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Lizzie asks…

Are there any home remedies to cure heartburn caused by advil?

This has happened to me twice4 already and I’m sure it’s from advil.

vti answers:

The Advil is most likely causing the heartburn. Anything that uses up the hydrochloric acid, subdues the parietal cells, or causes the hydrochloric acid to be ineffective will cause heart burn. Meat eating animals make hydrochloric acid to both sanitize the contents of the stomach and to break down proteins, primarily, to allow them to be further broken down in the small intestine with protease enzymes.

Taking ANTACIDS like some suggest, including doctors, is just TREATING THE SYMPTOMS and this is terrible advice, unless it is being used in conjunction with an ulcer treatment where doctors typically use an antacid and two antibiotics to cure the ulcer that takes about 10 days. There are far better ways to treat an ulcer with natural products that work extremely well, but as far as using an antacid, that is the only time it should be used! ! !

In regard to some of the other suggestions here, try those if you insist on taking the Advil. Advil does damage the liver and should not be taken often. If the pain is NOT from an injury, but simply your body giving you a symptom of something else that is going on, you need to address the root cause, not just “Treat the symptom.”

What generally causes acid indigestion or reflux is the LACK OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID. When you do not have an adequate supply of HCL in the stomach, LACTIC ACID forms from rotting food due to the lack of HCL to break down the food. Sometimes certain things subdue the parietal cells and make it difficult to utilize the HCL you have in your stomach and this will cause the burning feeling.

EDIT: “Angry doc” You still don’t get it do you. The acid feeling is NOT from a deficiency of a drug! It is due to the LACK OF HYDROCHLORIC ACID or the way the body is PROCESSING THE HYDROCHLORIC ACID. Neutralizing the hydrochloric acid is the LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO and antacids do that! ! ! It is the rotting, putrefying, food due to the lack of HCL that is causing the problem. Giving someone an antacid stops the burning, but so does giving someone HCL STOPS THE BURNING IN LESS THAN 3 MINUTES! ! !

True HCL from a once living source costs about $14 for 90 capsules. Nexium costs about $6 per pill or $540 for 90 pills. There is NO money in selling HCL from a once living source and drug companies are making way too much money on this farce to change or to stop. Anything that subdues the parietal cells, like advil is most likely will cause poor HCL utilization! !

Talk this over with your girlfriend Rhianna and realize that the drug companies are damaging people everywhere with this garbage. If a person chooses to go the drug route and use an antacid, it should only be for those patients with an ulcer or damaged that needs to heal, but that should only be for about 10 days. There are far better ways of creating this healing than a drug, but if the patient wants to follow the medical route, that’s the deal. An antacid should NEVER be taken for more than 10 days because it is killing, stopping, ruining the digestive process the body needs.

Drug companies are NOT telling this story because they cannot make money telling the truth. “THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH! ! !” If you don’t get this, I’m beginning to wonder if you can handle the truth!

So now Angry, if I’m lying, tell me your version of the truth and let’s hear what you think heartburn is. I have several hundred patients now taking HCL and off ALL antacids and are digesting, losing weight because of better digestion, and feeling a lot more energy as a result of this change. And they are very happy about the cost savings and their greatly improved health.

Do you actually know why this person is taking advil? For her indigestion? To say this “Also, by telling her to stop taking the Advil and taking Nexium” is telling me you think Nexium can be used in place of Advil for pain somewhere in the body? Really?

Good luck to you

Helen asks…

Home remedies for indigestion/heartburn……………?

Im 8 months pregnant & I CANT TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!

vti answers:

Chocolate milk!! It helps so much! And popsicles are great too. I know this one isn’t a home remedy but I lived off of tums smooth dissolve, they really help and they’re completely safe for the baby.

Michael asks…

home made remedies for heartburn?

I have heart burn since the last week I cant take it any more.What should I do ? Please show me some homemade remedies

vti answers:

Do not drink milk. That’s a horrible idea.
The baking soda cure is really about all you can do besides prevention.

For prevention:
Don’t eat large meals. Eat more frequent smaller meals.
Eat meals lower in fat.
You may try eating less spicy foods.
Bacon and all sausage must be avoided for some people.
Never lay down within 3 hours of a meal.
Avoid soda and coffee.
Avoid chocolate.

Donna asks…

Home remedies for an upset stomach?

Woke up with a stomach ache, got worse throughout the day. Had to run out of class around 1 to throw up, started to feel better. Then felt sick and had diarrhea. It feels queesy all over and its too late to go out for meds,

vti answers:

Home Remedy for Stomach Upset

* Take ½ glass of water and put ½ tsp baking soda in it. Mix well and drink. This will help you in getting relief from acidity, indigestion or heartburn. If the problem still persists, have another ½ glass after two hours.
* Banana has the ability to soothe the stomach, ease diarrhea and offset the acids that cause upset stomach. So, in case you are suffering from a stomach problem, try having a banana.
* Ginger has been found to be very effective in treating an upset stomach. You can have it in the form of ginger ale and ginger tea or even chew on a piece of candied ginger.
* Peppermint tea has been long associated with calming of the stomach muscles. So, next time you are suffering from an upset stomach, try having peppermint tea.
* If you are having an upset stomach, make sure to avoid foods that aggravate the problem. Amongst the food items that should be avoided are coffee, onions, milk, cauliflower, chocolate, fried foods and baked beans.
* Mint tea helps in soothing an upset stomach. For making mint tea, boil crushed mint leaves in water. Strain the tea and drink it.
* In case of diarrhea, take 1 tsp date paste, mixed with a little honey, three times in a day.
* Another effective home remedy for diarrhea comprises of 5-10 gm of amla powder, combined with buttermilk. This should be taken for 1-2 days.
* If heaviness in stomach is your problem, put ¼ tsp powdered cumin and ¼ tsp black pepper powder in 1 glass buttermilk. Have it two or three times a day, for 2-3 days.
* At times, stress is the reason behind an upset stomach. So, make sure to relax your body as well as your mind. Try taking a warm, relaxing bath; listening some good music or going off to sleep.

Laura asks…

Home remedies for GERD/Heartburn?

I have horrible heartburn. I’ve been getting it everyday since 5/31 of last year. It just won’t go away. I have so many other symptoms on top of it, but nothing really helps. I’ve taken prilosec, protonix, and gaviscon, but it only helps for a little while. Even drinking water makes me have heartburn! And it’s not just a burning feeling. I get the works with it. I’m talking gurgling in my throat, sore throat, constant clearing of the throat, dry cough, sometimes chest pain, etc…I’ve tried everything from drinking just water, to eating bananas, more fruit and salads, anything that seems healthy. Do any of you have any tips for me please? Thank you!

vti answers:

I used to have heartburn and gerd regularly, too. The doctor told me to take maloxx and i suck on altoids (strong peppermint). That is because I also take some medications that make my mouth real dry. You might also want to go to this website: and make sure and read the testimonials. After that come visit my website: or I am post polio and have lupus and after one year of taking Vemma (mangosteen minerals) I was able to get off of three medications and one of them was prilosec.

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Joseph asks…

Best supplement for anxiety?

