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Mary asksā€¦

Photo booth pictures?!?!?!?


Click the arrow on the RIGHT side, if anybody tells me wheat happens , what it says, you will get 10 points! šŸ™‚

Is this working for you?
wait! Michelle, you have to have a camra built in to you computer, you just cant upload a picture from your oun camra’s memory card????? please reply!

vti answers:

Yea it worked =)

When I clicked on the photo booth button on the right, a new window opened, asking for my age. I sed I was 18 ;D Then the original page loaded into a camera.

Of course, you must allow it to have access to your own computer’s camera in order to take pictures šŸ™‚

Hope it works out for you!

Mandy asksā€¦

Hollywood Tanning Booths?

I want to go tanning, not many times, but just to get a nice simple bronze not too dark but just right! What booth gives you a nice tan but you dont have to go many times? Also, what is the best lotion to use and why?

vti answers:

Just go with a fake tanner, there are many very good ones out there that won’t leave you orange looking. A tan is literally the visible sign of skin damage, proof that you’ve increased your odds of skin cancer and increasing wrinkling and premature aging. They’re not safe, no matter how you do it, in the sun or in a tanning bed, it’s all the same UV light and will cause damage.

Mark asksā€¦

What age do you have to be to volunteer for something?

I would like to know what age you can start volunteering at places or events, the kind of volunteering that’s free! (: Please Help! (:

vti answers:

There is no minimum age for volunteering unless you bump into a child-labor situation. If you volunteer to sew dresses in a factory, the factory owner could be in trouble. (You wouldn’t be). But that’s not what you meant.

If you go to the farmers market and find that the Red Cross has a booth there, and you tell them you want to help them set up the table and hand out brochures and clean up at the end of the day, they will let you, if you are at least 12 years old and seem to be serious and responsible.

If you go to the hospital and sign up as a volunteer, they will let you if you are at least 16, have your parent’s permission and don’t work too many hours. That job is mostly messanger. You bring magazines to patients, talk to people, read to them, and fetch anything anybody sends you for. If you are smart and personable, they might let you work in the information booth.

If you organize some kids to clean up the park, nobody will stop you. Schools can always use unpaid interns. Every charitable organization needs volunteers. Ask them all until you find the ones that want you.

I know a girl who wants to be a vet. She has been hanging around the vet’s clinic in town since she was 10. They let her do whatever work she wants to, as long as it isn’t medical and as long as she doesn’t work too many hours.


Joseph asksā€¦

Age for cartilage piercing?

What is the age you have to be to get your cartilage pierced in South Dakota? I was told it was 13, and I just wanted to know.

vti answers:

It depends on where you’re getting it done.
With any place, if you’re under 18, you have to have parents’ permission to do it.

If you’re getting it at one of those crappy and unprofessional mall booths (or Claires/Limited Too/etc.), you’re better off just not getting it. But they’ll ask to see your parents first if you do. You shouldn’t get it at a place like that, if you can avoid it. They use guns, which can’t be properly sterilized and usually cause a lot of problems ESPECIALLY for cartilage piercings.
Get it done at a professional tattoo/piercing store. The piercing needs to be done with a needle, and they’ll tell you pretty much the exact same thing I just told you. But some of them won’t pierce people under 18. Since it’s just an ear piercing, you shouldn’t have any problems with it. But you’ll still need your parents’ permission.

Michael asksā€¦

Whats Brian Booth doing now ?

Former Australian Test player, he was actually a Uni Lecturer of mine back in 1992-95 Sports Science/Coaching Uni Western Sydney. Than UNSW lost contact after that, but anyone remember hes Cricketing exploits for Australia ?
Thanks ange, your a darl’n!

vti answers:

ERNEST “BRIAN” Nelson Booth
Born 1924 in Tassie,makes him now 83…
Dont know what he is doing now,proberly enjoying retiremant….

Born September 30, 1924, Scottsdale, Tasmania
Current age 83 years 114 days
Major teams Tasmania
Batting style Left-hand bat

Batting and fielding averages Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave 100 50 Ct St
First-class 8 16 1 282 113 18.80 1 0 1 0

Bowling averages Mat Runs Wkts BBI BBM Ave SR 4w 5w 10
First-class 8 12 0 – – – – 0 0 0

Career statistics First-class span 1946/47 – 1959/60….
Outside cricket>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HERE’s A LITTLE MORE FOR YA MATE!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>

Booth strongly criticised the sledging tactics used by the Australian team led by Steve Waugh (pictured)After retirement Booth resumed full-time duties as a Sydney schoolmaster. He had been a teacher in the secondary schools of New South Wales for 12 years before becoming an instructor in physical education to other trainee teachers at Sydney Teachers’ College in 1967. Before retiring in 1989, he served for five years as the head of the Health and Human Movement Studies Department at the Sydney Institute of Education, the successor of the STC.[3] In 1958, he married Judith Williams, whom me met at Sydeny Teachers’ College. Their first daughter was born in 1961.[11] Booth is the uncle of hammer thrower Brooke Krueger-Billett.[23]

Booth was made a life member of the New South Wales Cricket Association (NSWCA) in 1974 and served as a vice-president for four years starting in 1973ā€“74. He was awarded life membership of the Marylebone Cricket Club, the home of cricket. In 1974, he was preselected as the Liberal candidate for the federal election in the Division of St. George. He was unsuccessful as the ruling Australian Labor Party was returned to office. In 1982, Booth was awarded a MBE for “services to the community and sport”.[3]

In 2002, he returned to the public spotlight when he condemned the sledging or verbal intimidation tactics that are used in modern cricket, stating “I can’t remember in the games that I played in, I can’t ever remember being sledged, and I can’t ever remember sledging anybody” with particular reference to the current Australian team.[24] In the Australian edition of the Wisden Cricketers’ Almanack for that year, he wrote a chapter titled The Curse of Sledging.

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Thomas asksā€¦

dove vs aussie vs herbal essence?

I want to know what brand is kinder/less chemical sulphate etc and smells best ?

vti answers:

Herbal essence all the way
herbal essence smells the best and if you buy the one thats pink and makes your hair softer it really works after the first time! And i have really thin wavy hair

James asksā€¦

alberto balsam or herbal essence??

can u tell me which shampoo is better?? i’m planning to switch to one of this. currently i’m using pantene and i’m not loving it. ASAP!!
strictly between this two pls??
staying in malaysia and i can’t find all these products that you are recommending easily here.

vti answers:

Herbal Essence is AWESOME!
And it smells AWESOME!
I use Hello Hydration (it’s the blue kind)

Linda asksā€¦

Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essences?

which leave in conditioner do you like better?

vti answers:

Herbal essences for sure! I’ve tried garnier a couple times and every time my hair comes out feeling dry like straw

Michael asksā€¦

Dove or Herbal Essences?

