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Lizzie asks…

Signs at a young age: Parkinson’s Disease?

If you sometimes have unsteady, shaky hands as a young adult, is this a sign that you will develop parkinsons disease as you age?

vti answers:

Hi There, Thats a hard question to answer unless you seek medical attention and an exam. My dad recently was diagnosed with the disease and he never had a problem in his entire life.
Read up on the issue and talk to a physican. You may have someting else going on inside of you, So please seek medical care… A Yahoo friend

Steven asks…

Age of Exploration – diseases?

Hi there. Does anybody know what were the diseases that the explorers brought to Europe, and reversed? Thanks

vti answers:

Christopher Columbus brought diseases such as Syphilis back to Europe. During the age of exploration, diseases such as smallpox, measles and tuberculosis (TB) were introduced in Europe through trade with Asia and Africa.

List of diseases brought to the New World:
bubonic plague
chicken pox
common cold
scarlet fever
yellow fever

James asks…

what is the earliest age you can diagnose huntingtons disease?

vti answers:

Do you mean diagnose the actually presence of the disease or test for the mutated genes?

There is in early onset form of HD which manifests in the teens or even earlier.

I think you should read the following information where you will see links to DNA testing as well. But please know that having the genes does not mean they will be turned on. Knowing that you have the genes might affect the way you live your life – not all of it good. Early testing is a coin toss.

Please understand that there are variations which can cause HD symptoms to appear at an earlier age. True diagnoses are made when a person becomes symptomatic.

Please read this recent article, “Biomarkers Could Test Huntington’s Disease Treatments” which was just released. I think you will find it enlightening.

One thing that is important to note is that research has indicated that a good exercise regmen might delay the onset of HD symptoms. This might be a plan of attack for family members where HD has already been diagnosed. Actually it is a good plan for anyone for a variety of reasons but in this case specific studies support the claim.

Another abstract which you might find interesting. It concerns neuron loss about two years prior to the diagnosis. Age is not provided because the specific age will still vary from patient to patient.

Laura asks…

What is the disease where you age very slowly?

I know that the one where you age fast is Progeria, but what is the one that you dont age. There was a man who was 40, but looked 8, and I can’t remember the name

vti answers:

The United States is on the brink of a longevity revolution. By 2030, the number of older Americans will have more than doubled to 70 million, or one in every five Americans. The growing number and proportion of older adults places increasing demands on the public health system and on medical and social services.

Chronic diseases exact a particularly heavy health and economic burden on older adults due to associated long-term illness, diminished quality of life, and greatly increased health care costs. Although the risk of disease and disability clearly increases with advancing age, poor health is not an inevitable consequence of aging.

Much of the illness, disability, and death associated with chronic disease is avoidable through known prevention measures. Key measures include practicing a healthy lifestyle (e.g., regular physical activity, healthy eating, and avoiding tobacco use) and the use of early detection practices (e.g., screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancers, diabetes and its complications, and depression).

Critical knowledge gaps exist for responding to the health needs of older adults. For chronic diseases and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, depression, psychiatric disorders, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s disease, and urinary incontinence, much remains to be learned about their distribution in the population, associated risk factors, and effective measures to prevent or delay their onset.

To date, the fountain of youth is elusive. Hyperbaric chamber and oxygen therapy and plenty of rest are well known new innovations apparently for rejuvenation. My secret in looking young is a good outlook and attitude towards life. I smile and laugh a lot.

Chris asks…

parkinson’s disease at young age?

im 14 is it possible to have pd at a young age like mine? cause sometimes in my mushroom chair when i sit in it my legs wanna shake quite a bit. my head or arms don’t shake really. if im like holding a heavy cup of water my hands shake a lil but not like allot.

vti answers:

While there is a parkinsonian condition known as Juvenile Parkinson’s disease (2-20 years of age), the symptoms you describe do not sound like a PD resting tremor.

There are several reasons for tremors/shaking in a teen. It could be that your posture while you are in your mushroom chair creates some spinal pressure which in turn causes the shaking.

Holding a heavy item might result in a normal tremor as your muscles resist gravity.

Actually your shaking might be perfectly normal. Have you had any other symptoms? Any other contributory factors such as waiting too long between meals and/or snacks? Not drinking enough water? Do you every experience dizziness? Are you doing a lot of exercise?

All we can really tell you from your description is that this does not sound like PD. Which should be good news.

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Donna asks…

How to become an Herbalist?

I have no idea why, but I have an incredible urge to dive into the field of herbalism…it would be awesome to be able to go out into nature, identify plants, and then make something greater of them.

Does anyone know where I should begin my journey? Any good resources/communities? I live in CT with plenty of nature around me.

Thanks for your time!

vti answers:

Look for people in your area who have studied it and learn from them.
Search “connecticut herbalist” and you will find many links to what you seek’

George asks…

Has Anyone had of the herbalist that claims to cure HIV?

Some are doctor Motto in Kempton park his claims he use Mulundo herb

vti answers:

Many herbalists and traditional healers in South Africa and Zimbabwe (and other parts of Africa) have claimed to have found the cure for HIV.

But i don’t know how authentic these are. It is advisable that one should do some research on the effectiveness of these herbs. Do a case study to find out if there are people who have been cured by those herbs, and also make sure that the herbalists are registered, so that you don’t fall victim to some of the numerous bogus traditional healers.

Daniel asks…

Good Holistic/Herbalist colleges in Michigan?

I have been really wanting to get into holistic medicine or alternative medicine but my school councilor won’t help me at all.

I would love to work with herbs, aromatherapy, some sort of massage, acupuncture, things like that.

I hate to make a reference to a TV show, but I sorta want to do what Pete from Private Practice does. I have always wanted to do something like that, but the show, well, showed me that it can be a real job.

Please help me with this. I have heard of Clayton, but I have also heard that it is a joke :/

If you need to ask me any more questions i’ll answer them in the additional detail section

Thanks so much :]

vti answers:

Don’t waste your college years on holistic/herbalist or altmed crackpot medicine. It is ALL bogus.

There is a legitimate study of medicinal plants. It is called Pharmacognosy, and it is a Master’s level study in Pharmacology.

Mary asks…

Why did my herbalist do this?

My dog was diagnosed with kidney failure this morning. I took him to our herbalist who saved our other dogs life.This time she broke open a calcium pill and put his 2 front paws in it and then she did what she called energy healing. We are trying to reverse the damage to the kidneys, is this on the right track? I thought i would post this here rather than in dogs, sorry if its wrong.
Yeah she used magnets last time for something else, Im hoping this works this time!
My other dog was hit by a car and was told by a vet to be put down, he lived 16 years after she healed his shattered hip. I just bough clorox green works I wonder if thats it

vti answers:

Very often of late, pets and small children have had kidneys shut down because they walked or crawled over floor cleaned with some very toxic chemicals being put out by Clorox and others.

Perhaps the herbalist was trying to counter the poison with calcium (alkaline) or using it to absorb what might still be on his paws. Just a guess.

I have a friend who saved her cat using homeopathic Uva Ursi. Same diagnosis and her vet didn’t really have a good alternative. You might look into it or consult a homeopath. It worked quickly for my friend.

Mandy asks…

Herbalist license or certificate?