I am not a big RX drug type of person even though I work in the medical field. I more of a natural herb and tea person. I drink camomile tea at night to relax and it helps pretty good. My anxiety level get bad sometimes. I don’t want to ask my doctor for a Rx I was wondering as I browsed and what would be the best type to order. Please give some suggestion or maybe something you have tried.

vti answers:

Honestly, speaking as someone who has had terrible anxiety their whole life, there is not a proper substitute for actual meds. Benzodiazapines generally are the best for anxiety. SSRIs don’t do anything at all though, you would be better off with some type of supplement than taking something like Prozac which is completely worthless for anxiety, based on my experience. Doesn’t have to be xanax though, that’s a bit too fast acting and can knock you out. Those are really good if you have panic attacks. Klonopin is the best anti-anxiety med that i’ve been prescribed to. And honestly, i don’t have to be on them anymore… While i was on them i knew i was in a stressful situation for myself, but was calm enough to develop coping methods, which i am now able to use without the meds.

If you absolutely want to stay away from RX and OTC meds such as Sominex. I would say Melatonin maybe. But that will make you go to sleep when you first start taking it, i would recommend that if your anxiety keeps you from sleep. It is not an herb or anything, but it is natural. I had terrible times sleeping, and Melatonin worked as well as if not better than Ambien, which i was prescribed to for a while.

That’s really the only natural alternative i could think of, but you really can’t take it during the day, unless you want to mess up your sleeping schedule.

Although i have heard that there is a company getting ready to make an “anti-energy” drink, designed to relax you. Apparently it has Valerian root in it, as well as some other natural herbs as well. Haven’t seen it anywhere yet though.

Paul asks…

what supplements help anxiety?

vti answers:

GABA- is a supplement that is a naturally occurring compound in the brain. Its job is to quiet the brain activity. I have had anxiety in the past and I have used it with success.

Mark asks…


I have so much anxiety all the time for no reason. What can I do to lose this feeling?

vti answers:

Hi There

Here are some ideas to use.

Anxiety disorders occur in people of all ages, but appear to be more common among women. The occurrence of an anxiety or panic attack is often unpredictable, but it may be associated with certain situations such as driving a car. The exact cause is complex, involving constitutional factors, emotional stress, biochemical imbalances, and environmental triggers. In women, hormone imbalances can cause anxiety. Therefore, hormone assessment is essential. Amino and fatty acid imbalances can also play an important role in triggering anxiety attacks.


Natural Cures

Diet: Assess your diet to reduce excessive consumption of stressor foods such as refined sugars, honey, maple syrup, or cow`s milk products. Consume vegetable soups, broths, and a wide variety of green and yellow vegetables. Add more complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, seeds, and nuts.

Flower Essences: Flower essences can prove very helpful in managing and helping to eliminate anxiety. Use Aspen for apprehension, foreboding, and fear of unknown origin while Mimulus is for fear of known things, shyness, and timidity. Red chestnut is used for excessive anxiety and over caring for others. Rescue Remedy® (combination formula) is for general stress from anxiety, and Rock Rose is helpful for coping with terror and panic from known fear.

Herbs: Panax ginseng has a tonic effect on the adrenal glands, improving blood flow to the brain and reducing the stress associated with mental/emotional issues. Valerian root, an herbal tranquilizer and muscle relaxant, is another good agent for calming the nervous system. It helps balance mood swings and is not habit forming. Valerian-hops combination formulas are good daytime sedatives because they don`t interfere with reflex actions. Passionflower is another mild sedative that helps reduce anxiety, high blood pressure, nervous tension, and muscle tension, and encourages deep, restful sleep. St. John’s wort, a highly popular remedy for depression, has proven effective for anxiety and mood swings as well.

Homeopathy: Aconite, Actaea rac., Drosera, Calc carb., and Sulfur are all useful homeopathic remedies for dealing with anxiety.

Hypnotherapy: Self-hypnosis helps to impart to the mind imagery designed to bring about deep levels of relaxation.

Meditation: Develops the mind`s ability to stop anxiety at its source.

Nutritional Supplementation: The following supplements have all been shown to help reduce feelings of anxiety by calming the nervous system: calcium, magnesium, vitamin B complex, 5-HTP, pantothenic acid, and adrenal and kidney glandulars. GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), an amino acid, can also affect mood by increasing levels of the brain neurotransmitter serotonin (a mood regulator).

Alternative Professional Care
If your symptoms persist despite the above measures, seek the help of a qualified health professional. The following professional care therapies have all been shown to be useful for treating and relieving the symptoms of anxiety: Acupressure, Biofeedback Training, Bodywork (especially Massage Therapy), Environmental Medicine, Guided Imagery, Hypnotherapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Orthomolecular Medicine (for a self-care approach, we recommend the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross), Qigong, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Yoga.

Best of health to you


Lizzie asks…

WIll the supplement L-Theanine help with social anxiety?

After reading up about social phobias and social anxiety for a while Ive pretty much determined that I have slight social anxiety. I used to think getting nervous around new people was normal for everyone. I also thought not being able to approach random women I found attractive was normal as well. The only time I ever had a panic attack was after smoking marijuana on my break and then going to my business class. Obviously weed causes paranoia but I have heard that it just brings things out of you that were already there, like underlying issues, in my case social anxiety. Ive been dealing with this for a while but I will be out of college soon and I would really like to be able to approach a girl I find attractive in class without giving my self a million excuses why i should wait.

I heard on many sites that the supplement found in green tea L-Theanine would help me relax and be able to approach people with out feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, or be able to group with people in my class without feeling like Id have to leave class.

What are your guys opinions on L-Theanine? I bought 120 capsules of 100mg and would like to know how many I should take at a time. Its not like its a drug and Im going to OD on it if I take too many, Im just looking for the right number.

vti answers:

It may help, but you would benefit most by viewing my previous answer about social anxiety at and implementing the therapies. A list of vitamins, minerals, and supplements which help with anxiety are on page i at

I suggest beginning with a low dosage to let your body get used to it, before increasing. ~~~ Customer Reviews: Source Naturals L-Theanine ……/B001G7R3M4 – Cached
Source Naturals L-Theanine 200mg, 60 Capsules (Pack of 2) … You feel
markedly less anxiety within 30-45 minutes, without feeling drowsy or any … At
lower doses I don’t feel much other than a slight elevation of calm about an hour
How much theanine is the right dosage for u? – Social Anxiety Forum…/how-much-theanine-is-the-right-dosage-for-u-35775/ – Cached – Similar
100mg 3x a day of the recommended dosages on the bottles never did …
Anywhere from 2-5 glasses a day, which also contains l-theanine, …
Theanine – In-Depth Scientific Supplement Information | – Cached
3.11. Anxiety. A comparative study between L-theanine (200mg and alprazolam (
benzodiazepine control; 1mg) on anticipatory anxiety …
L-Theanine amino acid: Natural Uses for Anxiety & Depression…/l-theanine.php – Cached
Consumer Health Alert: “Does L-Theanine Work For Anxiety & Depression? …
Acid (even though, it’s still very expensive when used at the CORRECT dosage).
L-Theanine Dosage For Stress And Anxiety – L-Theanine Information – Cached
L-Theanine has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, while
improving focus and concentration. Find out what the proper l-thenaine dosage is

Theanine Dosage For Anxiety | LIVESTRONG.COM – Cached
15 Jun 2011 … Theanine Dosage for Anxiety. The amino acid derivative L-theanine, also known
as Y-glutamylcthylamide, is found naturally almost exclusively …
L-Theanine Natural Anti Anxiety, Mood Enhancer, Stress Reliever – Cached
L-Theanine Dosage. This supplement, to relieve stress, should be taken at the
onset of feelings of stress or anxiety. The dosage should be between 50 to 200 …

Linda asks…

What supplements greatly reduce anxiety?