Which products are better? Dove products, or Herbal Essences Products? šŸ™‚

vti answers:


Herbal essences smells nice but animal testing is not nice

and dove smells nice works better and is nice
they don’t animal test

dove all the way bud

Donna asksā€¦

herbal essence?

have any of you used…

herbal essence-the one that is supposed to un-frizz your hair

does it work well?


thanks! =]

vti answers:

Just using the herbal essences shampoo alone doenst make your hair any less “frizzy.” if you really want to reduce frizz, you need to buy a lot more products, and style your hair with a blow dryer…. Which is a lot of work.

My hair is naturally wavy; and i only use the anti frizz shampoo because i like the smell hahaa

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James asksā€¦

Canidae changed their food… for better or for worse?

I went and bought a new bag of all life stages food for my Great Dane and put some food in his bowl and bam it was different!! He seems to love it… but he loves anything that he can eat… but I am wondering if the quality of the food has gone down? Why the sudden change?

I am think that since Canidae switched foods on me and it might not be for the better then I should just switch to Eagle Pack.

vti answers:

They basically put lower quality ingredients. Made the bags smaller and is still charging the same amount for less food. The 40 lb ALS now only comes in a 35lb and they are charging the same price as you were paying for the 5 less pounds.

If you plan on switching to the Eagle pack. Go with the Holistic select. The regualr Eagle Pack has corn as the first ingredient verses the Holistic Select doesn’t contain any corn or wheat.

Paul asksā€¦

do you know what ingredients are good & bad in cat food? are these?

this is whats in advance that i got from the vet….

chicken tuna egg, gelling agents; tricalcium;taurine; vitamin E, vitamic C, marigold meal; thiamin vitamin B1, maganese sulphate; pyridoxine vit B6, tomato powder; lucerne meal; calcium pantothenate; folic acid
yes im in australia.. and the vet told me today to stay away from turkey!!

vti answers:

I wouldn’t want tuna to be a part of daily feeding. The meat should ideally be chicken and/or turkey. What country are you in… Australia? I don’t know what foods are available in your area. You may not have a lot to choose from.
You may want to look for these canned foods:

Eagle Pack Holistic Select Chicken & Lamb Formula
Eagle Pack Holistic Select Turkey & Barley Formula

Those aren’t foods that I would buy in the U.S., but again, you probably have very few options.

Daniel asksā€¦

Whats the Best Food to feed a Golden Retriever Puppy 8 weeks old?



: )

vti answers:

Innova Large Breed Puppy, Solid Gold Wolf King, Orijens Large Breed Puppy or Eagle Pack Holistic Select Large Breed Puppy. These are all natural, holistic dog foods, with high meat content, lower carbs and no wheat, corn or soy products (big problems for allergies). And keep him lean, extra weight on his joints growing up will seriously damage him long term.

Mandy asksā€¦

Does PetSmart carry any dog food without wheat (for small dogs)?

Hi. =) I have two small dogs, a maltese and chihuahua, who currently eat Solid Gold dog food. PetSmart is closer and I can get a discount, so I was wondering if they carry any similar food. (They don’t carry Solid Gold D=) The food should be for smaller dogs, and it has to be wheat-free. It would also be good if it was cheaper or the same price as Solid Gold…okay, thanks! 0.o

vti answers:

Here are the better foods that are sold at Petco and Petsmart. You’ll have to check your individual store to see which ones they carry, not all stores carry the same foods:
* Blue Buffalo
* Castor & Pollux
* Eagle Pack Holistic Selects
* Natural Balance
* Solid Gold
* Wellness

If you expand your search to also include smaller petstores, dog boutiques, holistic pet-food stores, and farm supply stores, you’ll have more options to choose from.
* Artemis Fresh Mix
* Blue Buffalo
* California Natural
* Canidae
* Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul
* Eagle Pack Holistic Selects
* Fromm Four Star
* Innova
* Merrick
* Nature’s Variety
* Orijen
* Solid Gold
* Taste of the Wild
* Timberwolf Organics
* Wellness
* ZiwiPeak

Richard asksā€¦

my dog has a very serious yeast infection any help will be greatly appreciated?

ok i have a 11 year old chow chow which has developed a serious skin infection the vet said it was a yeast infection and gave me antibiotics and some other meds but nothing seem to work. I really don’t want to put my dog down because i have had it now 11 years and it would just sting me to much to let her go any help will be greatly appreciated thank.
i want to thank everybody for all the help but my dog didn’t make it i tried everything but she was just to weak to take anymore meds anyways i greatly appreciate all the help.


vti answers:

Check the ingredients of the food you’re feeding your dog and if there is yeast in it discontinue feeding it to him and get a holistic food. Like Azmira, Eagle pack, Holistic Select, Canidae, or Innova.

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Paul asksā€¦

what are home remedies to get rid of a yeast infection?

a day before my yeast occured i had sexual intercourse with my boyfriend and we used alot of ky jelly…can ky cause a yeast infection and what are some home remedies

vti answers:

It was probably the ky jelly, it can destroy the good bacteria in the vagina the same way some douches do.

You need to restore the normal balance of healthy bacteria to kill the yeast.

The most popular and useful of the probiotics is Lactobacillus. Several forms of this ā€œniceā€ bacterium can be used to treat yeast infections naturally.

If you want to use Lactobacilli to treat your yeast infection, you have the option of using it as an oral supplement or as a vaginal suppository. Acidophilus, a member of the Lactobacilli family, is the key ingredient that makes yogurt work! With this in mind, it makes sense to eat plenty of yogurt when battling a raging yeast infection.

If you need immediate relief, try using yogurt as a topical cream. Simply soak a tampon in unflavored yogurt that contains active cultures and insert it as usual. If you donā€™t wish to use a tampon, you can simply wipe the yogurt on with a finger.

Tea Tree Oil and Other Treatment Options

This oil is taken from the tea tree and has apparently helped with yeast infections. However, tea tree oil is too strong to use without first diluting it a good deal. There is some debate about the safety and value of tea tree oil when used in this fashion.

Garlic cloves are well-known warriors in the fight against yeast infections. They can even be used as suppositories, provided the cloves are first wrapped in something soft and porous before being inserted.

An old timer remedy is honey, just dab it on with your finger and can provide relief on contact.

Also apple cider vinger diluted with water can be applied to relieve itching and kill the yeast.

Ruth asksā€¦

SAFE home remedies to cure a yeast infection?

