The orthoepeadic surgeon says that the results from the pathologist says its a malignant tumor (Epithelioid Sarcoma) and I need to get my thumb amputated. I intend to get a second opinion on that.

But am wondering if they indeed amputate the thumb, how is life without a thumb? Has anyone had that experience? They also mentioned that they could replace the thumb with a toe from my foot, but I am not very keen on that as I don’t want surgery in two places.

Does anyone know of any sucessful treatment for cancerous tumor in the thumb without amputation? I am open to holistic healing, and alternative therapies. I am also considering ignoring the whole thing and just doing positive thinking and meditation. Has anyone able to cure themselves or their relative with just positive thinking and mediation?

Thanks in advance fro everyone who answers!

Additional details: I have had this tumorous growth on my thumb for about 2 years. It never caused any pain. I didn’t go to the doctor thinking it wasn’ that important.

vti answers:

I don’t know anyone without a thumb, but I have several acquaintances that have lost or damaged fingers. The key to doing well is to carefully and rigorously follow the physical therapy plan you are given. It is crucial to keep the tendons and muscles limber while they heal from this.

As for the toe implant, I imagine that’s a decision you can make later. You might want to talk to some people (yahoo is a good place to start, but I will bet there’s a discussion group that discusses just this topic on line somewhere) who made the decision both yes and no to see what their thoughts are down the road.

Talk to your doctors about how your age influences their recommendation. Is your hand or foot likely to suffer down the road when you have so very many years left to use them?

You are not alone in thinking that this tumor was nothing – its often diagnosed late because that’s what most people think. But your experience is one of the reasons why people should see their doctor when something unusual is going on with their body that lasts for more than a few weeks.

Best of luck to you as you decide what the right course of treatment is for you.

Helen asks…

Which Is The Best Acne Holistic Healing eBook?

I’ve had some mild to severe acne problems and I wanted to know which holistic approach to take.

vti answers:

I always check check out this website before buying any acne cure products.

Laura asks…

What Is Holistic Health?

Webster’s Third International Dictionary defines “holistic” as “emphasizing the organic or function relation between parts and wholes, rather than atomistic approach.” In relation to health this means recognizing that all disease processes involve the whole person.
Within the physical dimension, disease in one system of the body effects the other systems.
Similarly, imbalance in any one dimension of existence-physical, mental, spiritual or social-affects the other dimensions.
“This is Wholism: living each moment and experience to the hilt, with full mind awareness, spiritual awareness; letting oneself be washed and cleansed by the pure stream of thankfulness and appreciation” ( Frank Atkinson).

Health is balance of all aspects of your being-physical, mental, social and spiritual.

When it comes to balancing your own health, you always let someone else do it. You can manage and balance your own household, you do fine in your own business, you manage and balance your your checkbook, but when it comes to balancing your health, you quit. Why?
Because you shy away from the work it takes to balance your body chemistry.

When it comes to your own thinking and emotions you quit and go to a psychiatrist, counselor, your minister, your friends, the card reader, the palm reader, the tea leaf reader or the crystal ball gazer when you yourself could do a much better job. Of course, you need tools to do so and that’s my purpose on yahoo answer(alt med) to help give you reliable Info so you will have those tools to help.
The daring is yours, the work is yours, the determination is yours, but God is with those who help themselves and the Lord is with you.

What’s your purpose?

vti answers:

Well done Batman …… I applaud you …… Your knowledge is vast and i love reading your posts so much ….. And you have the uncanny knack of making each and every post totally understandable for all to see ….. Wholistic Healing ?? ….. Healing in natural synergy with the body …….. Not just treating the symptoms of disease but encompassing the whole body …… Mind body and soul…. Addressing illness from the source …… Wholistic healing.

Don’t worry about me luv … The last time i let “someone else do it” it very nearly was the last time…… I would like to thank that physicians utter ineptness from the bottom of my humble lil heart too ….. For he simply made my “symptoms” inexplicably worse …… Thus catapulting me towards my epiphany …… My satori …. To search for the source of my illness …. And without his totally unconcious actions i’d likely be in an institution ….. I found my own answers and the more i read and the more i learn, the less i think i know …… My purpose?? My purpose is to awaken ……. To be the awareness behind the thinker …… To have my inner purpose in alignment with my outer purpose….. My purpose is to simply be.

But right at this minute my purpose is to answer this question ……. And tell you that you are appreciated.

Peace baby

Susan asks…

is there any holistic treatment on the healing power of words?

words have power and they can be used in the healing process of any ailments i need info on this matter

vti answers:

Hypnotherapy comes to mind. The power of suggestion. Also meditation can be very powerful when it comes to words for relaxation which can lead to healing.

Betty asks…

looking for self healing ?

hi i am in desperate need of some self healing. does meditating help ? special food or going to see a spiritual person. im suffering with emotional sadness and pain the main cause is heartbreak and i need to be healed some way. its almost like i could say im sick and theres no cure and like i have a cancer. cuz the pain wont go away. and i cant stand living with it. but im trying to find a solution. i refuse to let myself keep going on like this. please help ?

vti answers:

Healing at
Millions of books, new and used. Qualified Orders Over $25 Ship Free.
Yuen Method Home Study
Energy healing that accelerates Matrix Energetics, Yuen Method.
search resultsSelf Healing
Workshops and spiritual retreats in auras, meditation, concentration, and self healing. Also offers information in bioresonance and Kirlian methods. – Cached
Self healing
self-healing expressions, self healing, spiritual healing, alternative healing, new age healing, holistic health taught via online courses. – Cached
Self healing
No doctor, no drug, no object has ever truly HEALED anyone. They can only assist if they act in harmony with the Laws of Nature. Our mind body system is designed to HEAL … – Cached

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Mark asks…

I have a UTI, & I know a home remedy is drinking lots of cranberry juice.?

But I don’t drink cranberry juice. I do drink cran/grape juice. Do you think it’ll help just as well as the cranberry juice? Or should I just stick with water? Thanks in advance.

vti answers:

Cranberry juice helps because of the acidity in it. But, make sure it is 100% juice and don’t just drink cranberry juice, you can drink lemonade too! (with real lemon juice) Alternate your drinking during the day: 1 cup of 100% cranberry juice here and there, lots of water!, and 1 cup of lemon juice here and there.

This is what I do when I get the so annoying UTI:
I drink 1 cup of water every 30-45 minutes.
I take 1 vitamin C supplement pill of 250mg to help my immune system.
I also drink lemonade, I use real lemon juice and drink about 3-4 cups during the day.
The key with UTI is to flush it out by peeing every 30-45 minutes and taking antibiotics.
I use Tetracycline 500mg because I have it. I am not allergic to it, I’m, not pregnant, and I am not afraid to take 2 pills in 24 hours, to treat an UTI. I start to feel much much better in about 5 hours after the first pill.

If you see pinkish/reddish after wiping, go the doctor and get antibiotics right away. That means the bacteria has already invaded your bladded walls. Very dangerous if untreated, because you can get an infection in your kidneys too! 😮

Good luck! Feel better soon! 🙂

Carol asks…

Whether it is Chronic UTI help? I Can’t see dr until mid next week: Home remedies?