I suffer from very bad physical symptoms due to anxiety. I experience automatic anticipatory anxiety/adrenaline rush before I think about going out the house and when I’m out I get shaky, muscle tension in the legs, and involuntary jerk movements which is ruining my life. Has anyone tried a effective herbal supplement to help reduce their nerves? I know it won’t help me mentally but I want the physical symptoms to go away. Maybe then I can start having better control of my thoughts without my body going out of whack at the same time.

I’m not looking for prescription meds, I want something natural and please don’t recommend professional therapy, I’m trying to beat this on my own. I’m reading self help books and meditating to help me along the way.

vti answers:

The only supplement for anxiety that works within minutes is kava kava extract. Research indicates that it is more effective than placebo in relieving anxiety. Other randomized clinical trials have successfully replicated its anxiolytic effects. However, it might be hard on liver.

Other safer supplements for anxiety include extracts containing passionflower, lemon balm, valerian, skullCap, chamomile, common hops, lavender, vitamin B complex, L-theanine, L-lysine and L-arginine, magnesium, alpha-linolenic acid, inositol, flaxseed oil, omega-3 fatty acids, etc.

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Mark asks…

best vitamins for skin, hair and weight loss ?

i need to go buy some vitamins today. these are what i need :

something to make hair long, thick and shiny.
something to help cystic acne.
something for weight loss.

i know i probably won’t be able to find one vitamin that can do all of these things so please name each vitamin and which one it is good for. also, if you know any good brands that would be helpful also . i am hoping to get pills that are under $10 each . thank you !
and should i get them from Walmart or GNC ?

vti answers:

For weight lose try and get products containing:
vitamin B2
vitamin B3
vitamin B5
vitamin C

for your hair try to get products containing:
vitamin A
vitamin C
vitamin D

for your skin try to get products containing:
vitamin A

hope this was usefulful x

Donald asks…

Does Super B complex Vitamins help prevent hair loss?

I’m 19 years old. Lately all the sudden I have started to think about my possible hair loss. I might have lost a little wee bit already, I’m not sure. My mom’s dad has lost hair with a receded hairline and a little bit of a bald scalp. And my dad lost a lot.

So I saw these “Super B Complex vitamins with folic acid” laying around my house. I had googled this vitamin and some sites says it does help prevent it. So does it help prevent hair loss? Help regrow at all? Make hair grow faster (not sure I want that)? Just what all does it do?


vti answers:

It is not the best way to regrow hair!

Better try some natural options!

Hair loss can be caused by many different reasons! Find out the actual cause of hair loss! There are many causes of loss of hair such as stress, poor nutrition ,medications, thyroid dysfunctions, illness, fungal infections ,hormonal problems, to mention a few. But anyway you can always try and get real results.

Year ago I suffered from hair loss and since hair loss is hereditary my dad suffered from it too and I started trying everything you can imagine to stop my hair loss. The things that really worked for me was:

1) Vitamin A – an anti-oxidant which promotes healthy production of sebum in the scalp;

2) Vitamin E stimulates circulation. Good blood circulation in the scalp is important in keeping hair follicles productive. The ‘B’ vitamins contribute to melanin, which gives hair its healthy color and also stimulates blood circulation;

3) massage is also beneficial. Massage stimulates circulation. As already noted, good circulation in the scalp keeps hair follicles active. Experts suggest a few minutes of daily head massage by hand. Circulation through massage may be improved by using a few drops of lavender or bay essential oil in an almond or sesame oil base with massage;

4) Try rubbing your scalp with garlic juice, Onion Juice or Ginger Juice(you can either of one out of three, Do not mix any of two or three);

5) also you should use some herbal that case Provillus is a good product that helps prevent hair loss and it is an FDA approved product. I think it is very important!

It worked and still works for me!

I do not know if any pharmacies carry Provillus but I do know that you should purchase it directly from the manufacturer and read more about the product here

good luck!

Sandy asks…

Vitamins to stop hair loss?

I noticed that im loosing a lot of hair, I need some vitamins to stop this. Can anyone name some tha will help me? and where can I find them?

vti answers:

Stop my hair loss : Hair loss is one of the most common issues in today’s society. It can effect your self-esteem, your moods, your social life and your outlook on life. The best start to preventing hair loss is to understand the basics of hair: what it is, how it grows, what system malfunctions can cause it to stop growing. And this guide will cover the bases for you. Start here…

Cause of Hair Loss: Male Pattern Baldness
Vitamins for Hair Loss: Vitamins A, B, C, E
Vitamins for Hair Loss: Zinc, Protein and Fatty Acids
Vitamins for Hair Loss: Fiber, Zinc and Iron
Stop Hair Loss: Juicing plus substances to avoid
Natural Hair Loss Remedy: Saw Palmetto, Nettles, Rosemary, Sage
Natural Hair Loss Remedy: Aloe Vera, Henna, Saffron, Polysorbate-80

George asks…

Vitamins stop hair loss?

I want to drastically cut down on what i eat but fear my hair will become thin/gross. Would taking vitamins stop this?

vti answers:


Vitamins can certainly help but should only be thought of honestly as supplements to a healthy diet rather than your main intake source. There are plenty of foods you can eat in reasonable portions that will supply the nutrients your hair requires to stay healthy.

Foods high in protein, low in carbs and fat are recommended as well as high in iron, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin B-12. A good mix of products containing these nutrients include fish, canola oil, red meats, walnuts, broccoli, soy products, poultry, beans, eggs, and fortified breads & cereals.

A balanced diet containing these sorts of foods will help maintain your hair, which you can again assist with supplements.

Sharon asks…

what food/vitamin/ mineral deficiency would cause hair loss?

I know i haven’t been eating correctly the last few months (ex: skipping meals, eating snacks like crackers, to fill me instead of meals) due to a busy schedule and some stress. I’m just wondering what i could do to prevent more hair from falling off my head? are their certain foods or vitamin supplements i could take? Please let me know! Anything suggestions?

vti answers:

Here this should help! Oh by the way, i was loosing hair (when combing) a LOT and i started taking a multivitamine and head and sholders medicated shampoo, and my hair is amazing now.
This should help:!

Vitamin A- An antioxidant that helps maintain natural oils in the scalp. Can be found in milk, eggs, cheese, meats, spinach, broccoli, and cabbage.

Calcium – Helps hair growth. Can be found in dairy, nuts, and beans.

Vitamin C – One of nature’s most powerful antioxidants. Maintains healthy hair and skin. Can be found in fruits, potatoes, and green vegetables.

Chromium – Helps regulate blood sugar levels, which affects hair loss. Can be found in beef and whole wheat bread.