What are some way to cure a yeast infection quickly on your own besides taking the pill from your doctor. Please only answer if you have done this or had experiences with trying SAFE home remedies that work. thank you!!

vti answers:

Other than meds from your doctor or the OTC from the pharmacy, I don’t know anything that will get rid of a yeast infection super fast. There are some things you can try:

-yogurt. The bacteria in yogurt helps to get rid of the yeast.

-acidophilus tablets. This is a ton of the bacteria found in yogurt. You can take 1-2 pill 2x/day. It can help to get rid of the infection naturally, but it might not be enough. You can try it though. Taking it regularly can also help to prevent yeast infections.

-yogurt douches. I’ve heard about this but never tried it. Essentially you take yogurt and insert it into your vagina. It puts the good bacteria in close proximity to the yeast so that they can get rid of the yeast. If you try this, just make sure that it is PLAIN yogurt with NO added sugar. The added sugar will help the yeast to grow–not what you want.

Good luck.

James asksā€¦

Home remedy for a yeast infection? :(?

Does anyone know a home remedy for a yeast infection? I know it sounds stupid, but I’m afraid and embarrassed to have to go out and get Monistat or anything like that. I live in a tiny town and everyone knows me and eachother, and it’s embarrassing.

Please don’t say “ewww you’re gross…” or anything because it happens to a lot of women…and it’s terrible enough asking on here as it is….

vti answers:

Look you can ignore the quacks here.

“yeast is a microorganism, so you should be able to get rid of it with a penicillin prescription and that is probably what your doctor will prescribe to you.”


“Antibiotics are commonly prescribed,”

As anyone with any kind of medical knowledge will know antibiotics are prescribed for bacterial infections! Geez.

Look, it’s not embarrassing at all. You either goto your GP and tell him you believe you have candida and he’ll take swabs and send them off to a lad to verify and prescribe you a specific treatment for the problem.

Or if you’re sure what it is just goto your pharmacist and tell him you’d like canesten duo or (as you say) Monistat and you’ll get an OTC dispense. Either way there is nothing to worry about.

Go and see your GP and get the swabs and specific treatment would be my advice.

One or other of the real doctors will be along I am sure to reassure you it really is ok to do this and no-one is going to laugh at you.

Sandra asksā€¦

What is the best home remedy for men to struggle with yeast infection?

Hi everybody!
Some days ago I spent a night with my ex-girlfriend and yesterday I felt disconfort during the urination. I’ve never faced with such symptomes. While the Internet surfing I found a blog describing the yeast infection. Maybe I have something like this?
What home remedies are the best to solve this problem? Who faced with yeast infecton? Help please…

vti answers:

Yep, stay off the stuff that has yeast in it: bread, pastries, beer

herbally take some: GrapeFRUIT Seed (not to be mistaken with grapeseed) Extract, Pau D’Arco, Oregano Oil (not the powder capsules) capsules, Olive Leaf Extract

Soak, don’t bathe, just soak in a tub of Vaseline Intensive Bath Beads. I did not find good results with Calgon.

Robert asksā€¦

i think i have a yeast infection. any home remedies?

okay so it started after my period. after i pee, when i wipe i wipe this wierd brown stuff of the skin and when i do wipe it off it iches alot. and the heat isnt doing wwell either. ive head if i eat garlic and put it there it would help. is that true and if not can anyone tell me any other home remedie. thnx šŸ˜€

vti answers:

Two issues here, first, there is not a shred of evidence that any “home remedies” do anything at all. There are plenty of women making all sorts of wild claims about what “always works” for them, but there are no studies or solid epidemiological data to support these claims.

Second, in order to treat a yeast infection, you need to know that’s what you actually have. Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) will not respond to yeast infection treatments, because they are essentially anti-fungal agents, and BV is bacterial in nature, so it needs an antibiotic to treat.

I know Vagisil has an OTC screening kit, but gynecology isn’t my practice area, so I don’t really keep up on the literature enough to let you know if it’s reliable or not. Best course of action is to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and recommended treatment options.

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Daniel asksā€¦

natural gas relief – ideas?

i get gas every night…during the day i am fine, but at night i get LOTS of gas. it’s excessive. it especially happens after i eat certain foods. are there any natural ways to prevent / get rid of gas? such as herbal tea, etc?

no pills plz

vti answers:

Perhaps a web search for flatulence + “natural remedies” might be of interest.

Laura asksā€¦

What is a natural remedy for male impotence problems?

vti answers:

Impotence is the inability to maintain an erection long enough to engage in normal sexual intercourse. Many factors can contribute, including emotional issues, dietary factors, use of alcohol or drugs, and level of physical fitness. Homeopathic remedies sometimes help with temporary difficulties. If the problem is constant or recurrent, a doctor should be consulted to check for physical, hormonal, or nervous system problems. A constitutional remedy and the guidance of an experienced practitioner may help bring balance to a personā€™s system, both emotionally and physically.

Agnus castus: This remedy may be helpful if problems with impotence develop after a man has led a life of intense and frequent sexual activity for many years. A cold sensation felt in the genitals is a strong indication for Agnus castus. People who need this remedy are often very anxious about their health and loss of abilities, and may have problems with memory and concentration.

Argentum nitricum: This remedy may be helpful if a manā€™s erection fails when sexual intercourse is attempted, especially if thinking about the problem makes it worse. People who need this remedy are often nervous and imaginative. A person who needs Argentum nitricum is usually warm-blooded, with cravings for both sweets and salt.

Caladium: This remedy may be helpful to a man whose genitals are completely limp, despite having sexual interest. Nocturnal emissions can occur without an erection, even if dreams are not sex-related. A person who needs this remedy often craves tobacco.

Causticum: This remedy may be indicated if physical pleasure during sex has diminished and sexual urges are reduced. The person feels tired and weak, and may experience memory loss, with a compulsive need to check things (to see that doors are locked, etc.) Prostate problems may be associated with impotence, and urine may be lost when the person coughs or sneezes.

Lycopodium: People who need this remedy may have problems with erections because of worry, and can also be troubled by memory loss. They often lack self-confidence (though some may overcompensate by acting egotistically). People who need this remedy often have digestive problems with gas and bloating, and an energy slump in the late afternoon and evening.

Selenium metallicum: This remedy is often helpful to men who have diminished sexual ability, especially if the problem starts after a fever or exhausting illness. The person feels weak and exhausted, but interest is usually still present. Unusual hair-loss (body hair or eyebrows) can also suggest a need for Selenium.

Staphysagria: Gentle-natured, quiet men with deep emotions may respond to this remedy. Problems with impotence often occur from embarrassment or shyness. People who need this remedy often have a history of emotional suppression and very sensitive feelings.