Urgent help?:?

vti answers:

No home remedies – you MUST see a doctor, or you can die if the infection spreads to the kidneys. In between now and your doctors appointment, you can buy a urinary tract anesthetic at drugstores. AZO is one brand, there are others as well, you might have to ask the druggist. They will turn your pee bright red, don’t be alarmed. The drug itself happens to also be a dye.

James asks…

Home remedies for UTI (urinary tract infection)?

vti answers:

There are none. Cranberry *may* help prevent UTI, but established infections require antibiotics.

Do not leave a UTI untreated, it can lead to permanent kidney damage, or worse…

PS: a urinary tract infection is different from a yeast infection (so ignore the above spammer).


Richard asks…

help my cat has UTI I think can’t get to vet any ideas on home remedy?

vti answers:

There are no home remedy’s it needs to be seen by a vet. If u wait to long the infection can spread to the kidneys. U also need to make sure the cat doesn’t have stone’s. And if it’s a male cat you want to make sure he’s still urinating because the can become blocked if they have sediment in their bladder and if not treated quickly it can be fatal.

Sharon asks…

UTI At Home Remedies?

Does anyone know any home remedies?

vti answers:

First of all, you have to quit drinking coke, any soda, coffee, or tea. Second buy a lot of good quality cranberry juice and drink as much cranny berry juice as you can every day and also water. The cran-berry juice will get rid of the infection.

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Mary asks…

please give me natural remedies of varicose?

vti answers:


·Elastic support stockings are recommended for the people suffering from varicose veins. Support stockings help your leg muscles push blood upward by concentrating pressure near the ankles.

·Mix 12 drops each of cypress and geranium essential oils in four ounces of carrier oil such as almond, soy or sunflower. Gently apply the mixture to the legs by stroking upward, in the direction of the heart. Don’t massage directly on the veins.

·Massage oil of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) gently into an affected area. It may help stimulate circulation by causing capillaries to dilate.

·Oils of cypress and chamomile (Matticaria recutita) may soothe swelling and inflammation and help relieve pain.

·Add whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, to your diet as often as possible. Eat plenty of blackberries and cherries. They are rich in compounds that may prevent varicose veins or lessen the discomfort they cause.

·Vitamin A In the form of beta-carotene, 25,000 IU for skin integrity and to speed varicose ulcer healing.

Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids 1,000 to 5,000 milligrams of vitamin C and 100 to 1,000 milligrams of bioflavonoids in divided daily doses to increase circulation, promote the healing of sores, and strengthen vein walls to prevent dilation.

·Sugar, salt, alcohol, fried foods, processed and refined foods, animal protein, cheeses, and ice cream should be avoided.

·Horse chestnut can be used both internally and as an external application for problems of venous circulation, including varicose veins.

·Butcher’s broom tons veins while reducing inflammation.

·Gotu Kola strengthens blood vessels and improves peripheral circulation.

·Ginkgo (Ginkgo Biloba) strengthens blood vessels and improves peripheral circulation.

·Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata) strengthens blood vessels and improves peripheral circulation.

·Take 3 parts of Hawthorn berries, 2 parts of Yarrow 2 parts, 3 parts of Horsechestnut, 1 part of ginger and 2 parts of prickly ash bark. Mix all the ingredients. 3 parts

·Ginger 1 part. Use two teaspoonfuls of the mixture. Infuse for fifteen minutes. Drink three times daily.

·Take two buckets tall enough to submerge the legs up to the knees. Fill one bucket with enough comfortably hot water to cover the lower legs and the other bucket with the same amount of cold water. Add 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts per quart of water or you can add aromatherapy oil to the water. Soak your feet and legs in the hot water for about three minutes, and then immerse them in the cold water for about 30 seconds. Repeat three times, finishing with the cold soak. Perform this treatment once a day for at least one month.

·Drink eight ounces of fresh berry or pineapple juice, alone or diluted with another fruit juice, once or twice a day.

·One or two glasses daily of fresh fruit or vegetable juices- especially any combination of apple, beet, carrot, celery, citrus, parsley, or pineapple-and dietary supplements may be helpful in preventing and treating varicosities.

·Lying flat on the floor and resting the legs on a chair seat or straight up against a wall for 2 minutes drains blood from swollen veins.

·Elevating the feet higher than the hips with a recliner or ottoman, and raising the foot of the bed a few inches, helps blood flow back to the heart from the legs.

·Practice morning walk briskly or finish your day with a swim or bike ride.

·Apply a cloth saturated with apple cider vinegar on the varicose veins for 30 minutes twice a day. Follow this with a drink of 2 teaspoons of the vinegar in a glass of water.

·Prepare a mixture by adding 2 cups of chopped calendula flowers, leaves, and stems into an equal amount of melted lard. Let the mixture stand for 24 hours. Reheat and strain. Coat this over your varicose veins and let it stand overnight.

·Steep crushed, fresh violet leaves and flowers or marigold flowers in boiling water. Apply compresses of the liquid.

·Eat a few fresh marigold petals every day. This treatment is believed to shrink varicosities and nourish the veins.

·Prepare a poultice of bruised cabbage leaves, rotten apples, chopped brown onions, or a half-and-half blend of cod liver oil and raw honey. Apply this overnight. This is believed to heal varicose sores.

·Add three tablespoons of sugar to one pint of warm water and two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. Take two ounces of this mixture everyday

·Rub your legs with full- strength vinegar. Mix two tablespoons of vinegar with honey and drink it.

·Periods of rest with your feet a few inches above your heart level let gravity work in your favor, helping pooled blood drain from your legs.

·Avoid high heels in favor of flat shoes.

·Avoid standing for long periods of time. This will reduce pressure on the valves in the veins in your legs.

·While standing, get on your tiptoes by lifting your heels off the floor. Do this twenty times, relax for a few minutes, and then repeat.

·Jump rope to strengthen the leg muscles and blood vessels. Begin slowly to build up tolerance; jump one minute per session and slowly build up to 5 minutes.

·Take a teaspoon of Cayenne pepper in a cup of hot water three times a day. This will stop the pain in your legs and reduce the varicose veins by making the blood flow better.

·Make a blend of half cod liver oil and half raw honey, bandage, and leave on overnight.

·Alternating 2 minute icy-cold and very hot soaks (with 2 tablespoons of epsom salts per quart of water) for ten minutes daily will stimulate circulation.

·Drink 3 cups of white oak bark tea daily.

·The herb marigold is valuable in varicose veins. A compress of this herb should be applied externally in the treatment of this disease.

·Do not wear tight clothes because they restrict blood flow.

Jenny asks…

trouble sleeping , natural remedies ?

I have trouble sleeping, and i need a natural way to help fall asleep without taking pills. I have heard of taking wild lettuce, does that work?

vti answers:

Essential oils can be used to help you get a good nights sleep. Here are some of the top essential oils which can calm and relax, helping to you to fall asleep more easily and get a good nights rest.