Vitamin E- An antioxidant that benefits scalp circulation. Can be found in vegetable oils, nuts, beans, and green vegetables.

Copper – Strengthens the hair and prevents hair loss. Can be found in shellfish, green vegetables, eggs, beans, and chicken.

Biotin – Produces keratin, which makes up the hair, skin, and nails. Can be found in eggs, whole grains, rice, and milk.

Iodine – Prevents dry hair and hair loss. Can be found in fish, seaweed, garlic, and iodized salt.

Inositol – Promotes follicle health. Can be found in whole grains and citrus fruits.

Iron – Prevents hair loss and anemia. Can be found in eggs, fish, chicken, whole grains, green vegetables, and dried fruits.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) – Improves scalp circulation. Can be found in fish, chicken, turkey, and other meats.

Magnesium – Helps hair growth by working with calcium. Can be found in whole grains, green vegetables, nuts, and fish.

Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) – Prevents hair loss. Can be found in whole grains, eggs, and certain meats.

Manganese – Improves hair growth. Can be found in whole grains, eggs, nuts, beans, fish, and chicken.

Vitamin B6 – Prevents hair loss. Can be found in whole grains, vegetables, eggs, and certain meats.

Potassium – Promotes circulation and helps hair growth. Can be found in bananas, brown rise, garlic, nuts, dried fruits, raisins, and yogurt.

Vitamin B12 – Prevents hair loss. Can be found in eggs, fish, chicken, and milk.

Selenium – Promotes scalp health. Can be found in fish, whole grains, certain meats, and broccoli.

Silica – Creates stronger hair. Can be found in seafood, rice, and green vegetables.

Sulfur – Creates stronger hair. Can be found in garlic, eggs, onions, milk, cheese, and fish.

Zinc – Prevents dry hair and oily skin by working with Vitamin A. Can be found in mushrooms, spinach, whole grains, and red meat.

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Mary asks…

Australias aging population???

1)Which state is predicted to grow the most, why?
2)Which state is predicted to grow the least, why?
3)what trend is occuring in our population growth?
4)What are the repercussions of an ageing population?

vti answers:

1) Queensland, Migration
2) Tasmania, migration, aging population.
3) Everyones moving state! Queensland and WA are growing fast.
4) The younger kids will need to earn more to pay higher taxes.

Sandra asks…

what effects will population aging have?

need answer for geography test

help would be much appreciated

best answer will be rewarded 10 points


vti answers:

The population aging means there will be less older people who will die and thus the need for social security funds will be not a great with the baby boomers of now.. After WW!!, the soldiers returning home, got married or joined their wives and alot of kids were born post WW11.. Aging will make room for new persons and jobs that were held by the older will then be available for younger people since the others will be retiring.. But, with new medicine, people are living longer. Therefore, it will be a burden on the children of these aged parents and what to do.. Take them in, or Nursing home when needed.. Nursing homes cost a fortune, so it’s a problem that must be addressed.. Healthcare is off the charts now and something will need to be done to make funds available to all who need them for healthcare..

Betty asks…

Mexico’s age of population.?

Can someone tell me first what this is, then Mexico’s age of population.

vti answers:

Mexico´s average age of its population? Around 29 years, Mexico is undergoing the “baby boomers” stage of its population, its been like that since the turn of the century and will keep this stage until the 2030´s.

Robert asks…

College Economics Working Age Population/Unemployment/Labor force?

This is the data that was given.. and the calculations that are sought after..

Working Age Population _____________________ (calculate)

Employed 141, 578, 000 (given)

Unemployed ________________________ (calculate)

Unemployment rate 8.06% (given)

Labor force ___________________________ (calculate)

Labor force participation rate 65.55 % (given)

Help would be greatly appreciated. I feel a bit lost in this class.. and feel enough data isn’t given to determine these values.
Thanks again!

vti answers:

Keep in mind the definitions. Population = Labor Force + Not in labor Force.
Labor Force = Employed + Unemployed
UE rate = Unemployed/Labor Force = Unemployed/(Employed + Unemployed)
Labor Force Participation is Labor Force/Population

You do have the info you need, you just have to figure out the math. I think one problem is that you didn’t know where to start (if you tried to figure out population first, you’d be out of luck). You have to figure out Unemployment first, then labor force, then population.

If the UE rate is 8.06% and Employed = 141,578,000 then to figure out Unemployed, the equation is:
Unemployed/Labor Force which is Unemployed/(Employed + Unemployed) so we have X/(141,578,000+X) = .0806 Solve for X, that’s your unemployed.

Once you have Unemployed, add it to Employed, and you have your Labor Force. And since Labor Force/Population = .6555, then Population = Labor Force/0.6555

Note….you’ll have to do some rounding to the nearest integer when calculating both unemployment and the population.

Mandy asks…

Demographers use a tool called a population pyramid to…….?

7th Grade SS
study population density.
understand age structure.
predict life expectancy.
compare life and death rates.

vti answers:

Understand age structure.

“A population pyramid, also called age-sex pyramid and age structure diagram, is a graphical illustration that shows the distribution of various age groups in a population (typically that of a country or region of the world), which normally forms the shape of a pyramid.”

“Population Pyramids are graphs that show the distribution of population for the latest census and projected years by age and sex.”

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Laura asks…

Which stores sell K2/Spice Herbal Incense is Southern New Jersey?

Specifically in the Deptford, Blackwood area??

vti answers:

Premium Herbal Incense with no harmful additives
3 Grams for $40
High Voltage Herbal Incense
Free Shipping!


Earn Free Incense when you refer your friends!
Free Samples with Every Order!

Ruth asks…

How harmful is mr. nice guy herbal incense?

Are there dangerous chemicals, if so what are they? Is it safer to smoke mj?

vti answers:

Mj and herbal incense are both not really good for you due to the fact that you are smoking it but if you are getting American made incense then you should be safe. All the incense is made of is a few herbs and a simple non toxic compound. Some people report adverse effects, not different from people who just smoked to much MJ. Your best bet is to go through an American co. Like

Chris asks…

Where can I buy herbal incense?

Where is a good place online to buy herbal incense and also does it get you very high

vti answers:

Herbal incense –

Charles asks…

Whats the best legal herbal incense?

I wanna buy some legal bud like K2 or cloud 10. Are there any better ones?

vti answers:

Gnostic Labs Herbal Incense is GREAT and they have a lifetime 10% off coupon! GL010 that you can use at checkout! Http:// They are one of the only companies that tell you exactly what is in their blends. They have excellent customer service as well as a Facebook page where they answer your questions quickly! They are A+++

Sandy asks…

What’s the best herbal incense?

vti answers:

Gnostic Labs Herbal Incense is GREAT and they have a lifetime 10% off coupon! GL010 that you can use at checkout! Http:// They are one of the only companies that tell you exactly what is in their blends. They have excellent customer service as well as a Facebook page where they answer your questions quickly! They are A+++

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Helen asks…

Looking for health/yoga/food blogs on Tumblr?

My url is cassitea.tumblr, and I post about health, yoga, food, etc. I’m looking for blogs similar to my own to follow. Also looking for some hipster/grunge-y blogs, and fashion blogs. Any suggestions?

vti answers:

Couldn’t you just Google it? I’m not trying to be rude, i’m asking seriously.