Wondering if there is a license or certificate test available to those with the knowledge? Kind of like how a pharmacy tech can read the exam book and then with a little training, can get licensed to be a pharmacy technician. Just wondering if there is anything like that for an herbalist, or holistic medicine or homeopathy.

I know I would still need training from a professional, Im just curious if there is a way or a need to get licensed or certified to do the above. If so where do I go, how do I do it. Cant seem to find a good school online, the only one I found, Clayton School of Holistic Health, had a very bad review, and it was really the only school that seemed to cover herbalism, botany, holistic medicine, homeopathy, etc.

vti answers:

In North America, the definitive examining body for Naturopathic Medicine is NABNE (North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners.)

In order to qualify to write NPLEX (Naturopathic Physicians Licensing Examinations), you have to be registered in or have graduated from a school approved by the American Association of Naturopathic Medical Colleges (AANMC.)

The AANMC does not accept online programs/online learning among the qualified schools. All of the qualified schools run 4+ year programs. Now… All of that is to be a registered Naturopathic Doctor (primary care physician.)

There are courses out there through community colleges, etc. Where you can get various assorted certifications as a holistic/clinical nutritionist, herbalist, etc. – – Not the same thing as an ND, but certainly there’s value in the work that these practitioners do.

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Laura asks…

h0w is herbal essences ?

i hav wavy hair when its dry n iwanna use this shampoo herbal essences seductively straight will it make my hair softer and straighter?or will it damage my hair ?

vti answers:

Herbal essence shampoo works nice but it helps to make your hair slighly straight but not pin straight, but sure I can tell you going to see nice results use garnier hair serum for better results.

David asks…

Tresseme or Herbal Essences?

Yeah, I know Herbal Essences smells amazing but I also want to know which one gives you healthier, shinier, and more conditioned hair. I tried Garnier Fructic and I didn’t like it very much, but thats just me. Please leave your reasons why one is better than the other… THANKS! 🙂
I have pretty straight to wavy hair:) if that helps lol

vti answers:

Herbal Essences DOES smell amazing, but Tresseme is better in the whole conditioning thing..
I like Tresseme because it leaves my hair a lot softer than Herbal Essences does and it lasts longer throughout the day.

Susan asks…

Garnier Fructis or Herbal Essences?

Which one should I use? I can’t decide between Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship or should I buy Garnier Fructis Fall Fight?
I have long black hair to my hips, and it is REALLY thick and heavy and has a colossal volume. I’ve tried Long Term Relationship but i saw the ad for Fall Fight and wondered about it. (Since the more hair, the better, right?)
(Just wanted your guys’ opinions)

vti answers:

Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship really helped me with my hair! But you may even want to try the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 shampoo and conditioner, I bought it Thursday and I’ve used it twice so far, it’s already made my hair softer, shiny, and more healthy looking. Hope this helps! (:

Lizzie asks…

Garnier Fructis vs Herbal Essences ?

I use Garnier Fructis, but my hair stylist told me to switch to Herbal Essences ..

Which would be better to get soft/silky hair .

This is the shampoo/conditioner I use currently :^PRD_HAIRCARE^FRUCTIS^FRUCTIS_DISCOVER^FRUCTIS_SLEEK_SHINE

And this is the one I want to switch to .


vti answers:

Herbal Essences works really good and I get complimented that my hair smells really good when I use it.

I like the one in the light blue bottle made with coconut

they say it’s good to switch up your shampoo/conditioner no matter what after a while

Robert asks…

Aussie, John Freida or Herbal Essences?

I want to keep my curls in my hair. My hair always turns frizzy as well, but it also has some curls in it. However, when I brush my hair all the curls go, and my hair turns into a gigantic frizz. So what should I use? Pick one from below or recommend your own (:
By the way, should I get a separate frizz spray or should I get a combined one with the mousse?
Aussie Catch the Wave Mousse and Leave-In Conditioner
John Freida – Frizz Ease Take Charge Curl Boosting Mousse
John Freida – Frizz Ease Dream Curls, Curls Perfecting Spray
Herban Essences Tousle Me softly mousse

vti answers:

Herbal essence mousse and i have used the herbal essence tottaly twisted shampoo, it made my hair have several curls

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Ken asks…

Feeding dry food for my cat?

I know dry food isn’t good for cats because they don’t really drink water and need to get it from their food. Currently I’m feeding my kitten wet food twice a day and she gets her bowl filled with dry food once a day. I have a pet fountain and I see her drink a lot so her not getting water isn’t the case.
So my question is if she’s getting the water she needs is it ok to keep giving her dry? Is this the only reason it’s bad for them?

vti answers:

I feed my four cats Nutro Natural Choice Dry food and I also feed them canned food for breakfast and dinner. Here’s a good article from the Waltham Center for Pet Nutrition regarding mixed feeding. I’m a pet nutrition specialist with Nutro and have been feeding it for over 25 years to all my furry kids and it’s always worked great. Hope this helps.


While some cat owners swear by wet food, others insist dry is best. According to The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition, both sides have merit. In fact, research from The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition shows that mixing wet and dry cat food together might benefit your cat in more ways than one.
The Benefits of Mixed Feeding

Urinary Tract Health – When you feed your cat wet food, it increases your cat’s water intake, resulting in more urine production. The higher water volume dilutes the urine while increasing the frequency of urination – both of which can help minimize the formation of mineral crystals or urinary stones, supporting good urinary tract health.

Weight Management – Studies from The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition have shown that when cats are fed a high-moisture diet, they eat less food, decrease weight and increase activity levels compared to cats fed only a dry cat food diet.

Healthy Metabolism – Wet food provides a healthy balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, helps satisfy a cat’s instinctive feeding behavior and helps maintain a healthy metabolism.

Eating Enjoyment – When given a choice, cats prefer to eat a mixture of both wet and dry foods compared to dry only. Wet food is shown to increase enjoyment, whereas dry food satisfies the desire to eat many small meals throughout the day.

Oral Health – The crunchy texture of dry food helps keep teeth clean by scraping away plaque and tartar.

A Recommended Mixed Feeding Program

While each cat is different, studies from The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition show that a mixed feeding program is beneficial for both weight management and urinary tract health. For weight management, at least 25% of the total calories (or about 1/3 of the total volume) of daily food intake should be wet food. If urinary tract health is the goal, then wet food should make up about 70% of the total calories (or at least 3/4 of the daily volume). Consult your veterinarian for advice about the best food for your cat.

Article Source:

The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

George asks…

what can the doctors at the university health center do when you’re pregnant?

I just found I that Im pregnant this week. I should be 4 weeks today based on my last period. I want to go my university’s health center on monday. What all will the doctor’s do? I know they will give a blood test, but what else will they do? Im basically trying to see if I can go to the health center instead of an OB/GYN office. Since I will not be able to see an OB/GYN until im at least 8 weeks. The health center will be alot cheaper since im a student. So, has anyone been in this situation.

vti answers:

I didn’t have health insurance when I had my son, I went with my states health care. I had a OB/GYN from the get go, I never seen my Gynecologist until my 6 week check up after my son was born. At the first appointment they usually do a pap smear, height, weight, measure you for a start up size in inches, and if you are far enough along they will let you hear your baby’s heartbeat. It will take your breath away. I cried. I hope this helped you out. But seriously check with your state’s health care program for mothers and also sign up for WIC. If you dont listen to ANYTHING I HAVE SAID PLEASE DO THAT ONE THING. They provide you with nutritious food during your pregnancy and after and also you baby’s formula when he/she is born. Congratulations!!!