Lavender helps to calm the nervous system and relax the body. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to fight insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

Mandarin is a wonderful gentle oil that is popular for use with children. It helps encourage sleep by easing nervous tension and soothing irritability.

Chamomile has a good relaxing effect on the nervous system. The oil can be used as for other essential oils (see below). Alternatively try a cup of Chamonile tea about half hour before bed

Bergamot as a great stress relieving oil to help you relax. This citrus fragrance encourages restful sleep and is believed to be a natural anti-depressant.

There are a few different ways of using these essential oils to help you sleep.

– Skin application or Massage. Never apply essential oils directly on your skin, make sure to dilute in a carrier or vegetable oil. (you will need about 5 teaspoons of carrier oil for every 10 drops of essential oils) Massage the blend into feet and hands or around the neck, shoulders or upper back if you get tense in these areas.

– Bath. For an adults bath, add 4-6 drops of essential oil just before you get in and swish this around to mix well. Essential oils do not dissolve readily in water but will disperse if well mixed. Do not prepare the bath in advance as much of the volatile oil will be lost. Don’t be tempted to add more oil, even if the amount looks tiny. Essential oils are very concentrated and the number of drops suggested is more than sufficient. Allow plenty of time for a relaxing soak for at least 10 minutes, or up to 20 minutes if you can! Some of the oil will adhere to the skin and some will be inhaled as an aromatic vapour

– Inhalation: can simply add a few drops of the oil onto a tissue and tuck inside your pillow case so you will inhale the oil through the night for better quality sleep or add the essential oil to an aromatherapy vaporiser. Do not use an oil burner with a candle as it is not safe to leave this burning while you are asleep.

John asks…

Natural vitamins or remedies for add and adhd?

Does gnc offer any type of pill that could help control my add?

vti answers:

There have actually been a lot of studies that have shown that Fish Oil can help with ADD/ADHD. It seems too simple, and that may be one reason it wasn’t really looked at closely for this, but I wasn’t surprised it would help when I thought about it. The EPA and DHA in Fish Oil help with all sorts of things including heart health, skin health, and brain health. There was a good article at that covers some of this as well.
Give it a try… It’s economical, safe, and easy. Just make sure that the company you get it from uses Molecular Distillation because that’s currently the only safe way to remove any trace contaminants of any heavy metals. Of course, if you aren’t sure about the dosage or the benefits, you may want to consult with a holistic doctor, as they may have other additional options available to them.

There are also a lot of people who have found some relief from limiting sugar, artificial colors/flavorings, and going with less (or no) processed food to take away those possible causes as well. From research I’ve done, Fish Oil tends to help more, but both work even better together. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Ken asks…

Acne home remedies? help?

i have a decent amount of acne on my face and ive tried just about every medicine dermatologists could prescribe and if you could just write your home remedies here that would be greatly appreciated

vti answers:

10 Best All Natural Remedies for Acne:
1. Baking Soda- This is my absolute favorite natural remedy for acne! Surprising, I only discovered baking soda masks a couple of years ago, and oh boy is this stuff powerful at clearing skin! Baking soda not only helps eliminate breakouts and reduces inflammation it is also an exfoliator and helps remove dead skin cells. Because of this, it also works great to reduce any old scars or acne marks. To use it, just take a few teaspoons of baking soda and mix it with warm water until it forms a paste. Apply the paste to your skin, you may want to leave it on for only 10 to 15 minutes the first few times as it may feel powerful. You can gradually increase the time up to an hour or even leave it on over night (which is what I do). After one use you can see a great difference in your skin.
2. Apple Cider Vinegar- This natural remedy for acne is another powerful one, it has both antibacterial and antifungal properties. To start out, you may want to dilute a few teaspoons with half water or ¼ water as it can be quite powerful when applied directly to your skin.
3. Coconut Oil- Coconut oil is antibacterial and antifungal. Coconut oil is also extremely moisturizing and gentle. It helps fight the bacteria and reduce redness. Apply the coconut oil to your skin and massage it in. You can reapply a couple times per day. With coconut oil, there is no need to ever use a moisturizer again, it works so well and doesn’t clog your pores.
4. Tea Tree Oil- Tea tree oil is an essential oil and can be a very powerful all natural remedy for acne, as it is antibacterial. To apply it, mix a small amount of tea tree oil with an equal amount of water. Dip a cotton ball into the mixture and apply it to your skin. You can reapply throughout the day or leave it on under your makeup.
5. Egg Whites- For this, I’m not talking about eating them, they make a great natural remedy for acne when used as a facial mask! Egg whites reduce the oil and minimize your pores in addition to drawing out impurities. To use it, separate the egg white from the yolk, use a cotton ball or you can use your fingers to apply the egg white to your skin. After a few minutes you’ll start to feel it tighten, you can leave it on anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour. Afterwards, your skin will have an amazing glow!
6. Lemon Juice- For this one, you can either use lemon juice or a fresh squeezed lemon. Lemons have natural antibacterial and astringent properties to help clear your skin. Apply the lemon juice to your skin and leave on for 15 minutes to an hour.
7. Garlic- Not only is garlic a great natural antibacterial when ingested, it also works great topically. To use it, take a clove of garlic and thinly slice it. Rub the slices on your skin, particularly any problem areas, making sure the juice of the garlic is applied. Leave on for 15 minutes to 30 minutes.
8. Ice Cubes- Rub an ice cube on problem areas to help reduce inflammation. Not only, does the cold close your pores it also forces the bacteria out. You can also splash your face with cold water to achieve similar affects.
9. Cornstarch- Cornstarch is very soothing and gentle. This is a great natural remedy for acne when you have a lot of redness or irritation. You can apply the cornstarch to your individual breakouts or to your whole face. Sometimes I leave it on over night and find a huge difference in the morning.
10. Aloe- Aloe is very soothing and reduces inflammation and redness. To use it, apply the gel to your skin with your fingers, you can apply it several times a day. If you have an aloe plant, it would be even better as you get the aloe fresh, without any added ingredients.

Paul asks…

How can i remove pimples with natural home remedies?

I have seen people either get rid or decrease their pimples with natural remedies from home and I wondered what I could use. So are there any natural home remedies you use and if yes please put it down.

vti answers:

Natural Home Remedies :
Gram Flour, Termeric powder, Plain Yogurt or Curd, Milk or water…the measurements arent really needed….Make a paste out of it….Leave it on until it becomes dry…Its called Basin, it actually makes your skin fresh looking….be careful not to add too much termeric powder…just half a spoon…Also Lime Juice is good for your skin…but i am not sure if it would remove all pimples….
Here’s another way you could do it:
go to and you can find products there that can absolutely satisfy you, also if your buying anything, by the Obaig kit..dont buy it seprately…Also, if you can find one, get a Oil Control product (Netrogena Rapid Oil Control) Its usually in a orange and white tube… works great on me..I see less and less pimples… Next if you can find a body or face scrub, its good to make the pimples less noticiable…Also, one last tip, is that wash your face at least 3 times a day with products…Once in teh morning when you wake up, next after you go for an outing, or extra activities, etc and last, right when your about to sleep…Also dont forget to apply cream after each wash…not too much..but as neccessary..dont make it to oily or too dry..I recommend Ponds cream…it works great on my skin

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Lizzie asks…

constipation remedies?