Sharon asks…

DO you know any GOOD health food websites?

vti answers:

You might look at each of these sites. You will get some good ideas to think about and perhaps try:

Lisa asks…

Health Care Reform’s long term ‘goal’ of a socialistic health care system?

Do you think health care reform will eventually backfire by becoming a more socialistic health care system? We have seen in other countries that you have “private” paid hospitals that don’t accept insurance catering to the rich, then the “regular” hospitals that are inadequate for the majority of the population. What do you think is the solution? The way we are doing things at the moment isn’t working.

vti answers:

Food for thought:

“The debate over “government (public) health insurance” vs. “private health insurance” seems like a false choice to me. The fact is that there is no purely “private health insurance” and “public health insurance,” but a blurring of the two. “Private” insurance today receives all kinds of “public” support from government in the form of tax exemptions and subsidies, and “public” insurance has elements of private insurance, in that people pay premiums which are supposed to finance the group plans they are in.”

Link –

How can HCR’s ‘goal’ be achieving something that’s already happened generations ago?

Ken asks…

How does what we eat affect our culture, health, economy, or environment?

another Question , What is real food?
What distinguishes it?

vti answers:



Chris asks…

best raw food blog sites?

i love to visit raw-food blogs that share different recipes. i especially love sites that show pictures along with their recipes. i was wondering if anyone knew of any blog sites similar to:

maw in the raw, the daily raw, the sunny raw kitchen?

share the knowledge 🙂 x

vti answers:


There are 100’s of site on the web for you to explore
I suggest 1 book.. Raw Food Made Easy by Jennifer Cornbleet. It’s just as it states easy but we are consistantly pleased with the food we make from it.
Slainté (to your health)

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Chris asks…

I want to start a new career where I can make good money but I need to feel spiritually fulfilled doing it.?

I am thinking about holistic medicine. Any tips on good schools or other ideas for me to consider?

vti answers:

You have to like what you are doing!

Try to discuss face to face with few people that are practitioners in holistic medicine and identify Pro and Con’s. They might be able to help you with valuable information’s (including schools to attend).

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Albert Schweitzer

Steven asks…

How can I get a Holistic/Naturopathic Doctor in MA or RI?

Does anyone know anything about getting a Holistic/Naturopathic Doctor in MA or RI? Is it the same as getting a regular MD, just an alternative practice? Does insurance cover visits or do you have to pay out of pocket? I am looking for a new PCP and would much rather an MD specialized in natural, holistic medicine.

vti answers:

That’s kind of a tough question because not many MDs advertise if they know about or work with herbs and natural options. You could look for the terms “Holistic” or “Naturopath” in your local phone book to see what options are available, but they won’t always be MDs or have the qualifications to be covered by insurance. On the flip side, there are MDs that know about herbs and most insurance carriers would cover them as they are “regular MDs” even though they work with herbs.
What I’ve found is that most people that find holistic doctors tend to find out by word of mouth… By asking friends or family that have been do a doctor that works more holistically. If that doesn’t turn up any results, some people have told me that they heard about holistic doctors through their local health food stores or other “health-minded” places where everyday shoppers are more concerned about natural health options. There’s no perfect way to get honest referrals (as opposed to websites that list customer’s experiences that could have been written by the same person in a few minutes), but these are a few of the first steps that tend to get good results. Good luck and I hope I helped!

Charles asks…

Has anyone ever cured cancer without using chemotherapy?

Has anyone out there been able to cure their own cancer through diet or holistic medicine, and if so so what exactly did you do to cure yourself? And from what?

vti answers:

In order to understand what you are asking you need to understand first that cancer is a progressive disease. It starts out as a single normal cell that mutates for undetermined reasons . .it loses the ability to stop growing and will grow indefinitely unless treated. What this means is that in the very, very early stages of the disease it is possible to just surgically remove it without any further treatment . . So the answer to your question is . . Yes . . In the early stages of the disease it is possible to ‘cure’ it without ever using chemotherapy at all. However cancer is also complicated by the following facts . . There are over 200 different types and just as many subtypes . .some cancers are more aggressive than others and can grow quickly while others are slow growing and can take years. Cancer is also an individual disease . .which means it is a persons own DNA that has mutated . . Since cancer is unique sometimes an individual will or will not respond to various treatments . . No one knows exactly why or who may or may not respond because of that uniqueness.

There is no ‘cure’ for cancer . . But there is treatment that may or may not lead to an individual ‘remission’ or ‘cure’.

As for diet . . Lots of theories and opinion but there is no scientific documented evidence that anyone has ever been ‘cured’ just by diet alone. There is also no scientific documented evidence that holistic medicine has ever ‘cured’ any person with cancer. Without factual evidence . . You will not find one person who can claim with any legitimacy that they’ve been ‘cured’ . . A testimonial is not evidence . .it’s just talk.

Donna asks…

Has anyone out there have polycythemia vera and been cured with alternative medicine?

Traditional Western treatment uses a drug that ultimately causes leukemia. I have seen websites in Europe that use Chinese or Indian herbs that claim to help and heal this disease. My dear friend is afflicted and I am sure there is a better treatment using alternative, holistic medicine than the current western treatment of phlebotomy and a chemo-type drug. The body produces too many red blood cells, and platelets resulting in too much iron and very thickened blood in this condition. The websites for herbal cures were in Europe.

vti answers:

Actually, depending on the meaning you take from alternative medecine,meaning something that is not medecine? And people that practice and use alternative methods don’t cure anything. “Cure” is exclusive for doctors and the medical profession. We restore people to health. To do that you need to go back to God and nature, to the good, wholesome food that were put here on this earth, that man has totally failed to improve on. And you need to get all the toxins out of your body. I really think you need to find out if your friend wants your help. It is totally her choice to decide what to do, and the consequences of what she decides to do are hers alone, and so is the responsibility for the research and educating herself, this can be a long process… I have been using natural therapies and nutrition for myself and my family for my whole adult life…yet there is still so much I don’t know, and if I want to take a risk, that is my choice, based on my knowledge and belief and understanding of the natural therapy I am doing, and I would never recommend anyone to do anything I have not tried on myself, ( I am my own guinea pig!) lol I just feel she has already made her choice and if she trusts her doctors its probably the best one. If she wants your help, and you want to do the research, I’d say 100 hours to start… That’s your choice. I would start with juicing, a all natural alkaline diet, and detoxing, which I don’t know a lot about, there are foot baths some natural practitioners do to pull heavy metals out of the body, it is questionable that they actually do… And any herbs need to be okayd by the doctor, and since they know little of them, they pro don’t really know if they are safe with her medecine, so I would look more for a biochemist that practices nutritional consulting, or a chiropractor that helps people with nutrition.. Good luck I do believe for every dis-ease there is a cure, as it says in the Bible, and I believe it is talking about nature and natural things… I don’t think they had doctors way back then…! So, yes I believe if you want something bad enough, there is a way to know it, and if you believe something enough, you will live it’s truth. When I think too many red blood cells, I think detox, how can your body get right messages when its collected all these toxins? And she could talk to her doctor and see if he knows anything about detoxing.Adelle Davis has two great books, Lets eat right to keep fit and Let’s get well, she was really great in nutrition, and although they say she is obsolete, she has an excellent diet layout for when the cause is unknown or what to do with nutrition is unknown. She explains how your body just needs some 40 nutrients, and complete protiens to work properly, and how to make sure you get them all. What she didn’t know was about detoxing, and I heard she died of cancer, and I think cuz she didn’t know about detoxing. If you really want to help your friend, you could buy these books used and get her to start reading the first one, and she will not be able to set it down… It is fascinating, and she be inspired to start doing these things, and since it is all food…it is so safe!