Maria asks…

guinea pig health question?

my sisters guinea pig stopped eating we took him vet the vet found his back teeth had overgrown he went back next day had them filed down but 2 days after still refused to eat anyway took him back again she gave him a pain killer and said to bring him back the next day they gave him so food that is a liquid that had to be given to him with a syringe every 2 hours which i did.friday morning he started chocking and couldn’t breath i stroked him to comfort him but he died before he could see the vet again could it have been something Else wrong with him as well as his teeth?
thank u i looked after him all thursday night but 6am came he went it was as if he was making the noises to get my attention cos when i stroked him he died he didnt want to die alone i keep seeing that moment n it makes me cry i couldnt save him i feel guilty for it
he was bout 2 n half years old

vti answers:

Sadly, he probably aspirated some of the liquid food and choked to death on it. Dropper feeding is very hard to do if you are not experienced. You cannot put the syringe in the center of the mouth or at the back of the tongue since they can breath the food in rather than swallow it. It is safest to put small amounts in at the side of the mouth.

Overgrowth of the molars is rare in pigs fed a pelleted diet and hay but it does happen sometimes. It causes them to get thinner and thinner until they just don’t have enough energy to survive. It can happen quite quickly and often you can’t see it coming until it is too late. When guinea pigs start to go down hill they do it fast and sometimes they get pneumonia as a result of some other illness

It sounds like you guys really cared about your pig and I hope you get another.

Nancy asks…

Food shelves in winter park-orlando area?

Does any one no of any food shelves in winter park orlando area we are in need of food please help?

vti answers:

There are several (I grew up in that area) There is Catholic Social Services (also known as Catholic Charities and they don’t care what religion you are to help) on 436 near Hwy 50. If you are in Seminole County, there is Christian Sharing Center in Longwood off of 17-92 and near 434; There is also Christian Help on Seminola off of 17-92 and Dog Track Road in Casselberry. There is Jewish Family Services , I believe it’s near Lee Road (you will have to call them to find out) and they also do not care what religion you are to help. There is also Second Harvest in Orlando (cannot remember exactly where). Also, most local churches will have a food pantry – enough to give you 3 days or so worth of food, or a gift certificate to a near by grocery store – like Publix, Winn Dixie or Albertson’s. Some churches and food pantries will sponsor you and your family for Holiday meals and help (if you have small children) as well – complete Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas dinner with all of the trimmings. If you have a phone, dial 211 and ask for food pantry numbers. If you are near a health department or food stamp office, they often have a list of food pantries that are near you.
If you are already on Food Stamps or even if you aren’t – call your local food stamp office and ask about USDA Food Commodities Program that may be available in the Orlando area. They give out staples such as oatmeal in 5 pound bags, canned veggies, fruits, milk, eggs, cheese, butter, dry goods like beans and rice and occasionally fresh produce like potatoes, lettuce and other fruits and veggies at least every three months at local “drops.” This is a way to stretch your food… The only nuymbers I could find were – Orange county – a service location in Kissimmee 407 847 4201 and one serving Seminole that is in Deland 386 985 4037 – call them to see if they do “drops” in your area and where you need to go to fill out a very simple form to participate.
Hope this helps!

Paul asks…

Foods with high levels of antioxidants should be avoided?

1.”Foods with high levels of antioxidants should be avoided.” Do you agree with this statement? Explain.

vti answers:

Antioxidants are anti aging. This means staying younger longer with better health.

The benefits of antioxidants from food, or a good quality natural antioxidant supplement, give you the anti aging protection against degenerative diseases and help slow down the aging process of your skin, cells, tissues and organs.

Benefits of Antioxidants

Antioxidants are the naturally occurring nutrients found in certain fruits and vegetables. They’ve been proven to protect human cells from oxidative damage and provide:

• Stronger immune resistance to flues, viruses and infections
• Greatly reduced incidence of all cancers
• Prevention of glaucoma and macular degeneration
• Reduced risk of cholesterol-oxidation and heart disease
• Anti-aging of cells and overall body

The main antioxidants found in food include vitamins A, C and E, the minerals selenium and zinc and all of the phytonutrient carotenoids.

How Antioxidants Work

Although breathing oxygen is essential to life, oxygen can also be your worst enemy. It starts a process in your body called oxidation, which is the formation of free radicals.

The oxidation of metal is a good example. Iron gets old and rusty, aluminum is bleached an ugly white and copper turns an “aged” green. Something similar happens when your body is exposed to air, light and poor nutrition.

Free radical oxidation damage is the primary cause of aging (rust and corrosion). It’s as harmful and destructive to your body and brain as corrosion is to your car.

Just think of antioxidants as human “Rust-Oleum.”

Phytonutrients in Food

Antioxidants keep free radicals from ravaging your body and stealing the life from your cells. The carotenoid phytonutrients actually sacrifice themselves for your well being.

The more phytonutrients in your bloodstream, the healthier you’ll be.

Since they’re so important to health, the Human Nutrition Research Center at Tufts University measured the total phytonutrient protection power of various foods. Colorful carotenoid rich vegetables and fruit came out at the top of the list.

The highest-ranking vegetables are broccoli, spinach, greens, Brussels sprouts, beets, red peppers, carrots and tomatoes. And the best ranking fruits are berries, oranges, pink grapefruit, apricots, plums, peaches, red grapes and papaya.

Here’s the Problem

Hardly anyone gets enough fruits and vegetables.

The most “popular” are bananas, iceberg lettuce and French-fried potatoes. But, since they contain very few carotenoids, none of these are on Tufts phytonutrient list.

Also the most commonly used ingredients in the most aggressively marketed, phytonutrient supplements are pine bark (pycnogenol), sea algae, milk thistle, gingo biloba, quercetin, grape seed extract and alpha lipoic acid.

And none of these hype-marketed ingredients are found on the list of recommended foods from the Human Nutrition Research Center, Tufts or the USDA.

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Donna asks…

what’s holistic cancer treatment?

vti answers:

The alternative healer(Holistic) regards cancer as a systemic disease, one that involves the whole body. In this view, the tumor is merely a symptom and the therapy aims to correct the root causes. Instead of aggressively attacking the tumor, many alternative therapies focus on rebuilding the body`s natural immunity and strengthening its inherent ability to destroy cancer cells. A number of alternative therapies also include natural measures to directly attack and destroy the tumor, whether by herbs, enzymes, or other means.
… Study of holistic cancer cures, clinical research on alternative cancer treatments and successful … Approaches to cancer treatment have generally been …

Donald asks…

Dog Section. Good Holistic Veterinarian?

Does this sound like a good one? It’s the ONLY one I could find in my area, and it’s 20 miles away, which is close.
For some reason the other links don’t work.
They are listed with this group.
Well, then there aren’t any in the area. Guess I’m just screwed.
I have been looking for quite a while. Guess I’m just going to give up.
I am on a couple groups, rawfeeding and one other, but I get no replies, so I gave that up as well.
I don’t need one at this exact moment. I’ve been looking for a couple months, and I haven’t even heard of RawChat until just now, so this will be my last attempt, and then I’m giving it up.
I didn’t even get any replies to my questions ABOUT raw feeding on the rawfeeding group, so I will not bother with them ever again.
As for raw meat, I just go to the grocery store or meat market.

vti answers:

They aren’t holistic, from reading their articles.