Select the remedy that most closely matches the symptoms. In conditions where self-treatment is appropriate, unless otherwise directed by a physician, a lower potency (6X, 6C, 12X, 12C, 30X, or 30C) should be used. In addition, instructions for use are usually printed on the label.

I suggest that remedies be used as follows: Take one dose and wait for a response. If improvement is seen, continue to wait and let the remedy work. If improvement lags significantly or has clearly stopped, another dose may be taken. The frequency of dosage varies with the condition and the individual. Sometimes a dose may be required several times an hour; other times a dose may be indicated several times a day; and in some situations, one dose per day (or less) can be sufficient.

If no response is seen within a reasonable amount of time, select a different remedy.

Donald asksā€¦

Natural laxative remedies?

what are some natural laxative remedies/medications. I hate to use OTC meds because they cause such awful cramps and gas. Thanks!

vti answers:

Food containing high amounts of fibre will help you to ‘bulk up’ stools to pass.

Particularly effective are prunes and branflakes šŸ™‚

Carol asksā€¦

Does anyone know of any natural remedies for baby’s gas?

My baby is so gassy, and I can tell it really hurts him, but I’ve heard that simethicone isn’t too good for them. Anyone hear of any natural remedies?

vti answers:

Patting him on the back

Helen asksā€¦

What are some good natural remedies for Acid Reflux?

The reason i’m asking, i’ve been hearing a lot about long term side affects from taking drugs like:Nexium/Prilosec (which i’ve been taking for about 6yrs.) like bone loss/fractures..and now may be linked to Seizures/Muscle Spasms etc…I don’t have any Insurance, so i can’t see a Gastroenterologist…Thanks so much!

vti answers:

Taking acid reducers long term can actually make your problem worse. Lack of acid in the stomach allows your food to just sit there…fermenting. And then you get bloating, gas, and all the things you were trying to get rid of by taking acid reducers. You need to be taking probiotics and digestive enzymes. These will help your stomach process your food in a timely matter and empty faster. This is a much better solution than eliminating the neccessary acid to digest your food. Find a good holistic practitioner or someone who can steer you towards the best solution for your poarticular needs. Most cities have a small local health food store that can offer some suggestions too. Good luck!

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Steven asksā€¦

I need a home remedy for a cough??

It’s Saturday night and I can’t get to the store to purchase a cough syrup. My daughter is pretty miserable with a nasty barking cough. Does anyone have a home remedy that will give her some relief? I would appreciate you taking the time to tell me what to use and how to make your home remedy.
She is not running a fever, also there isn’t any pain anywhere in her body. She just has this nasty cough. She has had strep before quite often as a matter of fact. I know what she goes through with that and she doesn’t show any of the signs of strep. I did however call the doctor ( I am that smart ) and they said that this sounds like a bad cold that needs to run it’s course. I am just looking for something to give her some relief. I have done the cough syrup no good, done the steam treatment in the bathroom this did a little bit of good for her. It broke up the phlegm a little. I am just trying to find something to help her until my husband gets home from work with some different medicine that the doctor said to try.

vti answers:

If you have some honey put a teaspoon of honey in a little cup and thin it to cough syrup consistency with a little hot water. Stir until well blended. Since this is a barking type cough this may not work as well. Be sure to monitor this cough and if it gets worse or she sounds really bad take her to get it checked out if needed.

Michael asksā€¦

does anyone have a home remedy for a cough? I need your help .Any herb tea ?etc????

I have had a terrible cough for three days. I dont have any money for meds but i have a cabinet full of spices..can anyone help me get rid of this cough.Thanks you for your time and suggestions.

vti answers:

*Cayenne and Ginger Cough Syrup
1/4 tsp. Cayenne, 1/4 tsp. Ginger, 1 Tbs. Honey, 1 Tbsp. Vinegar. Mix with 2 Tbsp. Hot water. Take as needed.

*Lemon/Honey Syrup
Use fresh lemon juice, honey and water in proportions that taste good to you. Warm in pan until honey is dissolved. Drink warm or colod.

*Grandmother’s Cough Syrup
1/4 cup honey, juice of 1 lemon, 1/2 tsp. Ginger, alum the size of a pea. Add a little water if needed. Heat together and drink warm.

*Mom’s Cough Syrup
Slice 2 large onions. Put in saucepan. Drizzle juice from 1/2 lemon and 1 Tbsp. Honey over the onion. Turn to lowest heat and cover. Pour off juice as it comes out. Make about 1 cup of cough syrup. This usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to get all the juice out. Be careful not to burn it.

*You could also take an Echinacea and Goldenseal Combination. They come capsule form and you can get it at Walmart or other drug stores. My husband took these when he had a very annoying, persistent cough and they worked very well.

Ruth asksā€¦

Un-stoppable cough home remedy?

I can’t stop coughing and i have a concert in 4 hours!!
I had this since last night and i put some vapor rub on and i was coughing so much i almost puked.

Please help!!

vti answers:

Best cough remedy hands down – Mullein Tea. Get it at your local health food store or online at We used it for our daughter when she had whooping cough (Yes, she was vaccinated – why we don’t anymore). That is the most uncontrollable cough you will experience. We use it for all things respiratory and it works great.

Honey (with hot tea, or just by the teaspoon)

Vicks won’t do anything for your cough. It just opens passages up. If you have a lot of mucussy drainage, Vicks can actually allow that drainage to enter your lungs and cause pneumonia. Use it only to clear nasal passages so you can sleep.

If you have a mucus problem – thick – the only thing you should use is Robitussin PE. It has ONLY what is needed to thin the mucus and clear you nasal passages.

Susan asksā€¦

Anyone know a home remedy for coughing?

im going to be with my friend today, and i feel fine.. my colds almost gone. but im still couging.. any way icould get rid of it?

vti answers:

My cough always lingers after an illness too. I’d get some cough drops to carry with you. Drink plenty of fluids. Honey and lemon are both said to be natural remedies for coughs and sore throats.

My drink of choice is canada dry ginger ale, because it is made with real ginger. (I heard that ginger is helpful with coughs and colds…)

Sharon asksā€¦

home remedies?

vti answers:

Home remedies, depends what the issue is,
For a bad chest or cough, you can take honey,
Sore tooth, you can put a clove on your gum, will deaden the nurver for a bit.