What are some. hone remedies for serious constipation? Already tried laxatives and didn’t work even after the said 6-12 hour timeframe. I did take the minimum amount. People ny age are supposed to take up to three tablets but I only took one. It’s been 24 hours so should I just up the dosage to 2-3? Please leave some non laxative remedies I can try, or try along with the laxatives fir max results. Anything helps, thanks!

vti answers:

•There are many vegetables high in fiber that can help to ease
constipation. These include broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and
brussels sprout.
•Psyllium husk is a common natural laxative that is used. Psyllium
husk is sold the world over and is highly beneficial because it has
high fiber content. The fiber present in psyllium husk is soluble
•One of the best laxatives is prune juice. Prunes are high in
potassium, vitamin A and iron but are also extremely high in insoluble
and soluble fiber. Prune juice has simple sugars which help to draw
fluids from the intestine. This fluid that is absorbed tends to make
the stool soft and thus, helps in bowel movement. Read more on prune
juice for constipation.
•Flax seed and flaxseed oil is one of the most commonly used natural
food laxatives. This helps to soften stools, thus, aiding in easy
passage of stools. This is one of the best natural food laxatives for
toddlers. Read more on natural laxatives for children.
•Castor oil as laxative is also commonly used. Oleic acid,
ricinoleic acid and linoleic acid are the main ingredients of Castor
oil. These oils helps to stimulate the activity of the colon wall,
thus, increasing the bowel movement and eliminating waste matter

Mary asks…

Natural remedies for constipation relief?

I need to relieve my constipation it is very painful and has caused many anal tears 🙁 is there like any kind of foods or drinks you can take? I also have irritable bowel syndrome, my life sucks 🙁

vti answers:

I would any foods that are high in fibre.
Breakfast cereals that contain Bran, lots of fruit and veg and nuts and seeds.
You can also buy high fibre grains to mix into your food which should help.
Make sure you’re drinking enough water as well, as it helps with your digestion.
Hopefully this will aid your constipation.

Sandra asks…

What’s a good natural constipation remedy?

What do you recommend as a good natural remedy for constipation? I want to avoid any harsh laxitives as I’ve heard they can cause dependency. Thanks

vti answers:

You could use light, natural laxitives or if you want TOTAL natural you should eat a bunch of fiber!

Carol asks…

What are the natural remedies for excessive flatulence?

vti answers:

The best remedy for excessive flatulence is to ascertain the cause of the gas ….. My guess would be unaddressed lactose intolerance…… Other symptoms you might be suffering from if you are lactose intolerant and continue to ingest milk and dairy containing products are excessive belching, excessive gas, headaches and migraines, bloating, constipation, cramping, insomnia, achy bones, moodiness and irritability, mood swinging, mucous in your stools, ribbony and pellet shaped stools … It’s a simple test and only costs around $70.00AUD…. Eliminate milk and dairy and increase intake of fresh green and salad vegies…..all rich in calcium and magnesium… Eat them.. Juice them but get them into you…. And see if there’s any noticeable difference.


Daniel asks…

What are best natural or home made remedies to treat cons disease and constipation due to fibre deficiency?

and laziness along with lack of concentration

vti answers:

A change of diet and a little exercise can do the trick – you can get ideas here:

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David asks…

Help! What can I do to relieve nasty persistent sympt – sinus congestion, cough, ear pressure? Home remedy id?

I was on antibiotics 2 weeks ago as the sore throat turned sinus congestion turned chest congestion and cough was not going away. Doc said likely infection and I went on 1 week of antibiotics. I felt great – until 24 hours after the last pill – symptoms stsrted al over again. Maybe its a virus or bactiria mutated…but does anyone have remedies they have tried that could help? I have used many over the counter medicines and immune booster types of drops and teas. Also use humidifier at night. Thanks you for your ideas!

vti answers:

Get sinus or throat culture before next round of antibiotics, Home remedy is chicken soup/ orange juice, Warm saline nasal rinses, can use McNeil Sinus rinse, has salt and pinch of baking soda so it won’t burn. Nyquil, has diphenhydramine or Benadryl in it, will dry you up. Salt water gargles, tea’s, bland foods. Vit C/ Zinc 100mg, stay hydrated. Could be virus, it’s been going around, so wash your hands, keyboard and cellphone, change toothbrush when well. Doubt bacteria mutated, but, you might not have had the right antibiotic and doc should have cultured you first, they are the first ones to not want to treat sinus inf with antibiotics and then they do it anyway. The docs need to follow their own advice and shut up and start being truthful with the public. He shouldn’t have guessed, cause that’s exactly how resistant bacteria works. He probably gave you 5 day Z pack and it killed off enough staph or upper resp flora, try some yogurt or Kefir, tangy yogurt from health food store, to restore gut bacteria or eat green vegies for the same effect.

Nancy asks…

Sinus Treatment – What’s The Most Effective Treatment For Sinus Infection?

Interested in home treatments and remedies that work.

vti answers:

Top 5 Home Remedies To Cure Sinus Infection Naturally:

1. Vaporizers — Use remedies such as menthol and eucalyptus with the vaporizers. Medicated vapor rub is another option before bed time.

2. Cool Air Mister — They add water and moisture to the air. These are good for very dry areas of the house or basements.

3. Air Conditioner — In the summer, when it’s hot and stuffy, try using the air conditioner for your sinuses. You’d be surprised at how it not only cools you off, but improves your breathing as well.

4. Saline/Ocean Nasal Spray — Can be purchased at any cosmetic store in the medication isle. Look for the ones that are all natural (containing no medicine). These are very effective if used often enough.

5. Other Sinus Remedies — Eucalyptus oil, rosemary, and lemongrass (natural essenses/oils). Also Soups, Spices and Hot Stuff… Anything that you can slurp that is hot and spicy or contains garlic, pepper, or horseradish root, etc. Is very effective in the draining sinuses.

John asks…

any ideas on home remedies for sinus congestion?

I suffer from really bad allergies. Now I have a cold on top of that. My sinuses are really messed up, to the point of being swollen. I have tried over the counter mucus relief tablets but they are not doing much. I think I’m bordering on the lines of an infection! HELP!
Maybe I should have said over the counter solutions.

vti answers:

The only things that really helped me was when my Dr. Told me about a sinus wash that will kill bacteria.
You need

distilled water
sea salt
liquid chlorophyll and colloidal silver from the health food store.
In a glass mix 1/4 cup water with a pinch of salt and heat to body temperature.
Add 5 drops each silver and chlorophyll and mix.
Using a large dropper (like one used for infant medication) drop 2 full droppersfull into one side of the nose while laying down.
Turn the head and let it drain out the other nostril. Be sure to have paper towels handy.
The silver kills the bacteria and there are several hundred kind that can live in the sinus cavities and anti biotics don’t get rid of them all.
Do this twice a day for a week, mixing up the mixture fresh each time.
Then do it once a week for maintenance.
There is nothing in this that will hurt you, and it cured me.
I do not have to take claritin, or antibiotics anymore.
Best wishes

Jenny asks…

Does this sound like a sinus infection?