After my bad experiences with vets, i ask more on yahoogroups like RawChat about help with who to see and if the treatment or prevention plan they say is right, before i do anything.

Add: yeah rawfeeding ignores discussion beyond actual raw feeding ( i think most times) but RawChat is a good one, you asked there?

Maybe you aren’t screwed. What do you need a vet for right now?

Aww don’t give up:) You know it took me 1 1/2 years to find a decent priced and good raw food supplier? I don’t know..I think these things take time when it’s so rare that people seek healthier options for our dogs like holistic vets and raw food.
Sorry about your experience with rawfeeding. I haven’t been reading that group and just read RawChat and some other ones daily. I’ll look for your q maybe it just got lost there’s been a lot of discussion about sick pets on all the groups lately…

Add: red meat at the grocery store is usually expensive around me..unless it’s pork. I can’t find your q on rawfeeding but really don’t give up, there are some good people on those groups, i know some of their dogs have been sick lately though.

Sharon asks…

who here feeds eagle pack holistic?!?!?

what are your results?
what breeed do you have?
whihc kind do you feed?

i have a 4 monht great dane/saint bernard and I feed the adult chicken meal
mutt dog lover- it is recommended by many great dane breeders to feed adult food because the puppy food has too muhc protein which causes joint problems..

vti answers:

I feed the Eagle Pack Holistic, Duck and Oatmeal
I have two Saint Bernards, one three years old and one 1 1/2 years old, both females
I began feeding it about 2 years ago, when the oldest was having sensitive stomach issues. As the prices have increased(as have all dog food prices) I have tried switching to other brands with “similar” all natural type ingredients….bad idea. We started having stomach issues again, with loose stools and such. So, we are sticking to the Eagle Pack holistic. I would try the fish based, but when I tried the fish based biscuits they turned their noses up at them. They like the duck and oatmeal very much. I also know someone who used the duck and oatmeal when their dog was having allergies/coat issues and noticed an improvement on it.
Since we are using the better food, they really don’t eat a tremendous amount…they both get 1 1/2 to 2 cups twice a day, with some canned food also. Works for them, and the yard clean up is much less than with some other foods(that, in and of itself, makes it worth it).
We also get a the frequent buyer card which allows you a free bag after purchasing 10 bags.
I have been very happy with the food.

David asks…

What is Holistic Play?

What is Holistic play and how do I find out more about it? Is it the same as Heuristic play – playing with treasure baskets etc ?

vti answers:

Holistic play would be something like playdough it covers many different aspects of learning, there are fine and gross motor skills, construction, language, creative play knowledge and understanding of the world it can be used for maths.

It is an activity that covers many different learning aspects. Heuristic play and treasure baskets are different that is aimed at younger children usually birth to three and allows with them to play with things like beaded necklaces corks, safe household objects.

Hope that helps

Mary asks…

What is Holistic Care?

I want to understand Holistic Care more.. however i just want a brief description and an example of it. 🙂

vti answers:

Holistic care is the act of using natural remedies treat common illness, there are many Naturopathic doctors out there. Holistic Care is great, in fact there is a natural tea on the market that cures almost anything, its called Essiac Tea look it up. Anyway, you should definatly try holistic care!

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Sharon asks…

any home remedies for an ear ache/possible infection?

last week, my daughter had an ear infection, and i think she passed it onto me. she went to her pediatrician and got put on antibiotics for it, but unfortunately i don’t have insurance, so going to the doctor’s out of the question for me. are there any kind of home remedies for this?

vti answers:

Ear Ache Remedies
Mugwort is a very versitile plant and is said to be

effective for treating earaches. Mugwort is available

in cut or powdered for through most mail-order herb

companies and health food stores.
This popular earache remedy involves a whole roasted

onion and a piece of cloth. After the onion cools, it

is wrapped in the cloth and placed over the ear. This

procedure is continued until the pain stops. Onions,

like garlic, have an antibiotic effect and may help

when the earache is caused by bacteria (as with

“external otitis,” or “swimmer’s ear”).
The Chinese obtain fresh peppermint juice by wrapping

the leaves, pounding them, and squeezing out the oil. A

few drops of the oil, which is antibacterial, is then

used to relieve earaches.
In Russia, patients with earaches are told to place a

peeled clove of garlic in their ears. The clove is held

in place with a piece of cotton. Warning: Particularly

stubborn earaches may require alternate treatments,

since garlic placed against the skin for an extended

period can act as an irritant and may cause the same

kind of dermatitis and otitis associated with “swimmer’s

Garlic has many uses, and is an effective remedy for a

variety of ailments. With its antibiotic, antifungal,

and antiviral properties, garlic can treat many types of

external earaches. In the early stage of an ear

infection, or even periodically if you are prone to ear

infections, place a few drops of garlic oil in the ear

canal, the plug loosly with sterile cotton. You can make

your own garlic oil by crushing a few cloves of garlic

into some olive oil and letting it sit for a few days at

room temperature. Strain this mixture and refridgerate.

Warm to room temperature before use. Warning: Do not use

this remedy if there is any ear discharge or any indication

that the eardrum is perforated.
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This page was last updated on: June 25, 2006The ears are vital sensory organs and need adequate supplies of vatamin A and C. The vitamins are beneficial for ear infections, pain, or deafness. High sources of A and C are carrots, parsely, and all citrus fruits. Dark green leafy vegetables are high in these vatamins.
One drop of garlic oil in each ear with two drops of lobelia helps clean ear infections. Use warm water not hot oil and repeat once a week.
Fill a small jar with mullein flowers and cover with olive oil. Allow to strand in the sun for 1 week, shaking daily. Strain and place in sterile jar. Apply 3 – 4 drops to affected ear as needed and cover with a warm cloth.
Outer-ear infection (aka swimmer’s ear):

Spending too much time in the pool can lead to this ailment, caused when waterborne bacteria get trapped in your ear. To clear it up, put a few drops of a mixture of one part white vinegar and one part rubbing alcohol into your ear. Wait a few minutes, then tip your head and let the liquid trickle out. Repeat three times daily. This solution restores the natural acid balance of the ear canal.
The… Patient should be made to understand that he or she must take charge of his own life. Don’t take your body to the doctor as if he were a repair shop.

~Quentin Regestein
Coneflower/Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia Fulgida) Root ooze for earache wash for snakebites and swelling caused by worms.
Earache: Use ten drops of anise oil, sweet almond oil, onion juice and a pinch of pepper tied in a small cloth and placed in the ear (carefully). Then wrap your head in a warm towel for 15-20 minutes as you lay on the opposite side of your body.

Mary asks…

Please help! Home remedy for dog ear infection?