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Charles asksā€¦


I’m am only 16 years old, and i suffer bad anxiety. I still have an active social life & go out and do things every day after school including sports and hanging out with friends. So i defiantly push myself out of my comfort zones but i still cant seem to get rid of the anxiety i have. I am OCD about germs, (i wont even use resteraunts water), and i have anxiety about health. I never, ever, feel well, i always have a stomach ache, heartburn, or indigestion. (i take prevaced for acid reflex so I KNOW its anxiety) Any little thing that happens to me i get scared for my health that I’m going to die or something. it has gotten a lot better since last year where i had severe panic attacks where i couldn’t breath, but how do i get rid of it completely?

also I’m young, i don’t want to take medicine.

vti answers:

I personally have been suffering from anxiety for over 5 years. I am presently taking Effexor (form of anti-depressant or anxiety or stress) I am sure as you know they are basically all listed under the same category of pharmaceutical drug disorders.

Firstly, I’d like to mention I regret ever getting onto such pills. Not only has it affected my moods but also has gotten me basically addicted to these drugs. I suggest you stay AWAY.

Secondly, I’ve come to my finding a better solution. A solution that involves herbal supplements that ACTUALLY WORKS. Ever since I have been taking this, I’ve been able to cut my medical prescription dosage by HALF of what it was at it’s peak point. Improving over time.

I have been using this very exact herbal supplement to aid me into getting off those drugs. So far it has actually worked and i can thank only God for this. It has helped me be more active, and most of all cut down and start eliminating those drugs from my life.

I speak to you from very personal experience as I too am suffering from this disorder. If you want the RIGHT solution, I will indicate the herbal store that has given me this success. I suggest you try soley this one as I’ve also tried and bought into several others that never really helped me.

You can find more information regarding this product here as I HIGHLY recommend this to ANYONE who has such disorder. Doctor’s and pharmaceutical companies only offer you that solution since they make a ton of money off it. In the end all who suffers more is YOURSELF.

This is the most honest and informative post regarding our issues you can find, I promise you. Help spread the word to ANYONE you know with this issue. More information on the product I explained to you can be found here:

P.S This product has redefined me. If it worked for me, i KNOW it will work for you, trust me. Give it a try nothing much to LOSE. Highly recommendable to anyone of this nature.

Michael asksā€¦

Does St. Johns Positive thoughts Supplement work for Anxiety?

I have tried 5-htp which works good for anxiety ( GAD ) but looking for a more complete supplement to assist with the depression that comes along with anxiety. I also tried St Johns wort alone but develop some negative feelings after a weeks use. I compliment the anxiety and depression with meditation,yoga,fitness and positive thinking but want to find a supplement to ease the uneasy feelings of anxiety. In addition I also take A,B,C,D, E vitamins and flax oil

vti answers:

Flax oil is insufficient: Scientific Evidence

Two types of fatty acids are considered essential. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids cannot be synthesized in the body, and must be obtained from the diet. The omega-6 fatty acids are distributed evenly in most tissues and easily obtained through food sources commonly found in the American diet, but omega-3 fatty acids are concentrated in a few tissues including the brain. Because of their relative scarceness in the American diet, many children – perhaps the majority of children today – are deficient in omega-3 fatty acids. Learning specialists now believe omega-3 fatty acid deficiency leads to unique symptoms during childhood, including behavioral problems. The evidence is certainly suggestive:

In 1981, researchers first hypothesized that children with ADHD may have reduced nutritional status of essential fatty acids because they showed greater thirst (a symptom of essential fatty acid deficiency) compared to children without ADHD.

These results were further confirmed in 1983. When essential fatty acids were examined in 23 maladjusted children and 20 normal children, essential fatty acid blood levels in poorly behaved children were significantly lower.

In 1987, researchers further documented that 48 children with ADHD reported significantly greater thirst, more frequent urination, and more health and learning problems than children without ADHD. Significantly lower levels of two omega-6 fatty acids and one omega-3 fatty acid (DHA) were found in the subjects with ADHD symptoms.

In a 1995 study comparing plasma essential fatty acid levels in 53 boys with ADHD to a control group of 43 boys without ADHD, researchers found significantly lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids.

In the April – May 1996 issue of Physiology & Behavior, Laura J. Stevens, of the Department of Foods and Nutrition, Purdue University, and co-investigators reported that boys with lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood showed more problems with behavior, learning, and health than those with higher levels of total omega-3 fatty acids.

Also, in 1996, researchers from the Department of Psychiatry, Technical University, Faculty of Medicine, Trabzon, Turkey, reported that levels of free fatty acids as well as zinc were severalfold lower in ADHD children compared to non-ADHD children.

The Doctor’s Prescription

“We shouldn’t be prescribing medicine simply because that’s the easiest way to go,” notes Dr. Mark Stein, who runs a University of Chicago clinic for children and adults with the disorder.

While all children with ADHD are not deficient in omega-3 fatty acids, we believe that the addition of omega-3 fatty acids to the diet may be important for some ADHD children.

In fact, studies show that children whose treatment program includes only medication, educational and psychological therapy continue to be at high risk for vandalism, petty crime, frequency of alcoholic intoxication, and possession of marijuana. Dietary improvements may be the key to fostering long-term health and acceptable behavior.