For the almost three weeks I have been suffering on and off with pain in my upper teeth, pain in the top of my nose and headaches, I have suffered with sinus problems a couple of years ago and wonder if this is the same again. I finally managed to get a doctors appointment yesterday and he has prescribed me Doxycycline as he thinks it is sinuses, although he was surprised that I didn’t have anything coming out my nose and discharge I have in my eyes is white not yellow. I have now been taking the antibiotics for two days but I am still suffering sharp pains in my head and I am a born worrier so I am now thinking about brain tumours etc. I never suffer with headaches so it is quite worrying to suffer on and off for almost three weeks!! Has anybody else suffered like this and do you have any home remedies to clear my sinuses? Thanks

vti answers:

The antibiotics should start to kick in tomorrow and you will improve. Meantime, the best home remedy for sinus problems is steam inhalation. You need a large bowl of boiling water, to this you add a few drops of essential oils. Eucalyptus, pine, camphur, peppermint or tea tree are probably the best but just use anything that you have. If you do not have any oils then even just the steam will help. Place a large towel over your head and shoulders (tent style), and bend over the bowl and inhale the vapourised steam. This will loosen the mucous and is very effective. Hope you feel better soon.

Charles asks…

Does anyone know of homeopathic remedies for sinusitis?

I have chronic sinusitis. Currently I am on an anti-histamine, a saline nose spray and an antibiotic creme. This isn’t going so well as my doctor has prescribed the maximum dosage and I still have trouble breathing. I can’t even double up my meds on days when it’s worse than normal because I’m already taking too much.

I was wondering if anyone knew of any home remedies (besides flushing my sinuses) that might help.

The symptoms of my sinusitis are blocked and draining sinuses. Also sometimes my nose will start to bleed due to the fact that I am trying so hard to clear my sinuses (which is the reason for the antibiotic creme)

If anyone has any ideas that I might be able to take to my doctor (to check if it will react to my current medication) I thank you very very much for your help and consideration.

vti answers:

If we offered you a miracle remedy that prevents and cures “Sinusitis” would you buy it? Certainly you would. You won’t find it in a Pharmacy but at the Grocery Store.

Try the Natural Cures for Sinusitis.

Sinusitis refers to an inflammation of the mucous membrane lining the paranasal sinuses. If often follows the common cold, influenza and other general infections. Germs which are usually eliminated from body sometimes find their way into these sinuses or chambers on either side of the nasal passage, leading to sinus trouble.

The sinuses consist of cavities or chambers contained in the bones situated in the head and face region. The frontal, maxillary, ethmoid, and sphenoid sinuses are the paranasal sinuses which communicate with the nose. The frontal sinuses lie on the frontal bone directly above the eyes. The maxillary sinuses are located one on each side of the nose under the cheekbone. The ethmoid and sphenoid sinuses are situated behind the nose or either side of it. These air sinuses lighten the weight of the skull and give resonance to the voice.

Symptoms: The symptoms of sinusitis are excessive or constant sneezing, a running nose, blockage of one or both nostrils, headaches and pressure around the head, eyes, and face. Sinus headaches are usually felt in the forehead and in the face just below the eyes. The patient may suffer from a low-grade fever, lack of appetite, loss of sense of appetite, and toothache. He feels miserable because of difficulty in breathing. The voice is also affected because of the blocked nose.

Causes: Sinusitis results from the congestion of the sinus passages due to catarrh. It is caused by over-secretion of mucus in the membranes lining the nose, throat, and head. This over-secretion is due to irritation caused by toxins in the blood.

A faulty diet is thus the real cause of sinus trouble. When a person consumes certain types of foods or drinks regularly, these, in due course, have a conditioning effect on the entire system. As a result, some persons become more sensitive to certain allergens, whose reaction ultimately turns into sinusitis.

The Cure: Correcting the faulty diet is of utmost importance in the treatment of sinusitis. Patients should take a balanced diet. Most persons with sinus trouble also suffer from acidity. Their diet should, therefore, veer to the alkaline side. The intake of salt should be reduced to the minimum as salt leads to accumulation of water in the tissues and expels calcium from the body.

In the acute stage of the disease, when fever is present, the patient should abstain from all solid foods and only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices diluted with water on a 50:50 basis. After fever subsides, he may adopt a low-calorie raw fruit and vegetable diet with plenty of raw juices. After the acute symptoms are over, the patient may gradually embark upon a well-balanced diet of three basic food groups, namely seeds, nuts and grains; vegetables and fruits. In persistent chronic conditions, repeated short juice fasts may be undertaken for a week or so at intervals of two months.

Those suffering from sinusitis should completely avoid fried and starchy foods, white sugar, white flour, rice, macaroni products, pies, cakes, and candies. They should also avoid strong spices, meat and products. Butter and ghee should be used sparingly. Honey should be used for sweetening. All cooked foods should be freshly prepared for each meal. Vegetables should be taken in liberal quantities. All kinds of fruits can be taken with the exception of those belonging to citrus group such as lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit. Milk should be taken in liberal quantities as it contains calcium which has a marked effect in overcoming inflammation of the tissues. A diet rich in vitamin A is the best insurance against cold and sinus trouble. Vitamin A is the “membrane conditioner” as it helps build healthy mucus membranes in the head and throat. Some of the valuable sources of this vitamin are whole milk, curds, egg yolk, pumpkin, carrot, leafy vegetables, tomato, oranges, mango, and papaya.

When the sinus trouble has already developed, relief can be obtained by taking vitamin A in large therapeutic doses of 25,000 I.U. Per day. Vitamin C has also proved beneficial in the treatment of sinusitis and the patient should take one gram of this vitamin per day in two therapeutic doses of 500 mg. Each.

One of the most effective remedies for sinus problems is to eat pungent herbs like garlic and onion which tend to break up mucous congestion all through the respiratory tract. One should begin with small mild doses and increase them gradually. Beneficial results can also be achieved by adding these herbs in moderate amounts to regular meals.

Carrot juice used separately or in combination with juices of beet and cucumber or with spinach juice is highly beneficial in the treatment of sinus trouble. 100 mL each of beet and cucumber juice or 200 mL of spinach juice should be mixed with 300 mL of carrot juice in these combinations.

Water Treatment: Cold application over the sinus will give great relief; alternate hot and cold applications will also prove beneficial. Take pans of hot and cold water, bathe the whole face with hot water-as hot as you can bear-and then apply cold water for short duration. Nasal inhalation of steam for five minutes every hour will also give relief.

Yogasanas such as viparitkarani, bhujangasana, yogamudra and shavasana, yogic kriyas, such as jalneti and sutraneti and pranayamas like anuloma-viloa and suryabhedan will be beneficial in the treatment of sinus trouble.