Jenny asks…

What is the last book you read that really got your interest in something different?

I have been reading a lot on herbal medicine and holistic medicine. My doctor is not at all happy about it.

vti answers:

Mornin Teresa,

Since I was dioagnosed I’ve been researching holistic a lot, as suggested by a friend here. If all else fails those remedies don’t hurt.

I also read a book, in fact keep it as a type of Bible. “Women Who Run With The Wolves” The title has not so much to do with any story of Wlves other than as a metaphor. I think Men should probly read it too.

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Steven asks…

home remedies for cat uti?

for a cat ith a urinary tract infection

vti answers:

How do you know you cat has a UTI? Usually someone would have to tell you it burns when they pee, has you cat said that to you? What color is the pee, it might be something else. But make sure she drinks clear liquids, and cranberry juice. She is gonna need some anti-biotics.

Donna asks…


well due to the fact that im uninsure and have no money i had to buy azo u.t.i test trips…it came back positive for leukocytes what does that mean????
i have no burnibg or pain what so ever just urges sometimes…ive also had weird discharges and smells down there….

I’ve searched and somebody said to use 1/2 teaspoon in 1 oz of water (shot glass size) and take it like a shot, use water or even cranberry juice as a chaser. dows this cure it for sure????
if i drink alot of water will it cure it???

does anybody know any.home remedies that will CURE this not just help it????


vti answers:

There are none. You have to go to a doctor or it could get worse and progress to something like pelvic inflammatory disease. Maybe you can find a pharmacy nearby that has nurse practicioner services; I know there are some CVS pharmacies that do, and there might be others. It’s cheaper than going to the doctor–and the antibiotics to treat a UTI aren’t really all that expensive, either, even without insurance. Probably not much more than your many home remedies you would try before giving up and going to the doctor anyway.

“Positive for leukocytes” means there are white blood cells in your pee, which means they are there to fight off an infection. Therefore, you have a UTI.

Mary asks…

What are sum home remedies for UTI in pregnant women?

vti answers:

Now what do you want home remedies for ? If you are pregnant, or if you are not pregnant, there is one simple cure for a UTI, and that is to go to your doctor and get some antibiotics. If you are pregnant, your baby’s welfare is very important, as well as your own. So, don’t mess around with useless home remedies…get some antibiotics and get the UTI under control.

Thomas asks…

any good home remedies for UTI?

Have tried the cranberry juice along with plenty of water and has not yet work!! I don not want to drink antibiotics because it will lower the effect of my birth control!! please help!!

vti answers:

Shoot, I get those all the time, stop your suffering and go get some UTI over the counter medicine called Uristat!!!!!. It’ll stop the pain but won’t cure it. So go get the medicine, and just drink lots of water.

Helen asks…

At home remedy for uti? ?

I can’t go to the doctor. My mom always thinks I’m having sex if I have a uti. So I don’t tell her. Anyone know any tricks to get rid of it?

vti answers:

I never went to the dr so idk for sure if I had one or if I was just drinking too much soda or something but if a uti makes you feel like you have to pee all the time even when you don’t then try only drinking water. It usually helps me once the water has gone all the way through…though that could take a couple hours

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Maria asks…

What’s the best natural remedy for ADD, without hyperactivity?

My daughter’s fourteen, and was diagnosed with ADD five years ago. Through our pediatrician, she took part in a study for a new drug, Focalin, shortly after being diagnosed. The good news was that it worked extremely well. Her teachers and I were all pretty amazed and pleased with the difference it made. The bad news was that it caused depression, a problem she’d never had at any time in the past, so we took her off it immediately, and she dropped out of the study. Subsequently, we tried two other medications with the same outcome, worked well, but she wasn’t able to deal with the side effects. Now, I’m looking for a natural supplement, because she continues to have great difficulty staying focused and completing assignments and homework. She’s on a highly gifted track, completely capable of doing the work at that level, but everything takes her much too long. It’s made our lives so difficult in the past, and only one week into the new school year we’re already having the same problems. What would help with the distractability without slowing her down?

vti answers:

The medical and behavioral side effects of ADD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall have many parents searching for natural alternatives for their children.

Want more sites? Put “best natural remedy for ADD” in your browser, then check out comes up.

George asks…

Natural healing remedies?

i have heard of many natural healing remedies, with herbs and such. What are some people know? and for what? every answer accepted! 🙂

vti answers:

There are a bunch of therapies nowadays for natural healing, possibly more exist than that of Western Medicine.

1. Water fasting (for purification and to remove toxins from the body)
2. Taking herbal tinctures or capsules(for purification or to improve bodily functions)
3. Juice fasting (green juices, fruit juices) to eliminate toxins from the body
4. Colon Hydrotherapy and herbal enemas to remove toxic waste from colon
5. Getting exposed to sunlight(for Vitamin D production and natural tanning)
6. Drinking purified water(mineral water, distilled water, alkaline water)
7. Monofruit diets (ex: grape fasting for 40 days to help the lymphatic system)
8. Meditation (for a peaceful mind)
9. Putting Herbal and Ayurveda creams on skin to help moisturize the skin
10. Adding more raw foods to your life to help purify your body
11. Doing saunas (to sweat toxins out of skin)
12. Walking in a park with lots of forest and trees to enjoy nature
13. Sleeping outside to get more oxygen and to remove yourself from toxic dust and molds
14. Eating and learning about wild plants and berries to help mineralize your body
15. Sun gazing during sunrise or sunset to improve your third eye or to improve vision
16. Drinking raw grass fed goats milk or raw honey(from a specific flower) for purification or sickness
17. Get a massage to help relieve pain
18. Do breathing exercises to help the regulation of oxygen
19. Practice hot and cold hydrotherapy to exercise the skin receptors
20. Weight lifting
21. Walking for 5 miles every day
22. Stretching and yoga
23. Sprinting( or jogging for 30 minutes every few days)
24. Maybe you choose to partake in the eating of grass fed meats or eggs
25. Eating fermented foods to help redevelop a healthy gut, so as to produce Vitamin B12
26. Go learn or play a new sport(to get involved in activity)
27. Get off the computer or quit watching tv or playing video games (to stop addictive habits)
28. Stop watching the news. Read a book from the library instead (so you don’t get brainwashed)
29. Get a job that you like (to eliminate stress)
30. Quit alcohol, drugs, processed foods, and refined sugar (to eliminate toxins)
31. Quit harassing others and be aware of your voice(to develop healthy relationships)
32. Do eye exercises to improve the function of the eyes
33. Memorize something everyday, and use mnemonics to improve your memory
34. Think positively to reduce stress
35. Adjust your sleep and waking cycle to regulate your sleep
36. Go have a fun time with friends. Go to a party. (For a regular healthy life)
37. Dry skin brushing to help keep the lymphatic system healthy
28. Catch a cold to help bring about a fever and expectorate mucus and toxic substances
29. Laugh or make up jokes, to excite that part of the brain
30. Crying to release toxins.
31. Use of plant substances to whiten or brush teeth, or use baking soda
32. Having occasional sex can stimulate the nervous system
33. Eat more green leafy vegetables to get chlorophyll, enzymes, and minerals(to clean the blood)
34. Brush your hair to stimulate the scalp and to remove toxins from the scalp.
35. Collagen stimulation therapy to improve the texture of your skin
36. Listen to an appreciative song(to relieve yourself from stress)
37. Get enough sleep to help heal disease.
38. Take a bath everyday to help get rid of toxins
39. Neti pots to help remove mucus from the throat
40. Singing to help bring mucus up from the throat