Parents of ADHD children and ADHD adults who wish to utilize omega-3 fatty acids as a method of modifying their behavior should use both flax and seafood sources of omega-3 fatty acids. Flax provides alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), the master omega-3 fatty acid from which other omega-3 fatty acids are synthesized. Seafood provides DHA directly which appears to be a vital omega-3 fatty acid for modifying behavior of ADHD children and adults. The rate of conversion of ALA to DHA is quite low. However, alpha-linolenic acid may be important to behavioral improvements as well. Therefore, a combination of flax and seafood is best. ANXIETY: See anxiety treatments, at * ezy-build (below) in section 6. Set yourself a fixed limit for worrying about any particular subject, (say; 15 minutes) after which, resolve firmly to refuse to even consider that subject again on that day: realise and accept that to do otherwise would be counterproductive to your mental health, and enjoyment of life. Use the technique for reprogramming negative thoughts and internal monologue (self talk), on pages 2, and 2L, to help you in this: some people carry a wide rubber band in their pocket: put it on their wrist; stretch, and release, as a means of reinforcing it, and speeding up the process, re-pocketing it afterwards, but I regard this as being purely optional. Practice one of the relaxation methods on pages 2, 11, 2c, or 2i, daily, and when needed. Also, give the EFT a good tryout, to see if it helps you. There is also a version for use in public places, (if you like, you can claim to have a headache, as you massage/lightly tap your temples, but you would then be restricted to subvocalising: saying it to yourself in your mind). Section 53, and pages 2, 2.q and 2.o at * also refer: “Even though I sometimes suffer from anxiety, I deeply and completely accept myself.” ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ DEPRESSION: See depression treatments, at ezy-build *(below) in section 2, and consult a doctor, to eliminate thyroid problems, etc. As possible contributing factors: also seek a referral to a therapist using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, or Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. It is your decision, and yours alone, as to whether to take any antidepressants offered, but, before you do, read section 1, and check medications out at so you will be on the lookout for side effects, like sexual dysfunction. My strong recommendation, however, is to follow the advice of my doctor, his associate, and also Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN NP, and Dr. Mercola, as well, at and avoid antidepressants (pages 2V, and 2Z refer, & antidepressant websites: page 2). The reasons why we all share the same view on this are explained in full, as you will find, if you read the whole section. All of their advice, (except prayer, because many people are not religious) I have incorporated into the “core treatments”, including others as options, such as the supplements: Inositol, or SAMe, or herbal remedies, like St. John’s wort. If you are diagnosed with clinical (major) depression, antidepressants may be necessary for a while, which will give the treatments time to become effective. The antidepressants themselves need at least several days, or even weeks to begin becoming effective. It’s a good idea to taper off them slowly, with medical advice, after several months, say, to a couple of years, at most, because they are only effective in the long term for about 30% of people. Because of this, you would be well advised to begin the treatments immediately, and maintain them. I’d just thank your mental health care provider, and pocket the prescription, trying the treatments for a few months, to see if they are sufficient for you, before considering filling it (unless clinically depressed, and having great difficulty functioning, or suicidal, in which case I’d take them). If the amount of daylight you have been exposed to recently has reduced, perhaps due to the change of seasons, see Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.) in section 2, at * and, instead of taking 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily; replace 2 of them with cod liver oil supplements for the winter months only! (or, as probably a better alternative to the 2 cod liver oil supplements: 1 teaspoonful of cod liver oil, with a little butter, to ensure its use; I take mine on sourdough rye bread, or toast, covered with fishpaste, and pepper, to mask the strong taste). Consider having your doctor test your vitamin D levels.

DHA is available in pill form and various formulas can be recommended by your health food store retailer.

On the other hand, flax, which can be inconspicuously incorporated into children’s meals, holds many benefits.

Flax can be used in baking (e.g., muffins and bread), salad dressings and in smoothies – as well as many other tasty dishes. Although many persons believe that flax is too fragile to be used as a cooking oil, “recent studies show little or no loss of [alpha-linolenic acid] when milled flaxseed is baked as an ingredient in muffins or breads,” says Felix.

William asksā€¦

Medication or Supplements for Social Anxiety?

Hi everyone. Its only within the last few months that the term Social Anxiety has been raised to me, before my Physciatrist nd Gp have just said severe Anxiety or General. I have been medicated for the last 3 years & im 16. im not on any at the moment because a ‘ drug holiday’ was advised. without it, everything spired out of control even more and couldnt get out my door untill i took high doses of L-theanine/Valerian/5-htp and omega3s etc. I know i display dependant behaviour. but this is not an issue right now, its a problem for another day. Has anyone had successes with others?? I plan on starting Medication again. i want stability again as im so uneasy in class, agressive & suicidal. i hate facing the day now, i want something alongside my cbtherapy to keep my physciological/physical symptoms under control. i self medicated for ages and found success with Cannabis, Diazepam at 5-10mg 3 to 5 times a day, Methylphenidate (Ritalin) -helped me feel confident. Lyrica at around400mg.Trazadone & propranolol. for obvious reasons alot of these have their own problems attached so i know! i like these because they supress my self hate,Obsessivness,Anger,Fear of the day ahead. ive tried so many meds from prozac to anti physcotics. i have adhd & depression too. unfortunatley Gaba dosent get through the Blood-Brain barrier. Any suggestions? i get therapy too & know the whole dont rely on meds opinion.. Thanks :'(

vti answers:

As a person who has overcome severe anxienty I can relate to you.
But having tried GABA as a bodybuilding suppliment I have to say it basically brought my anxiety back! It was terrible and I did it multiple times to make sure it was the GABA that was causing it.
I started by taking the recommended 2grams several times, then went down to 1gram , then down to 0.5grams and each time if i fell asleep i woke up with a terrible panic attack and brutal heart rate. I cannot state how dangerous this stuff is to some people.
BUT I can tell you how I beat my anxiety…. Proper Diet and exercise, I started working out at the gym and eating healthy food, it was almost an overnight change. Lots of veggies and other not-so-good tasting food, but once you know how to cook with them you can make anything taste good.
Good Luck.

Nancy asksā€¦

Are there any OTC supplements that help to relieve anxiety?

I suffer with anxiety so I was wondering if there’s any supps that could help to relieve my anxiety.

vti answers:

Anxiety is a state of fear of real or imagined danger, which is manifested as increased heart rate, trembling, panic, weakness, extreme fatigue and stomach or intestinal discomfort.

Anxiety, depression, nervousness, worry or stress can cause over 100 symptoms or health problems as as in;_ylt=A0oGkmYCx0ZQ5CUA.T4L5gt.?p=%22over+100+anxiety+symptoms%22&fr2=sb-top&fr=ush-ans&type_param=&rd=r1

Prescription medication for anxiety, stress, nervousness, depression and worry can give you bad side effects so natural remedies are often much better.

Natural remedies for anxiety, stress, nervousness, worry and depression include exercise, Yoga, Chamomile tea, Melatonin, 5-HTP, Valerian Root, other herbs, vitamin B complex and other remedies as in

Sandy asksā€¦

Best anxiety and depression supplement?

Please let me explain. I have had anxiety for the last 8 years every single day of my life. It has affected my life, have been unable to keep a steady job due to this. I have been to doctors which have prescribed me meds, but NONE have worked. They actually made me feel worse. I have tried counceling as well and prayed with every ounce of my being. I take a multivitamin (One A Day Womens). I am also suffering from severe depression as well, so it is a combination of both. Every time i attempt to work, i have a hard time focusing and comprehending what i’m doing because the anxiety is just so bad. It’s more than a matter of “trying to calm down” this is something that i deal with every single day, all day, not just certain moments or situations. So now i am hoping there is something natural out there that will help. Something that DOES NOT MAKE YOU DROWSY. I need something that i can take to start my day with. Please only recommend something you have experience with. I’m not looking for people to try to sell me stuff on here so please go elsewhere if you are targeting buyers. This is my life here and this is a serious question. My last resort, since i have tried everything else and nothing has worked. Would appreciate all the recommendations from your personal experiences. Thank You!

vti answers:

Well, from my experience, the depression is probably caused by the anxiety. It sucks not being able to work and having panic attacks and severe anxiety all the time.
I can’t say that this won’t make you drowsy as apparently I have a huge tolerance for stuff that knocks other people out.
Valerain root helps to relax me. It comes in 500 mg tabs. You can buy it at WalMart or your local grocery store. To me, all brands work the same so that is good. Try one pill or get the smallest doseage you can and see how it affects you, you can always take more if you need to.
I also take Benadryl tablets to relax me. And yes, I have combined the two.
Keep in mind none of this is a real solution, I wish I had a solution. I have just found that taking these helps to relax me so that I don’t care and can do what I need to do.
Hope this helps some until you can find something that will cure you!