I have a huge problem; my cocker spaniel has an ear infection. Judging from the peeling and red inflammation I would guess it is an outer ear infection. Ordinarily I would take her to the vet for medical attention. However, my husband is out of work right now (gotta love these tough economic times) and we are just barely scraping by this month. I get paid on the 30th, but it is starting to bother her…she is shaking her head and scratching her ears constantly when she isn’t sleeping; she has made her ear bleed… I just want her to have a little relief, I feel like a terrible mother cause there’s nothing I can do to help her. If you know of ANYTHING that can help her…something I can get at the grocery store to sooth her ears that won’t cost me $200 I don’t have before I get paid, I would be so thankful.
Please do not respond to this by telling me she needs to see a vet. I know this, I am not one of those cheap, irresponsible dog owners looking for a way out of an expensive vet fee. I feel terrible because I cannot take her to one, and as soon as I can that is my first priority. But in the mean time she needs something…the vet is ten days away and she is miserable.
I wouldn’t be on here at 3:05AM researching this and asking if I had any other choice. She is keeping me up at night shaking her head and scratching. I can’t ask for money, my family isn’t at all sympathetic…they’re response would be “she’s your dog, you pay for it”. They could care less that my baby is in pain. I need like a soothing ear wash…or something.

vti answers:

Okies you can’t afford the vets, I appreciate how you are in these economic times, not easy.

There is some stuff available over the counter called Epi-Otic. It cleans the ears and skin in dogs and cats. I use it on my own.
It is not a remedy for infection but it does help with itching and scratching in the meantime.

Cost is $14 that is Aussie Dollars. Well worth it for even future use because it is great for dogs that swim and get water in their ears or even those that you just wash and for groomers. It softens wax, cleans the ear drum, dries out water and makes it easier to pluck ears on those types of breeds that need ear plucking.

Product description….A skin and ear cleanser designed to remove necrotic tissue and debris from superficial skin lesions and help provide an optimal environment for tissue regeneration. Useful in cleaning moist waxy and odoriferous ears.

Edit: Home remedy in the meantime, just some betadine or bathe with salt water. Mix 1 teaspoon of ordianary salt with 500ml boiled water. Allow to cool to a tepid temperature, then use liberally on affected area with cotton wool, dab dry with tissue.

LOVSWAY: scratching is a sign of ear mites. Epi-Otic will help. Years ago the stuff did used to kill ear mites. Not sure if it does nowadays. You can still get stuff over the counter without visiting a vet to get ear mite treatment.

Epi-Otic used to be called Ottoderm, it used to treat ear mites and also do the above product description. Over the years the product has changed in name and description. Just another way to get people to go to the vets I spose.

Richard asks…

Do you have any home remedies for an adult ear infection?

Do you have any home remedies for ear infections?

I had probably 5-7 ear infections in the fall of 2006, 10-15 of them throughout 2007, and I only had one in 2008… which came on Dec. 29th and I still have it. (Oh, joy)

In ’06 & ’07 I saw my primary care doctor who gave me ear drops and antibiotics. I saw an ear, nose, and throat specialist in ’07 and he didn’t give me any meds just told me to keep taking what my primary doc had prescribed.

Now, I went to a different general doctor on 12/31/08 who gave me sinus meds and antibiotics…which are not helping.

This ear infection has lasted almost 10 days now, and I’ve been on antibiotics and the sinus meds for almost a whole week.

I’m wondering if anyone has any home remedies (other than peroxide) that I can try before I go shell out more $ to see another ENT specialist.

vti answers:

It sounds like you’re having quite a problem.

Unfortunately, I understand that your problem is becoming more common now, since we’ve had antibiotics for so long.

Basically, every living organism develops a tolerance for certain things. Antibiotics are designed and developed to kill bacteria, which cause infections. Unfortunately, some antibiotics are not very specific which bacteria they kill, and some bacteria work to protect the body from infection.

It sounds to me (and I am not a doctor, so I’m just passing on info) that you’ve been on a number of antibiotics and this time, the antibiotics aren’t doing the job they are supposed to do. It sounds to me like you need to talk to you doctor ASAP about your lack of results this time and have them take a culture and figure out which bacteria is causing your problem this time, and get on a more appropriate antibiotic.

That said, I would strongly consider supporting the body and helping your immune system fight off the infections. The problem is, a continued reliance on antibiotics to fix the problem just means that the antibiotics get stronger, the immune system gets weaker, and some strains of bacteria get meaner. You’re on the front line.

So, supporting the body. First and foremost, ear infections happen when fluid gets trapped in the ear canal and auditory tube. Craniosacral Therapy has a number of techniques intended to improve the function of bones and fascia that may be the cause of the congestion. Massage to the appropriate muscles may also reduce the stress and help open things up.

Osteopathic and Chiropractic manipulation can also help.

Finally, there is frequently a dietary component. I’m not an expert here, but I understand that dairy products can sometimes be a contributing factor. Cutting back or cutting out dairy may alleviate the frequency and or the severity of the ear infections.

Good luck. Talk to your doctor and consider finding a good massage therapist, Craniosacral Therapist, Chiropractor, or Osteopath.

Charles asks…

What are any home remedies for a childs ear infection?

I have a 9 year old screaming of ear pain. When i was growing up my mom used a home remedy that worked to help with the pain those anyone know of any?
She has already been to the Hospital and we have antibotics. How else would I know she had an ear infection! DUH!!! (Your such a DUMMY versantly) Some people just dont think before they answer. I just simply asked for any for advice on any remedies for immediate pain relief. Because I have heard of differant things people do. Look If you gotta say something rude dont post an answer and try to find something else to do with your time besides being a jerk!!!

vti answers:

Been there, done that. For 16 years, I battled terrible ear infections, to the point where over one summer, the infection was so bad, the pain was constant and my ear was so swollen, my doctor had to put a whick in my ear to get the drops down to the infected areas– talk about pain! What I did, was take pain killers, and lots of them. While not ideal, it DID help. I also got prescription pain killers, as normal Advil wasn’t helping. Also, try applying heat to the infected ear, such as a warm face cloth [in warm water and squeezed,] or make one of your own, by putting rice in a ziploc bag and heating it in the microwave for a minute or so. Distractions help, like movies and TV shows, as well as sleep. If pain doesn’t start going away, even after a few days of medication, go back and ask for a stronger pain killer to use until the infection has started simmering down.

Donna asks…

Home remedy for ear infection?

There’s nothing I hate more than an ear infection, and I’m starting to worry that I may be developing one. I have a very light ache on the right side of my face right now, and it seems to be centered at my ear. I have not been swimming recently, but I did use Q-tips yesterday. I have a feeling I may just have a headache right now and I’m focusing too much on the pain near my ear (since I’m terrified of ear infections). But just in case I might be developing an infection, I wanted to know if there are any ways to prevent it from worsening or treat it at home? I know you can cure a UTI by drinking Cranberry juice or lots of water, and I was looking for some sort of cure like that for my ear. I remember when I was a kid, my mom would put vinegar in our ears. But will that cure the infection? Is there anything I can do now to prevent a trip to the doctor?

vti answers:

You CANNOT cure a UTI by drinking cranberry juice… You can only prevent. It makes the environment of the bladder more acidic, so that bacteria do not replicate. Once they are there and have multiplied, you’re SOL.
About ear infections… Most of them will clear on their own. I have a 3 year old daughter and rarely take her to the doc with ear infections. Most of them will clear with antiibiotics, but lots of them are viral in nature or are the result of fluid draining from a head cold. I have heard of people putting all kinds of things in their ears. The ones mentioned on here are probably not going to cause any harms, but I personally would not do it. I would just let it run it’s course. Get a sock, fill it with some rice, and put it in the microwave for a few minutes. Then, put it on your ear. This really helps with the pain. If you really can’t stand the pain, go to the drug store and buy some OTC drops for earache relief.