41. Surgery is an ancient practice to help immediately fix something that you cannot immediately fix with other natural healing methods. When used in appropriate ways, surgery can often be quite beneficial. Surgery is a natural healing method used by various healers. Healers such as Hippocrates and some of the doctors of ancient Greece, India used surgery, although today’s surgery is a lot different than the surgery from thousands of years ago.

Surgery should be used as a last resort for healing. Surgery in today’s world can often times be corrupt when it is not practiced in a way that brings the body back into balance.

Betty asks…

PCOS and natural remedies…?

I was just recently diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Thankfully my symptoms are mild. I have a little bet of weight gain (im 5″7 and way 150) and my acne is bad. I do have the “ring of pearls” in my ovaries and havent had a natural period since Febuary. My cycles are usually 35 to 38 and lately it has been getting worse. I am 24 years old and I got pregnant on my own when I was 20 and now I have a heathy 3 year old except for her asthma and allergies to everything but is none the less is pretty healthy. My Glucose intolerence test results came back at 81. My RE said that that was a high normal. I want to know if there is any natural remedies for my symptoms?? {;ease help!

vti answers:

Herbs are extremely useful in treating PCOS. Making changes and adding supplements to your diet will help control weight and balance blood sugar, while herbs go a step further, targeting any problems involving hormone balance.

* Chaste tree (Vitex Agnus castus) is one of the most important herbs for PCOS because it helps stimulate and normalise the function of the pituitary gland, which controls the release of luteinising hormone (LH). Chaste tree has been successfully trialled in the treatment of PCOS as well as infertility. It enhances progesterone levels, which lengthen the menstrual cycle. Chaste tree has been shown to improve fertility due to its effects on decreasing oestrogen and androgens which, when elevated, are responsible for cycles with no ovulation (anovulation).

* Adrenal tonics such as Rehmannia, Rhodiola, Siberian Ginseng and Withania support the adrenal stress response and help the adrenal glands return to a state of balance.

* Paeonia lactiflora (peony) is another valuable herb as it positively influences low progesterone, reduces elevated androgens (testosterone) and modulates oestrogen and prolactin.

* Licorice, especially combined with peony, helps regulate hormones, reduce androgen levels and improve the LH to FSH ratio.

* Gymnema is helpful in reducing carbohydrate and sugar cravings, thereby assisting in weight loss. Gymnema is one of the most significant herbs to improve insulin resistance.

* Tribulus helps restore menstrual regularity and regulate ovulation.

* Blue Cohosh is a particularly useful herb. It acts as a uterine and ovarian tonic and a pelvic anti-inflammatory.

* Saw Palmetto, a traditional male reproductive herb used to control excess testosterone, offers promising results for hirsuitism.

* Milk thistle, rosemary, Bupleurum and Schizandra are excellent liver herbs, aiding in the removal of excess oestrogen.

John asks…

Natural Hair Remedies?

I want my hair to be shiner and smoother but I am completely disgusted by mayo. I can’t even be near a bottle of it. So i need all natural home remedies to do that without mayo. No shampoo or conditioners, I’ve tried them all. So please, 10 points for best answer. I’m in desperate need.
I do not wash my hair everyday.

vti answers:

An Apple Cider Vinegar-Herb Rinse is wonderful to use as a shampoo. Rinsing with apple cider vinegar will help balance the pH of your hair, close the cuticle scales to give your hair a smoother appearance, and remove the buildup. Infusing certain herbs into the ACV rinse can highlight or enhance your hair color and highlights, as well as condition it.

– For more shine use Horsetail, Parsley, Nettles, Rosemary, Sage, Calendula.
– To bring out highlights in blond hair use Mullein Flowers, Yarrow, Calendula, Chamomile.
– To bring out highlights in dark hair use Elderberries, sage, Nettles, Rasberry leaves, Black Tea, Rosemary.

To make your own herbal hair rinse natural hair care product:
1. Place 2 tablespoons of the dried herb (or herb mixture) into a muslin bag or tea ball and put in a warmed tea pot.
2. Pour 1 pint (500 ml) of boiling water over the herbs and infuse for 2 hours.
3. Allow the liquid to cool then pour it into a quart (1 liter) jar.
4. Add 1 pint (500 ml) of apple cider vinegar and mix well.

For conditioner, I’d suggest you do a olive oil, honey, and traditional conditioner mix. Apply it to your hair and put a plastic baggie over it. Sit under a hair dryer for about 20 mins. Or wrap a warm towel around it for the same amount of time. You can experiment with adding more exotic conditioning ingredients to this basic mix to find what’s best for you. Things like aloe vera, shea butter, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin e. Once a month add coconut milk to the mix for protein filled deep conditioning treatment. Afterward rinse out with warm water.

You can find more variety of more recipes and information in the links below. Good luck!

Linda asks…

natural beauty remedies.?

any home natural beauty remedies for a great and clear complexion.and under eye treatment?

vti answers:

Try the followin tips i found for u .do not use chemicals on skin. Follow these instructions and do let me know if they worked on your skin. I’m sure they will!

1. Put toothpaste on your pimple before you go to bed, should help reduce swelling overnight. Make sure it is the paste not the gel. One of the most popular acne home remedies.

2. Wash your face twice a day in warm salty water. This should leave your face oil free without aggravating the acne.

3. Apply a paste of fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves over the face every night for 10-15 minutes and washed with warm water. This will prevent acne, pimples, blackheads, and wrinkles.

4. Place strawberry leaves on the acne, the alkalinity helps to reduce the swelling.

5. Extract juice of one lemon and mix with equal quantity of rose water. Apply this mixture on the face and let it stay for about half an hour. Wash the face with fresh water. About 15 days application helps cure acne, pimples and reduces blemishes and scars.

6. Another method is to massage the face with the skin of lemon before washing with lukewarm water.

7. Apply fresh mint juice over the face every night for the treatment of acne, pimples, insect stings, eczema, scabies, & other skin infections.

8. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. At least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables should be included in your diet. All acne home remedies should include a healthy diet.

9. A couple of garlic cloves, crushed and dabbed on the face 1-2 times a day. One of the smellier acne home remedies!

10. Home face wash for acne: Mix together 1 or 2mls each of the following: witch hazel, tea-tree and sweet fennel essential oils, adding essential oil of geranium for women and essential oil of rosewood for men. Mix with 300mls of water. Shake before use, as the oils will float on top of the water during storage. Dab affected areas with cotton wool two or three times a day. The oils will clean and unclog giving antibiotic-like protection to the skin.