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Carol asksā€¦

What are some suplements to help with energy and weight loss?

I just had a hip replacement at the age of 26 due to hip dysplasia and I want to take good care of myself. I recently dropped drinking soda and now I only drink water. I feel better already! I started taking B 12 for energy because my body is still healing itself and I feel exhausted. But I’m starting to notice a huge improvement. I also take cinnamon to help with blood sugar levels because my levels were high, Calcium and Vitamin D. Any others that will help with weight loss and energy? And if you have any that will help flush my body because I’m really trying hard to cleanse my body of all the years of bad eating habbits. Only healthy recommendations please. Thanks
I mean (supplements)

vti answers:

7-keto or rasberry ketone. Thats what i use and it helps burn fat šŸ˜€

Maria asksā€¦

Whats the difference between Omega 3, fish oil 1000 mg and Faxseed?

I am using the Omega 3 from Vitamin World for weight loss and they said that its better to use the Flaxseed.

vti answers:

Fish oil is a great source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids. All fish oil is omega 3 but not all omega 3 is fish oil! There are other sources such as walnuts, soybean, salmon and, of course, flax seed. But flax seed also has Omega 6 and 9’s which need to be consumed in much lower quantities. We probably get enough of these in our standard american diets…it’s the 3’s we’re deficient in.
Also, most over the counter versions of fish oil are the same!
All the latest research says that there is no mercury in fish oil tablets so ignore claims that say “wild caught” and “mercury free” are better for you. These are just scams to make you think their product is better and it’s not, just more expensive. It’s best to buy the concentrated version so that you don’t have to take as much and reduces the chances of “fish” taste. Best of luck to you!

Paul asksā€¦

What are some ways to speed up metabolism and weight loss?

I’m trying to lose weight but the weight loss is slowing down now how can I speed it up?

vti answers:

Remember one important thing…it is far more important WHAT you eat..than how much! You should completely avoid any processed foods, sugary drinks or foods, fried foods..and junk foods.

Rice, Grains, Vegetables & Fruits = ENERGY
& are Very Healthy (eat all you want,but probably will not need to do that since they contain so much energy)…”Fried foods”, “Sweets” & just general “Junk Food” = Fat..Fat Fat..and very unhealthy (you never will lose weight eating such things)

Changing your diet to only healthy foods is the best thing to do. Steaming vegetables is the healthiest and best way to cook vegetables..There are 4 different inexpensive cooking tools/items you can use to do this….1. An electric “crock pot” or “slow cooker”, 2. An electric ” food steamer “, 3. An electric ” rice cooker with vegetable tray” or 4. A “Dutch oven”/or regular iron skillet with a pot lid using a regular oven ..Steaming is the healthiest way as it retains much of the vitamins and nutrients….Also, despite what the latest “health news” is..dont believe what they say about “carbs”..Eat plenty of rice. And make sure the rice is the real rice. You can find this at most super markets. Indian Basmati rice or Thai Jasmine rice are the two main types of rice eaten in the Asian parts of the world.

Drink plenty of water and try drinking “Green Tea”…but make sure to get the REAL kind of Green a small oriental market etc. It speeds up your metabolism and helps you to burn fat. Also very healthy for you. Drink juice and milk also,,but exclude cokes, sweets and junk food from your diet. (very important)

also just do some type of work in the garden each day or walk somehwere nice and peaceful for 1-3 hours per day..and you will see easily 10 lbs of weight loss per month.

Ken asksā€¦

When can I expect to see results if I cut calories and take a weight loss supplement?

I know I will lose weight faster if I work out and cut calories— but I just don’t want to. However, for the past week I have been eating smaller portions and not snacking, and taking a weight loss supplement pill I got from the vitamin store.
When can I expect to see some weight loss?

vti answers:

You need to take out 500 calories everyday for a week to just lose 1 pound.

So say you eat 500 calories less PLUS excerising right you could lose up to 2 or 3 pounds.

Pills dont work FYI.

You cant just eat whatever you want, not exercise and expect to lose weight. Thats just the harsh reality of it.

Helen asksā€¦

How can I get referrals or people interested in becoming customers?

I work in partnership with a premier wellness company. I open preferred customer accounts for them. We manufacture and distribute a whole range of wellness products such as cleaning products that are safer, environmentally sensitive, and more cost effective. This takes care of your environmental wellness. They also have an outstanding line of vitamins and supplements, weight loss products and such that take care of our physical wellness. We actually have over three hundred wellness products. I don’t sell these products to anyone; however, I certainly endorse the Melaleuca products, and help others make a positive change in their lives by switching to our store.

vti answers:

What you are dealing in is called pyramid marketing. There are various companies in the market which are involved in doing this stuff e.g AMWAY (if it is still around).
Most of the time, you will talk to friends / relatives etc to start with.
You should try to get involved with EVERYONE you meet and speak to (even if they are strangers) though you WILL face rejection at first, but your DEDICATION AND CONSTITENCY – will be the key to your success.
Rejection should not be taken personally in this case. This is the real life of a cold calling salesperson.
By endorsing these products, you are SELLING them indirectly.
Believe in yourself and the products you want to sell.
You should have thorough knowledge of your product
You should have a burning desire to succeed.

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George asksā€¦

What is beer? how is it taste?

I am a boy of 20.I haven’t taste it yet, I only know that beer is an alcoholic beverage. Could you
tell me few more about it and is it good to drink under the age of 20?

vti answers:

Think of beer as essentially liquid bread.

Beer is made of partially-germinated barley (similar to wheat) that is added to boiling water. Hops (a type of flower that closely resembles a green, fleshy pinecone) are then added to enhance its flavor, prevent bacteria from growing in it, and add bitterness. When the mixture is lukewarm, yeast is added to begin converting the malt sugars into carbon dioxide and ethanol.

There are several dozen “styles” of beer, which vary widely in terms of flavor.

American Pale Lager: This is the cheapest and most popular style, represented by Budweiser, Coors, Miller, and just about every other company out there. They are “cut” by adding cheaper grains like corn and rice to give the beer a lighter body. Almost no hops are used, which makes it a typical beginner’s beer. Basically, they taste like white bread and stale cornbread dissolved into water.