Plenty of sleep, adequate rest and fresh air are essential in the treatment of sinus trouble. Patients should avoid the use of perfumes and strongly scented hair oil.

Hope this helps, Good Luck.

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Thomas asks…

Weight Loss Supplements?

I’m 5’8 150 male and need to lose 15 pounds by the end of august. Could you tell me some weight loss supplements that work that I could buy at a CVS or a Rite Aid. I was thinking about hydroxycut or xenadrine… The most important thing about the supplement is that I don’t want to lose muscle while I’m on it. I’ve been trying to lose weight and no matter what I do I cant lose it I have tried low carb diets and I out the weight back on a day after I finish the diet!

vti answers:

Losing weight is a slow, gradual process and requires a combination of healthy eating, balanced nutrition and exercise. Herbal and homeopathic remedies can offer an effective natural solution to obesity and weight-gain.

There are many herbal and homeopathic remedies can help you reach your goal weight in a healthy and effective manner. Herbs such as Garcinia cambogia, Taraxacum officinalis, Glycorrhiza glabra, and Capsicum minimum are especially known for boosting metabolism functioning and stimulating the digestive system, while helping to curb food cravings.

In addition, the sea vegetable Fucus vesiculosis contains a concentrated source of minerals including iodine, which assists in the production of thyroid hormones necessary for maintaining healthy metabolism in all cells of the body.

Homeopathic remedies such as Kalium Phosphate, Calcium Phosphate and Calcium Fluoride also help to improve metabolism while assisting in the breakdown of dietary fat. When used regularly, these natural ingredients can help to assist your body in weight loss while also helping rid your body of harmful toxins. The result is a slimmer, more energetic and healthier you!

Together they can,
•Support healthy slimming efforts along with a balanced lifestyle
•Maintain efficient metabolism in the body
•Support healthy weight goals without the use of artificial stimulants or ephedra
•Support the digestive system by maintaining the natural breakdown of fats
•Support healthy energy levels through nutrient absorption
•Support loss of excess fat while maintaining normal growth and development
•Support balanced blood sugar and fewer sugar cravings
•Support a healthy glowing skin
•Maintain overall systemic health in teenagers

Hope this helps. It generally does.

Best of Luck

Laura asks…

What is the best most effective colon cleanse weight loss supplement ?

I always hear of new colon cleansers everywhere I turn, and I want to know where I a could order a free smaple of a colon cleanser online without wasting my time. Also, how are you supposed to use colon cleanser as a weight loss supplement?

vti answers:

You will definitely lose weight. But it is only the weight of undigested food and waste, not any stored body fat. And it will just be replaced.
Gastroenterologists repeatedly state this “mucoid plague” promoted by non medical practitioners does not exist. They have yet to find any during a colonoscopy.
The best way to cleanse and detox is to stop eating and drinking processed and refined foods.
Get hold of a liver. Oh, you have one? Great.
Now just stand there and let it detoxify your body. Partner it with some kidneys and you’ve got the most efficient body cleanse and detox system known to man.
There is no build up of bad plaque, toxins, or sludge in a normal, reasonably healthy system.
If this was the case we would have people dying left and right from malnutrition since their small intestines couldn’t absorb nutrients. The majority of the water from food and what we drink is reabsorbed through the colon, if our colons were clogged we would all be walking around looking like sponges right?
Detoxing is ridding the system – liver, kidneys, and intestines of toxins both internal and environmental. Our liver and kidneys aren’t clogged with toxins. Otherwise we would be dead. The liver does in fact get layered with fat if we become overweight.
We “cleanse and detox” naturally 24 hours a day through respiration, sweat, liver, kidneys, urine, and feces.
We can help by eating a healthy diet with minimal processed and refined foods. They are loaded with additives, concentrates, and preservatives mostly in added sugars and salts.
Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, lean meat cuts, fresh fish, beans, peas, brown rice, raw nuts, and barley keep a system as healthy and as clean as it can be.
Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda.
Read food labels. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your body.
A healthy high fiber diet of whole fresh foods works every time. Increases the speed and efficiency of the digestive system and helps the body rid itself of both normal internal and environmental toxins.
Cleanses actually flush out the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system.
Search “gut flora” to learn about the beneficial bacteria we need in our colon.
We have more beneficial bacteria in our digestive systems than all the cells in our bodies!
The digestive system is one of the largest contributors to our immune system health.
Spend your money in the produce department to speed your cleanse.
Good luck and good health.

Mandy asks…

Weight Loss supplement

I was a bit of a druggie back in the day, my poison being Ecstasy. That pill made me thin like I have always wanted to be, gave me energy constantly, and killed my appetite. Well, I get UA’s now, and I am getting chunky. I work out all the time, but I can not control my eating. It is a simple fact that I don’t have the mental resolve to stop putting food in my mouth. I am essentially looking for a something that will give me the weight loss effects of E, without the dirty UA’s.

Does anyone know of any?

(I know, I know drugs are bad. Get some self control… blah blah blah. Not helpful)

vti answers:

No matter how you slice it, if you want to lose weight you will need to commit yourself to the process. This includes working on your eating habits and trying to improve them. Following a healthy, balanced diet that is low in calories can be done by following a structured weight loss program, or by eating healthy foods and keeping track of the calories you eat each day. Many people find it useful to join a group following the same diet so that they are held more accountable. The second important part of losing weight safely is to get regular exercise. If you haven’t been getting much physical activity then start out slowly with low impact exercises, such as walking, swimming and biking. As your physical shape improves, increase the intensity and frequency of your exercise for the best benefits.

Many people will tell you that diet pills don’t work, and I think this is probably true for the most part. But when I was struggling, much like you are now, a friend of mine recommended taking Phentramin-D, which she had taken before and was happy with. I have never been a fan of pills, but opted to give this a try and I am really glad I did. I read up about it at trustedonlinedrugs. Com and was so impressed that I ordered a three month supply right there. As soon as I started taking Phentramin-D, my appetite decreased and I wasn’t always thinking about food. I also felt more energized and was more motivated to go to the gym after work during the week.

Good luck to you. I hope you reach your weight loss goals.

Sandy asks…

weight loss supplements?

what weight loss supplements would you reccomend for cutting down on bodyfat?
i currently weight train 5 days a week. six foot two 200 pounds 11 % bodyfat and im looking to become as toned as possible

vti answers:

Why not consider to lose weight naturally without any pills, when you can actually lose the same amount of weight ?

All you need now is to be on diet and up to Lose 10 lbs a week is always possible.

Intensive Exercise Will Not BURN FAT

The reason, intense aerobics and exercise only burn mainly carbohydrates for energy and not fat tissue.
If you over-exert yourself and your breathing (and heart rate) become too elevated then your body will burn mainly carbs.

However your goal is not to burn Carbohydrate Calories but to burn stored Body Fat.
You need to consume a balance diet plan foods which are made up of:

i. Lean proteins,
ii. Fruit and vegetables, and
iii. Sources of fat come from whole foods (such as cottage cheese or eggs).
Iv. Starchy carbohydrates (such as oats and pasta).