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Lisa asks…

What is a good way to deal with depression?

I suffer from mild depression and often find myself paralyzed from doing every day tasks, such as mailing off a bill, doing a college paper, or asking a girl out. I noticed changing my diet helps and exercising, but is there anything aside from those that may help? I do not like taking medication, but would not mind looking into vitamin supplements or other natural remedies.

vti answers:

These are the 4 best ideas short of prescription anti-depressants. 1. Get REGULAR adequate sleep (remember that it takes about 3 or 4 nights of good sleep to compensate for one short night). You can’t expect to stay up Fri/Sat and not “payfor that” until about Thursday. 2. Daily vigorous exercise (preferably in the outside air- err, not in freezing weather though) 3. Exposure to sunlight or sunlamps that simulate sunlight 4 Daily multi-vitamins and possibly St John’s wort (natural anti-depressant)

Lizzie asks…

Where can I go for treatment of depression when I have no health insurance?

Depression runs in my family. I can not afford to go to the doctor, but I need help. What are natural remedies that have worked for others?

vti answers:

See if your area has what is known as “community mental health” run by the county or the state. There might be help there maybe.

James asks…

How do I find a natural remedy doctor for bipolar disorder?

My best friend in college has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and the medicine he is on has totally destroyed his personality. He is like a zombie when he is on the medicine, and he is totally depressed when he is not. I want to help him, by helping him find a specialist that will help him get treatment that won’t destroy his personality but will help him stay emotionally stable. I have researched online and have not found actual contact information for any natural remedy doctors. Please help me find one.

vti answers:

Omega 3 (flax seeds, fish oil is the best remedy for this. In fact its stated that lack of healthy food is the cause of bipolar, depression and ADD. Look at this:

Robert asks…

Natural home remedies for sleeping trouble?

I tend to have a hard time falling asleep, sometimes up to 48 hours at a time.
I don’t like taking pills or anything like that so it would be helpful if there are other natural remedies for it.
Please, none of that yoga – relaxation – mind peace bullshit.
My mind is why I’m having trouble sleeping in the first place.

vti answers:

Using Essential Oils can help some people with sleep problems

Essential oils can be used to help you get a good nights sleep. Here are some of the top essential oils which can calm and relax, helping to you to fall asleep more easily and get a good nights rest.

– Lavender helps to calm the nervous system and relax the body. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to fight insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue.

– Mandarin is a wonderful gentle oil that is popular for use with children. It helps encourage sleep by easing nervous tension and soothing irritability.

– Chamomile has a good relaxing effect on the nervous system. The oil can be used as for other essential oils (see below). Alternatively try a cup of Chamomile tea about half hour before bed

– Bergamot as a great stress relieving oil to help you relax. This citrus fragrance encourages restful sleep and is believed to be a natural anti-depressant.

There are a few different ways you can use essential oils to help you sleep..

– Skin application or Massage. Never apply essential oils directly on your skin, make sure to dilute in a carrier or vegetable oil. (you will need about 5 teaspoons of carrier oil for every 10 drops of essential oils) Massage the blend into feet and hands or around the neck, shoulders or upper back if you get tense in these areas.

– Bath. For an adults bath, add 4-6 drops of essential oil just before you get in and swish this around to mix well. Essential oils do not dissolve readily in water but will disperse if well mixed. Do not prepare the bath in advance as much of the volatile oil will be lost. Don’t be tempted to add more oil, even if the amount looks tiny. Essential oils are very concentrated and the number of drops suggested is more than sufficient. Allow plenty of time for a relaxing soak for at least 10 minutes, or up to 20 minutes if you can! Some of the oil will adhere to the skin and some will be inhaled as an aromatic vapour

– Inhalation: can simply add a few drops of the oil onto a tissue and tuck inside your pillow case so you will inhale the oil through the night for better quality sleep or add the essential oil to an aromatherapy vaporiser. Do not use an oil burner with a candle as it is not safe to leave this burning while you are asleep.

Hope this helps!

David asks…

Are there any natural herbs that are truly effective for depression?

I have suffered from moderate to severe depression for 20 years, and have been on every medication ever created. I hate taking meds because of the side effects.

Are there any really effective herbs, or natural remedies that are helpful?

I’ve tried St. John’s Wort – it worked somewhat.

I’ve tried a light box – it didn’t really make a difference.

vti answers:

Weed. Ha.

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Sandy asks…

What is a home remedy for cystic acne?

I am leaving for the Marine Corps this July and I won’t be accepted because the lame doctors at MEPS said I have to clear up my cystic acne on my upper back or else I won’t be shipped to Parris Island, because of the whole, I will be carrying lots of gear and rubbing my back and it might get infected. My recruiter said they are just old an cranky. And, besides, I played football throughout high school, I never got my back infected with all that gear on. Come on, seriously? Ok, but I still fear that they won’t accept me to be shipped to South Carolina. What is a good home remedy for cystic acne? Please help me! Thanks!!!

vti answers:


When are you scheduled to leave? Healing acne takes time but you can definitely see an improvement after a week or maybe even less.

Ordinary soap is excellent for drying up pimples, yes it does dry your skin but also dries out the pimples and its easier to use since the back is awkard to clean sometimes and liquid cleansers and creams can be messy and a hard routine to stick to.

Ordinary soap has been proven to be just as effective as anti-bacterial soaps – you might want to try one of these up to you.

Other things you could try might be salty water, lemon juice added to water.

You seem like an active person but you could make some changes to your diet which may help – some really good foods include broccoli, carrot, sweet potato, avocadoes and of course drinbk lots of water and or green tea is also great, and almonds are great for the skin as are berries,

You probably have a pretty good diet but foods to cut out are processed / refined foods like white breads / rice or foods high in saturated fats like fast food, carbonated drinks, ice cream etc etc

All the best, let me know how you go and keep up the good work in the Marine Corps.

Daniel asks…

is there a home remedy for getting rid of acne scars?

vti answers:

Hi Ky,

All home remedies take time but no worries they are gonna desappear!!! My favorites are lemon juice and ice cubes, check out this site, it will help you.



Richard asks…

Any good home acne remedies?

I’m 14, and i have acne under my eyes, on my eye-lids, and on my chin. Are there any in-expensive home remedies for making the acne go away?

vti answers:

I have the HOME REMEDY MIRACLE SOLUTION. EVOO. Extra virgin olive oil. PLEASE READ ON.

Put oil on my already oily and gross face? That’s WHY I have acne. OIL. Listen though:

When your pores have dirt in em, the oil on ur face can’t do it’s job you have clogged pores which turns into acne and pimples an blackheads. Oil is able to dissolve oil.

When olive oil is put on your face, it dissolves the old oil in your pores and lets you get rid of the dirt and bacteria. After wiping the old oil away, the olive oil provides moisture your face needs.

It also has antioxidants and vitamins good for the face and makes your skin soft and moisturized.