Pilsner: Like the Pale lager above, but uses only malts and more hops to achieve a clean, peppery/grassy taste. A lot of pale lagers brand themselves as pilsners to deceive their customers.

Stout/Porter: Fairly varied, but always black with a pronounced bitterness. Range from coffee-like (Irish Dry Stout) to chocolate-like (Sweet stout and Imperial Stout).

German styles: Various sub-styles, but generally sweet, low-alcohol, and sometimes made with wheat. Sub styles: Hefewizen, Marzen (Oktoberfest), Bock, Doppelbock, Dunkler, Vienna, Helles.

Belgian styles: Sweet with a complex yeastiness and very low bitterness. Tend to be expensive, and sought after by beer enthusiasts.

English styles: Overlap with the abovementioned stout, but also include various ales. Tend to be dry and fairly bitter. Famous styles are the Stout, Barleywine, Pale Ale and India Pale Ale (IPA)

That’s just scratching the surface. Truth be told, beer is something you have to teach yourself to like. It took me quite a while to enjoy the bland pale lager style, and the bitterness of most craft beer put me off until I learned to tolerate bitterness.

As for drinking it, since you’ve gone this long without tasting it, you might as well wait until you are 21 and can buy it legally. You might want to try a cheap beer first, but keep in mind that they are a poor representative of the rest of the beer world. Genesee Cream Ale is arguably the best of the cheap beers. Pilsner Urquell is also good, but slightly more bitter. After that, I would recommend that you try some German or Belgian style beers to test the waters and figure out what you like. Even though the IPA is the most popular style in the craft beer world at the moment, avoid it until you are completely used to bitter beers, as they are unforgiving to newcomers.

Thomas asksā€¦

How long can beer age before you bottle it?

I started a batch of pale ale about two years ago in a Mr. Beer brewing kit. I bottled most of it at the end of the appointed time, in the bottles that came with the kit, and let them finish with an additional teaspoon of sugar in the bottles, as prescribed in the directions. As it happens, there was some beer left over in the plastic keg that I never got around to bottling.

I’m planning to start a new batch of beer soon, but before I do, I need to clean out the keg. My question: Do I need to pitch the remaining liquid in the keg, or is it safe to bottle what’s left, add the sugar, and let the fermenting process continue.

Heck, is the brewer’s yeast still alive after all that time?

vti answers:

I would pitch it. I would also pitch the Mr Beer kit. I had one about 15 years ago. It’s just a novelty item. If you really want to brew your own beer, get a kit that uses 6 gallon buckets and returnable bottles.

There was a group of 4 of us that would get together about once every three weeks and brew. We’d share what we made and pretty much had an unlimited supply of beer. Then there was a natural disaster brought by mother nature and we lost all our brewing supplies and equipment. Now I reload shotgun shells.

Lizzie asksā€¦

whats the name for aged beer?

There is a specific industry word for this, but I can’t recall what it is…

vti answers:

I suppose it’s called ‘Vintage’ beer

Richard asksā€¦

What’s a good age to have beer?

just wondering cuz i know some ppl do it under 21 years of age wbu?

vti answers:

In Germany and everywhere else you can give your kids beer at the age of 4 as long as they have supervision.

Michael asksā€¦

Can i own beer when i am under the drinking age?

Is it allowed to own beer under drinking age as long as you don’t drink it?

vti answers:

I can understand helping transport beer as in carrying a case of beer inside as a favour for youre parents or granparents , but ” owning ” beer while youre underage ? How do you ” own beer ” anyway ?

If its illegal to drink beer at youre age in youre town , then hows it now ” legal ” for you to own an ” illegal ” substance ? Just like prostitutions illegal in some states , so you cant be asked to pay ” taxes ” on an illegal activity !

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John asksā€¦

What kind of herbal teas should I stay away from while pregnant?

Hi! I’m 13 weeks pregnant. I just wanted to know if there are some herbal teas I should not drink?
What about Chamomile and Chai tea?
Are there some I should only stay away from when I’m in my third trimester?

All answers are welcome. Thanks in advance! šŸ™‚

vti answers:

You shouldnt drink herbal tea’s when your pregnant because they are actually drugs. I have a bed time tea that contained chamomile in it and i had a cup or two early in my pregnancy, it wasnt until just recently that i found out these herbal teas are infact drugs, people use these as cures for somethings even. So i looked on the box of my herbal tea and right there by the warning label says not recommend for use during pregnancy.
Most herbal teas have these warning signs but you really have to be careful and find the information for yourself. Goodluck!

Susan asksā€¦

Does anyone drink herbal teas instead of taking vitamins?

Herbal teas are loaded with vitamins and I love to drink herbal tea.
I was just wondering if anyone else drank herbal tea instead of taking vitamins.
Even when I was pregnant I drank tea‘s instead of taking vitamins.
Well rose hips have way more c then a pill!

vti answers:

I take both actually, although I would think herbal tea WOULD be more healthy over vitamins. Tea is a warm drink that can benefit you not only for its vitamins, but also for your throat, a burst a ginseng, etc. I know whenever I’m tired, I drink tea and it’ll wake me right up! The warmth and aroma of the hot drink sends a kick to my brain to tell it to keep working. But definitely yes, you’re not the only one that substitutes tea over vitamins. And if you keep up the healthy lifestyle, you’ll probably live 10 years long than most, AND have a better body to be proud of.

Mary asksā€¦

Is herbal tea good for you?

I want to start drinking herbal tea but want to know is it fattening?

vti answers:

If u want to loss some wight tan herbal tea is best because herbal tea is a low calories and relaxing drink.

Mandy asksā€¦

Hi i am 14 weeks pregnant and i drunk a herbal tea and also lots of sodas what harm will it do to my baby?

This is my first pregnancy and I’m scared to death beacause I drink a lot of sodas and I had herbal tea a few times when sick. I had tea made from bissy which come from Jamaica and I also had cetasee tea and I’m scared because I read about teas and to much caffine during pregnancy. I just don’t wamt to harm my baby I wanted to know how will it cause harm to my baby. I’m beyond scared straight. Can some one help me please?

vti answers:

My obgyn was from south America & told me Herbal teas are used in some countries to terminate pregnancies very early on
its iffy as far as working but isn’t recommended during pregnancy
Caffeine can cause premature birth

I would definitely stop drinking both!

Betty asksā€¦

How do I go about getting started with Herbal Teas?

I want to start drinking herbal teas but I have absolutly no idea where to start. What do I need to get started? Where can I get it?

vti answers:

Get a variety pack at the store, or go to a local health food store or tea shop and ask for recommendations. Get some, go home and boil water and you are on your way.

I wish you well.

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