Divide your meals into 4 and that should be eaten at a minimum of 2 1/2 hours apart.

There is no calorie or carb counting, no limit on portion size, so eat until you feel your stomach is OK.

You can lose 10 lbs within a week with this diet plans, which consists of 2 type:-

1. Online Diet Generator – If you want to lose weight MORE QUICKLY. It generates your menu in just seconds.

2. 10 Weight Loss Rules- If you would rather lose weight more “casually” (without having to follow a specific diet) then the second weight loss program which is a collection of which you can use to lose weight in a much more “casual” way.

To lose weight you need to manipulate which types of calories enter your body at each meal.

The first thing you must do is learn the 3 types of calories, and which calories are in each type of food that you eat.

Some of sample foods made of Protein and Carbs (Carbohydrates) are :-


* Lean Roast Beef

* Cottage Cheese (low fat)

CARBS(Carbohydrates) FOODS

* Mixed Salad (only lettuce, tomatoes, and
veggies allowed)

* Dressing should be Low Cal dressing. Use sparingly,
you should not smother the salad with too much
* Bread (should be “oat” or “bran” type bread

All you need is just rotate this Protein and Carbohydrate meals for One week and you will lose 10 lbs within that.

You need to maintain your diet and eat for rest of your life the food you like. To maintain your new slim body you will have the list of some general “rules”. These rules are meant to be “general” and “simple” because you can easily maintain your new body by just using a the simple and general rules.

For example, the rule about breaking up your daily food intake into 4 meals may “seem” simple, but it can control how slim you stay in the future.

You will be also presented with rules about what to avoid when grocery shopping, how to order food at restaurants, and how to order at fast food establishments.

The late night eating habit and other non-healthy eating habits also been tackled.

These rules are “”simple sounding”” but they are enough to maintain your new body for the rest of your life.

See the sample rotation of the meals and get more info on the diet plans at

I hope this will help you to lose weight and the most important without any harmful diet pills.

Ruth asks…

Does the raspberry keynote supplement really help with weight loss?

Dr. Oz suggested raspberry keynote as a weight loss aid and I was wondering if anyone had tried it and had success? What brand is affordable and good quality? How long did it take to see results? Thanks for your help!

vti answers:

It’s unfortunate that Dr. Oz, a commercial celebudoctor, had to mention Raspberry Ketones (RK) on his TV program because the inevitable result was, as happened with Oz and acai on Oprah, a sudden global demand for this mysterious new cure for the overweight. The facts are, however, quite different from the buzz on the internet which is always driven by advertising and profit motive.

RK is has not been proven in any scientific studies to be efficacious in humans. The active ingredient, 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one, is not known to have the effect Dr. Oz stated and the side effects of RK on humans when taken orally as a supplement are not established or well understood. Hence, people with fat issues, should do as the best minds in nutrition and health on the planet, the US National Institute of Health, have be recommending for decades and avoid all supplements unless recommended by a health care professional.

The fact is that a person buying RK will not know how much of the active ingredient is in the product and if they did know, they would not know if that amount was effective for them. And, because the side effects on humans are not clear and supplements makers hate law suits, they’re not inclined to put much of the active ingredient in their product. Supplements are not required to be tested and there is no guarantee what is on the label will be in the package. In short, most fat loss supplements are little more than scams.

When it is proven that 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one is efficacious and safe for humans, you will see Big Pharma producing it in a prescription-only oral form and, of course, that will be followed by national advertising in mass media…something you don’t see now because scammers can’t afford serious ad campaigns and are stuck with the cheap “reach” of the internet. There’s considerable profit to be made. In the mean time, the best option for the average person with fat issues is proper eating, plain & simple.

Just as with acai, the buying public will eventually learn RK is no panacea for fat problems, the mania will subside, and we’ll be waiting for the next big fat loss supplement that doesn’t work to come along.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of experts who are speaking out against Dr. Oz.

“The Media Pigasus Award goes to Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has done such a disservice to his TV viewers by promoting quack medical practices that he is now the first person to win a Pigasus two years in a row. Dr. Oz is a Harvard-educated cardiac physician who, through his syndicated TV show, has promoted faith healing, “energy medicine,” and other quack theories that have no scientific basis. Oz has appeared on ABC News to give legitimacy to the claims of Brazilian faith healer “John of God,” who uses old carnival tricks to take money from the seriously ill. He’s hosted Ayurvedic guru Yogi Cameron on his show to promote nonsense “tongue examination” as a way of diagnosing health problems. This year, he really went off the deep end. In March 2011, Dr. Oz endorsed “psychic” huckster and past Pigasus winner John Edward, who pretends to talk to dead people. Oz even suggested that bereaved families should visit psychic mediums to receive (faked) messages from their dead relatives as a form of grief counseling.”

Note the excerpt: “Dr. Mehmet Oz is a huge promoter of vaccines. He’s been on television reinforcing fear about H1N1 swine flu and telling everyone to get vaccinated. But what he didn’t tell his viewing audience is that he holds 150,000 option shares in a vaccine company that could earn him millions of dollars in profits as the stock price rises. It is in Dr. Oz’s own financial interest, in other words, to hype up vaccines and get more people taking them so that his own financial investments rise in value.”

“So what has led me to conclude that I’ve finally completely had it with Dr. Oz? Or, as Popeye would say, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!””

This one you have to watch.

Good luck and good health!!

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James asks…

vitamins for acne………..?

what are some suitable and best vitamins for acne treatment

vti answers:

Vitamin A is a natural treatment for helping you get rid of body toxins. You can get vitamin A from green vegetables, bananas, carrots and oranges.

Vitamins E is another leading ingredient of most of the skin products in the market. It helps the skin fight acne.

Vitamin C, which is known for combating cold, increases your resistance against disease and skin problems. It is a chief vitamin which is used in some chemical products as well.

You can visit for more details

Betty asks…

vitamin pills for acne?

i have acne all over my face and i heard about some vitamins that can clear up my skin
i take a vitamin c pill,vitamin e pill,vitamin b50 complex pill,and a multivitamin for teens
will this help get rid of my acne?

vti answers:

Vitamins are good for health but have no role in the treatment of acne ,

Sandy asks…

Are flintstone vitamins good for acne?

Im thinking about buying flintstone vitamins for my acne,but i just want some advice wether its effective or not.btw. is it safe to take flintstone vitamins with fish oil pills?

vti answers:

No the vitamins won’t help your acne..and yes, fish oil is good for you and the vitamins are good for you..You will need to target the facial area to treat the acne..There are several OTC products that help mild acne..If your acne is severe then you should see a dermatologist.. There are creams and medicine they can prescribe that will clear up your acne..

Helen asks…

Is vitamin E good for acne?

First I heard vitamin E is good for acne, then I heard vitamin B5 is BETTER??? So which one is the best?

vti answers:

Vitamin E is good for your skin…but its more good for the texture of your skin than for acne, like it would help if your skin was dry…..zinc and vitamin A are good for your skin….and omega 3, you should definately take the vitamin E aswel….its really good for your skin, but i just dont know if it helps acne..