It works soo well. I use it every day and I have ZERO pimples and my face is soo soft. I put a little in my hand and rub it in circular motions alllll over my face. Cheeks, t-zone, chin ecetera. Take a hot cloth and steam your face to open the pores. Next take a cold cloth to close your pores quickly. Then use a dry cloth and pay your face dry and wipe away excess oil. And voila. Clear skin 😀

This actually works so well within a couple days.

Use extra virgin olive oil ONLY. Regular olive oil or other oils don’t work. Make sure it is cold pressed and has no additives.

If you don’t believe me, try this on a small section of your face as a test for a few days. If it works ( it will) use it everywhere 😀

Susan asks…

Home remedies for acne??

hey everyone! =D
do any of u know an effective acne home remedy???
i just need to get rid of this!!!!

vti answers:

I found these on a couple websites, hope it helps!

Orange Peel Remedy for Acne
Homemade Acne Treatment with orange peel has been found very effective. Pound the orange peel with water on a piece stone and apply on acne affected areas.

Lemon Cure for Acne
A simple remedy at home for acne: Apply lemon juice regularly to reduce pimples and acne. This has proven beneficial results

Garlic Remedy for Acne
Garlic has been used successfully to cure acne. Rub with raw garlic several times a day. Garlic is known to cure the toughest of acne problems. The external use of garlic helps to clear the skin of spots, pimples and boils. To cure acne further, eat three seeds of raw garlic once daily for a month. This purifies the blood stream and ensures basic cleansing of blood & keeps acne away.

Coriander and Mint Juice Therapy for Acne
A teaspoon of coriander juice, mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder, is another effective home remedy for pimples and blackheads. Apply mixture on the face after thoroughly washing it every night before retiring. Use mint juice in a similar manner as coriander juice.

Acne Fenugreek Treatment
Fenugreek is another useful remedy for acne. Make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply over the face every night before going to bed. Wash off with warm water in the morning. This prevents pimples and blackheads.

Acne Cucumber Treatment
Grated cucumber applied over the face, eyes, and neck for fifteen to twenty minutes has been found effective. It is the best tonic for your complexion. Its regular use prevents pimples and blackheads.

You may wash your face with avocado mixed in water, grapefruit or saturated lettuce leaves boiled in waterYou may wash your face with avocado mixed in water, grapefruit or saturated lettuce leaves boiled in water. The next step after cleaning your skin is scrubbing it for deep cleaning of the clogged pores. You may choose from orange peel, chopped nutmeg, grated peach or ground almonds. Various juices also help to treat acne. Cucumber, lemon or watermelon juice treatment done regularly helps to cure acne and lighten the scars caused by it.

Tea tree oil, which is also commonly known melaleuca oil, is an essential oil that can appear clear in color to a light golden shade. This natural acne fighting oil has been growing in popularity over the last few years as an effective alternative to over the counter and prescription blemish treatments.

The healing properties of olive leaves and olive leaf extract can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece. The consumption of olive leaf tea in many cultures has been used to combat afflictions such as infections, fevers and coughs. In addition to olive leaf tea, olive leaf extract has been utilized in many methods to aid in remedying skin issues including acne breakouts.

Being able to cure acne naturally with items such as green tea extract has become hugely popular over the last several years. Natural acne remedies are generally much less expensive then traditional over the counter acne remedies and are likely to produce the same skin clearing results without creating any further irritation to your skin.

With acne being such a prominent problem with so many people, Aloe Vera extract is a gentle alternative to traditional over the counter and prescription acne medications. Not only does Aloe Vera extract contain anti-inflammatory agents in addition to immune boosting properties it also can aid in reducing the appearance of scars related to blemish breakouts.

Donald asks…

are there any home remedies to cure body acne?

i have some acne on my chest and near my upper back……do you know any home remedies to cure it? i dont wanna have to go to a dermatologist…
if it helps, i have long, curly hair….

vti answers:

Acne does not restrict to only appearing on our face. It can also appear on other parts of our body. There are many products out there in the market but there is only one effective body acne treatment out there which is to adopt the holistic way of healing acne.

Having acne on our body can be irritating and frustrating. First of all it is uncomfortable, painful, and unsightly. It also makes us feel more conscious about our choice of clothes to wear. Acne that appears on our body is due to the same reasons as facial acne.

Most of it is due to our bad diet and lifestyle. Having a bad diet that consists of processed food or foods that are high in sugar or fat content can cause chronic diseases to appear. One of them would be acne. Most people fail to get rid of their acne on their body because all they do is to apply cream to their acne and wishing that it would go away. However this is not the correct approach to take.

Applying creams and gels only deal with the surface of the problem. Body acne appears due to factors such as hormonal imbalance and excess sebum production that leads to inflammation in clogged pores. The creams are just trying to dry off the surface skin or kill the bacteria in the acne. However the root problems that causes acne are still in your body and hence acne will keep on reappearing. Just think about it, if you cut off the weed without plucking out the roots, the weed will keep on growing and destroy your garden. It is the same theory for acne too.

An effective body acne treatment would be altering your diet and lifestyle to help create a healthy body environment that acne cannot live in. To achieve this, you will have to be conscious of what you eat and eliminate foods that are causing you more harm than good.

Some food that weakens your body includes processed food that are ridden with chemicals, high sugar content food like snacks, refined carbohydrates like white bread and rice or food that are high in animal fats. It is hard to get rid of these foods once and for all and I recommend you to eliminate one group at a time. You can replace these foods with healthier alternatives such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.

There are also some good habits that you should cultivate. Make it a habit to wash your clothes after every wear. It is also recommended that you wear looser clothing so that your skin will be able to breathe. Another tip would be to change your bed sheet frequently. Some people rarely change their bed sheet and they sleep on it without any clothes on. This can lead to body acne.

Effective body acne treatment does not only mean you are going to apply creams and gels on it. Doing so is not enough to cure your acne permanently. By altering your diet and cultivating good hygiene habits, body acne is going to be a history for you.

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Lizzie asks…

Is it dangerous to take nutritional supplements with prescription drugs?What would you like to ask?

Is anyone taking prescription ibuprofen with nutritional supplements such as SAMe, magnesium, or 5-HTP? Is it safe to do that? I also have white willow bark. Should I take that instead of the prescription ibuprofen and thereby, restrict my intake to only nutritional supplements.

vti answers:

Well ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory medication and the rest seem to be ‘natural’ forms of anti-depressants and anti-inflammatory supplements. What is your intended goal? If you were prescribed something by a doctor I would continue to take that. Do not take the supplements in conjunction with or in place of the prescription your were given.

Jenny asks…

What is the best supplement to help boost testosterone?

What is the best supplement to help boost testosterone? The Dr has put me on prescription drugs but medicine and Dr visits are getting expensive.

vti answers:

Testatrol is a complete, potent, natural pro-testosterone formula that harnesses the power of special extracts to booster your testosteron naturally. The special ingredients in Testatrol have been shown in clinical trials to nearly double testosterone, increase free testosterone, decrease SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), increase IGF-1, and modulate cortisol levels. With an increase in total and free testosterone, athletes can expect greater results.

Testatrol is a great way to help increase your testosterone levels naturally. As a natural testosterone booster, Testatrol uses natural ingredients such as Beta-ecdysterone and Tribulus Terrestris to help enhance physical performance as well as to elevate testosterone levels.

Make sure to consult your physician before using any type of supplement.

Mandy asks…

What is the difference between supplements and steroids and HGH?

What is the difference between supplements and steroids and HGH (human growth hormone ) !
and how to know which one is more suitable to you !

vti answers:

Actually, i consider supplements and steroids to be the same thing cause steroids are a contribute to your body for getting stronger….the hormone is different because supplements and steroids don’t involve hormones….also, whats more suitable for you HA, lets narrow everything down..steroids are unhealthy for anybody so that wont suit anybody, some supplements like force factor are ok for your body and wont do any damage, creatine will. And i would not add an extra hormone into the body cause that will screw up the body’s health patterns

Linda asks…

What is the best supplement to build muscle and tone ?

I am looking for the best training supplement , have seen cheap stuff all over the place but want to know as far as quality . which is the best to use .

vti answers:

Well, you don’t really want to take a supplement to get tone. Taking supplements are for “bulking” or building muscle. After you bulk, you “cut.” Cutting is when you cut the fat you gained from bulking and keep all the muscle you gained to become extremely ripped and cut. As far as quality, I suggest Cytogainer and/or Muscle Milk. Cytogainer Lean Muscle Maximizer is your best bet if you want to build lean muscle and stay thin.

William asks…

What are the best work out supplements to take to gain muscle quick?

Im looking for the best supplements that someone can get to gain muscle the quickest and lower your body fat. Im not looking for hormones or steroids of any sort.

vti answers:

Well first off nutrition and your training are the most important factors:) As far as supplements, I would consume a high quality chemical free whey protein minus the fillers and additives. Also, L-Glutamine is great to take post workout as well. Good luck

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Lisa asks…

Any good Vitamins for women’s hair loss/growth?

I was wondering if there were any good vitamins (for women) that can make your hair grow and reduce hair loss? I’m under 18, so maybe could I get a doctors prescription for free? Also I’m black African, and African hair generally doesn’t grow very much and there’s always a fair bit amount of hair loss which is quite depressing for a teenager as I see people with long hair and wish my hair would be just as long. My hair is badly damaged and there are a lot of breakages which makes it extremely hard for it to grow. So if anyone could recommend any good things to use. But please only things that actually work as I don’t want to waste money on something that won’t work. Help would be appreciated. Thanks

vti answers:

There are certain vitamins that help promote the growth of hair in the body. Changing to a healthier diet is vital not only for hair growth but also for the general well being of your body.

Some of the most important include:

– Essential Fatty Acids

– The B Vitamins

– Antioxidants

– Sulfur

– Zinc

But vitamins and diet are only one part of it, you should also consider adding excercise and hair loss products into your hair growth solution.

There’s more detail regarding the vitamins and the hair growth stategy in the source link below:

Chris asks…

Vitamins/help for teen hair loss?

Im almost 17 and my hair has been falling out for a while, Ill condition my hair showering and at least 4 strands at a time will come out on my hand, I do straighten my hair frequently but not too dramatically, just for about 3-5 minutes, is there any way to help reduce the hair thinning/loss,? special shampoos? and what are some good heat protection sprays that aren’t too expensive?

vti answers:

You need to give your hair a break . When you don’t have anything to do just wash it and no blow drying it or anything. Don’t put any styling products in it. Let it breath
i have the same problem as you and i use prenatal vitamins and vitamin E. My hair is also uneven but that’s another story . The witch cut my bangs to short :(( but good luck . The vitamins do work, and eat healthy.

Ken asks…

what certain vitamin should i take you help stop my hair loss?

i’m 16 and have been experiencing frequent hair loss.
im not sure what i should do about it.

what kind of vitamin should i take?
& what kind of foods help stop hair loss?

vti answers:

Hair follicles depend upon a blood supply rich in proteins, nutrients, and oxygen to produce new cells that form the basis of hair so ensuring you get a daily intake of necessary vitamins and minerals can make a major contribution to stopping hair loss and maintaining healthy hair growth.

Hair Loss Vitamin & Mineral Comprehensive List

* Vitamin A
* Vitamin B Complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12)
* Vitamin C
* Vitamin D
* Vitamin E
* Vitamin K
* Calcium
* Folic Acid
* Iodine
* Iron
* Magnesium
* Panthotenic Acid
* Phosphorous
* Selenium
* Zinc

Take good care of your hair

Betty asks…

Too much Vitamin A causes hair loss..whyyyyyyyyy?

If I eat too much spinach, liver, or carrots, am I more susceptible to hair loss than the average person who doesn’t eat healthy stuff?

btw.. I love spinach and carrots, and it just so happens my hairline is receding.

vti answers:

As we know hair loss can be caused by many different reasons! There are many causes of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections, hormonal problems, to mention a few.

Year ago I suffered very much from dandruff and hair loss too and I started trying everything you can imagine to stop my hair loss.
The things that really worked for me was:

1) Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which promotes healthy production of sebum in the scalp;

2) Vitamin E stimulates circulation. Good blood circulation in the scalp is important in keeping hair follicles productive. The ‘B’ vitamins contribute to melanin, which gives hair its healthy color and also stimulates blood circulation;

3) massage is also beneficial. Massage stimulates circulation. As already noted, good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Experts suggest a few minutes of daily head massage by hand. Circulation through massage may be improved by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base with massage;

4) Try rubbing your scalp with Aloe Vera, Garlic juice, Onion Juice or Ginger Juice(you can either of one out of three, Do not mix any of two or three);

5) also I used herbal treatment – Provillus (do not use Rogaine – it can cause unwanted hair growth elsewhere on the body)
It is a good products that helps prevent hair loss and contains Biotin and the clinically tested ingredients approved by the FDA to help re-grow your hair! I think it is very important!

Richard asks…

hair loss help?

im having a hair loss issue… will taking biotin supplementation help me gain my hair back? will it cause hair to grow all over my body or just my head?

vti answers:

Biotin (vitamin B7) a cofactor in mitochondrial energy transport (i.e. The citric acid/Krebs cycle) has long been purported to offer benefit in treating hair loss. And while biotin may be useful when incorporated into a treatment system, it has proven less than successful when used as a monotherapy against pattern hair loss.

Pointedly, a meaningful percentage of women experiencing hair loss are susceptible to the same androgenic cascade as men. This means that the same treatment choices that are useful in the setting of male hair loss can potentially offer utility for women.

However, this is where the picture becomes slightly more complex. Certain drugs and substances that block the androgenic hormonal pathways and thus blunt the associated hair loss can also precipitate feminizing side effects such as for example gynecomastia (breast enlargement). For obvious reasons, this would be an unacceptable endpoint for most men.

This also explains why some anti-androgenic drugs such as flutamide, spironolactone and others may be reasonable treatment choices for a woman whereas they would be contraindicated in a man.

For any person suffering hair loss, an important first step is to arrive at a definitive diagnosis. Ideally, this is a step which should be undertaken prior to initiating treatment of any kind.

Ultimately, whatever treatments are considered should also be supported with reasonable clinical and basic science data. While a number of treatment options against pattern hair loss do exist, biotin, as a monotherapy against pattern hair loss, does not meet the proven-efficacy challenge.


Geno Marcovici, Ph.D.
Chief Scientific Officer

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