David asks…

vitamin A for acne????

I’ve tried basically EVERYTHING. from clearasil, to proactiv, to clean and clear, to Spectro, to Vitamin D. Nothing worked. My aunt told me earlier today that Vitamin A helps acne, so i just wanted to know if it’s true? I’ve wasted a lot of money on acne products so thats why i would like to know for sure if it helps before i buy it.

vti answers:

Vitamin A helps for scarring after acne

Depending on how old you are you might want to look into birth control… That is what my doctor put me on to get rid of my bad acne .. And it worked

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Carol asks…

why does wine get better as it ages?

vti answers:

Wine mainly gets better with barrel aging. Older wines, very old, may age well due to lack of mechanical filtration. The yeast and solids left in suspension would continue with time to age a wine. But these are very old and rare. But also consider that many were not biologically clean and may spoil as well. Very old wines are a crap shot. Modern wines are aged and blended to winemaker specifications and bottled. The wine is then the same from day of bottling until drank.

Barrel aging may do several things to mellow the wine. One is a malolactic fermentation which smooths out the wines acidity. Tannins may also mellow in the barrel but they may also increase. It is determined by the type and age of the barrel and the length the wine rest on the wood. Other things such as tartaric acids, protein, and phenol precipitations aid the wines character and quality.

Laura asks…

Aged bottles of wine?

If you take a bottle of wine and store it in a wine cellar under optimal conditions (cool environment,on its side in a rack,etc.),is there ever any such thing as a bottle of wine being too old too drink?Can it get moldy or make you sick or what not?

vti answers:


various types of wine age differently
some improve, some don’t, and some go bad

the better the quality of wine, the better it ages though.

Even quality wine can sometimes go off, or become corked, which is basically spoiled by bacteria that ruins the flavor. At the same time, there are some wines that are found in cellars that are many hundreds of years old that are drinkable.

Charles asks…

Tritium half-life and the Age of Wine?

You have before you two glasses of Amontillado wine– one made last year and one made many years ago.
Tritium undergoes radioactive decay with a half-life of 12.33
years.The glass on the left has sixty-four times fewer tritium counts than the glass on the right.

a. What is the age of the wine in the glass on the left, and the glass on the right?
b. What assumption(s) do you have to make in order to compare their tritium counts?
c. Is this an accurate assumption in light of the events of the post- World War II world?

So far, I’ve figured out the rate to be k= 0.005621 but I’m lost on what to do after that

vti answers:

For simple radioactive decay the arte of change of radioactive atoms is given by [1]:
dN/dt = – λ∙N
where λ is the decay constant and N the number of radioactive atoms∙
When you solve this differential subject to initial condition
N(t=0) = N₀
you get the following relation for the number of radioactive particles at time t.
N(t) = N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t }

Half-life t_½ and decay constant are related as:
λ = ln(2)/t½
You can derive this relation from:
(1/2)∙N₀ = N(t½) = N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t½ }

The counter doesn’t measure the number of atoms. It measures the activity of the sample, i.e. The number of radioactive decays per unit time, which is proportional to the number of radioactive atoms:
A = – dN/dt = λ∙N = λ∙N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t }

Assume that both samples of wine contained the same number of atoms at the year of the production. Then counts for each glass are given by:
– left glass
A₁ = λ∙N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t₁ }
– right glass
A₂ = λ∙N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t₂ }

Since the exponential function decreases with time t, The gals with higher count, i.e. The right glass, must be the younger wine. Therefore
t₂ = 1 a

When you consider the ratio of the activities the unknown N₀ cancels out:
A₂/A₁ = [λ∙N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t₂ }] / [λ∙N₀∙e^{ – λ∙t₁ }]
= e^{ – λ∙t₂ }/e^{ – λ∙t₁ }
= e^{ – λ∙t₂ } ∙ e^{ λ∙t₁ }
= e^{ λ∙(t₁ – t₂ } }

ln(A₂/A₁) = λ∙(t₁ – t₂ }

t₁ = t₂ + ( ln(A₂/A₁)/λ )

t₁ = t₂ + ( t_½ ∙ ln(A₂/A₁)/ln(2) )

The activity of the right glass is 64 times higher i.e.
A₂/A₁ = 64
t₁ = 1 y + ( 12.33 a ∙ ln(64)/ln(2) ) = 74.98 y ≈ 75 a
That means the wine is 75 years old, its from 1938.

Basic assumption is that the environment (soil, air, water etc) of the Amontillado vineyard contains a constant concentration of tritium – more precisely: a constant fraction of the hydrogen atoms in the environment are present as isotope tritium. The flourishing grape-vines are in equilibrium with their environment and take the material, which they need to grow and to form fruit, from their environment. So their ripe grapes have the content of tritium as the environment. At the instant, when the grapes are harvested and converted to wine the content of tritium is on that level too. But then the wine (in the barrel or in the bottle) is no longer in equilibrium with its environment. So the the tritium content decreases due to radioactive decay.

It’s inaccurate (of course 😉 ).
After second world war (primarily in the fifties) there were a lot of atmospheric nuclear weapon tests, which caused a substantial rise of radioactive isotopes in the earth atmosphere. This increased radioactivity in the atmosphere was the reason for the Limited Test Ban Treaty[2] from 1963, which prohibits all nuclear test except underground test. In the wikipedia article you find a graph showing the atmospheric content C14 (which also used for dating). A plot for tritium would look similar but withe a narrower peak, because tritium decays faster than C14 with half-life 5700 a.
However you can expect the initial tritium content in 2012 to be greater than before the 50s.
That’s why the older Amontillado is younger than 75 years.


Michael asks…

Does champagne age like wine?

I was given a bottle of champain ($100 I think – Cristal – Louis Roderer) 2 years ago that was already 8 yrs old. I figured if it was given as a gift with it already aged, it would keep. It is now 2 yrs later – still good?

I was told it was $100 when he bought it.

vti answers:

Still good , but that bottle is ready to drink NOW (i.e. It is not improving with any aging). Actually, very few wines are meant for aging and actually improve with age.

John asks…

Can you “over-age” wine?

Hi, I found a bunch of bottles of wine from 1997. I just tried some and was surprised to find that it’s pretty yellow in color and didn’t taste very wine-like–In fact, it’s pretty undrinkable. I can’t tell if it’s the type or if it’s “over-aged” or was stored in a bad place or something. It’s “Semillon sur lie” by the way.

vti answers:

Definitely! Especially white wines, such as yours. How the wine is constructed will determine the aging potential and recommended timeframe.

Semillon is a grape that does not age well (in fact, it is mainly used as a blending grape – and the “sur lie” just refers to the fact it was aged on the lees, i.e. Dead yeast cells).

There are exceptions, of course, in the white area (Alsace, Burgundy, some high-quality Californian, eyc.), but the general rule is that reds age much better than whites do.

However, beware the point of diminishing returns!

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