11. Apply fresh lemon juice on the affected area overnight. Wash off with warm water next morning.

12. Use 2-3 tsp. Dried basil leaves to 1 cup boiling water. Steep 10-20 minutes. Cool, and apply with cotton ball.

13. Grind orange peel with some water to a paste and apply on affected parts. One of the best acne home remedies.

14. Clean face with cotton wool dipped in rose water 2-3 times a day.

15. Mix 1 teaspoon lemon juice in 1 teaspoon finely ground cinnamon powder and apply on affected areas frequently.

16. Nettle Tea is another solution, this tea has a herb that has some curing power and really helps work wonders on skin problems. Drink four cups a day to get the full benefit of one of the most powerful acne home remedies. Get nettle products here.

17. Aloe Vera juice applied twice a day can greatly speed up the healing of acne lesions. You can buy Aloe Vera at

18. Another lotion that uses bee propolis extract may also be effective. Mix eight ounces of water and 11 drops of bee propolis extract. One of the acne home remedies which has been proven effective with many people.

19. Some herbal acne home remedies…
Burdock leaf tea.
Lavender essential oil (mix 1:10 with water)
Tincture of calendula flowers.
Tea tree essential oil (mix 1:10 with water)
Liquefy cabbage leaves with witch hazel, strain and add two drops of lemon oil. Use as a lotion.

20. Ice down the acne before bed, by morning it should be noticeably less swollen. Works best on larger pimples that have not yet formed a head.

21. Take vitamin B5 and zinc supplements daily to strengthen the skin’s resistance to acne.

22. Mix mint juice with turmeric powder and apply on affected area. Leave for 15-30 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

23. Mix some vinegar and salt in a bowl. Pour a little bit in your hand and rub it on the pimples. Soak a face towel in it and dab it on the bumps. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and rinse it off.

24. Blend cucumber and make a paste. Apply this as a mask on your face and leave it for 1/2 hour and then rinse. This refreshes your skin and prevents acne.

25. Mix corn flour with egg white and apply on your face. Let is dry completely for 1/2 hour. Dip your hands in warm water and massage your face and wash off. This when repeated regularly gives you a smooth skin.

26. Mix sandalwood paste with rosewater and apply on the face. Rinse off after 30 minutes.

27. Essential oil face mask for acne: Use a mask base powder, such as fuller’s earth or kaolin powder. Use distilled or filtered water to make a paste. Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of base powder to 3 drops of essential oil. Add approximately 2 tablespoons of the water in, to make a fluid yet balanced paste. Essential oils to add in the mask either separately or try smaller amounts together; cypress oil 1 drop, lemon oil 2 drops, sage oil 1 drop.

28. Mix the paste of tender neem leaves with turmeric and apply of affected area. An eastern approach to acne home remedies.

29. Grind some nutmeg with milk and apply on affected area. Pimples disappear like magic without leaving a mark.

30. Make a mixture of lime juice and rose water. Apply on face and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water.

31. Make a paste by mixing 3 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder. Apply this paste on the pimples before sleeping and wash it next morning with warm water. Repeat for two weeks, pimples will disappear forever.

32. Rub fresh garlic on and around pimples. Pimples will disappear without a mark with regular applications.

33. Mix 1 tsps groundnut oil with 1 tspn fresh lime juice to prevent formation of blackheads and pimples .

34. Ground drumstick pods and leaves and mix mixed with fresh lime juice, and apply on pimples. This is also good for blackheads and dark spots.

35. First wash face and then dab acne with cotton balls soaked in vinegar.

36. Mix groundnut oil with an equal amtount of fresh lime juice and apply on face. Leave for 10-15 minutes and wash. It may be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads, acne and pimples.

37. Apply juice of raw papaya (including the skin and seed) on swelling acne, pimples.

38. Apply fresh lime juice mixed to a glass of boiled milk as a face wash for acne, pimples, blackheads, and cracked skin.

39. Apply ripe Tomatoes pulp on acne, pimples and kept upto 1 hour, then wash.

40. Make a paste of roasted & powdered pomgranate skin with fresh lime juice and apply over acne, boils, pimple, blackheads and whiteheads.

41. Apply grated potatoes as poultice to treat skin blemishes, wrinkles, boils, pimples, blackheads, whiteheads , etc.

42. Make a paste of ground radish seeds with water and apply on face to remove blackheads.

43. Apply a paste of ground seasame seeds with water as poultice for inflammation of the skin due to allergies, skin rashes, and pimples.

44. Large pores on facial skin can be treated with paste of sandalwood powder with masoor dal.

45. Use an oatmeal or almond mask throughly to cleanse your face. Mix either oatmeal or almond powder with enough rose water to make a soft paste that spreads easily on the skin. Rub it on your skin with your fingertips, paying special attention the problem areas. Leave to dry for about 15 minutes and then rinse off with cold water. This is very good in getting rid of blackheads.

46. A solution made out of one and a half cups of hot water and half a tablespoon of boric powder is an ideal remedy for blackheads, Saturate a face napkin in this hot solution and press on to the skin, repeat twice. Extract blackheads carefully with a blackhead remover and sterilized cottonwool. Pat on an astrigent.

47. Honey is a great remedy for skin blemishes and acne because the honey kills bacteria.
These are some effective home remedies for the treatment of acne and blackheads.

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Maria asks…

What is the quickest home remedy for riding of acne?

I’ve got a swimming carnival coming up and I want to have fun not worry that everyone is starring at my ugly skin any home remedies for riding of acne along with approximately how long they will take to work would be greatly appreciated!
Thx 🙂

vti answers:

Aside from using anti-acne remedies (watch out for those, lots of them are very bad for your health), control your diet. I know lots of persons say diet and acne aren’t related, but I assure you, since I started eating really properly (I’ll get to examples soon), my acne has started to fade. I also use a lot of natural remedies (lemon juice on the pimples, organic honey to heal the wounded skin, rubbing tea bags after making green tea all over my skin, washing my face carefully with sea salt no more than twice a day by soaking my head in it, I never use a washcloth, and always ending that routine by putting my face in cold water, plus I only use source water, no tap water). This may all seem very freaky, but I’ve had mild acne for years (I didn’t care, it wasn’t bad), but then I thought hey, why not cure it, but I made it worse by eating the wrong things (that I thought were good), and now I really want the acne to cure.

So, about the diet :
– Drink lots of water (50% of your body weight (in pounds) in ounces of water).
– Drink 2 cups of green tea every day.
– Avoid all processed foods like sugar, chips, pizza, …
– The best diet you could have is a High Protein but Low Glycemic Load diet. What this means is that you need to focus on getting more protein into your body, and minimize the Glycemic Load of every food you eat. You can look all the necessary information about every food here :
Now, also take a look at the inflammatory factor of everything you eat, and try to make that number as positive as possible.

Examples of good food :
– Broccoli
– Carrots
– Spinach
– Lemons (juice/raw)
– Apples (don’t overdo fruit, but they contain great vitamins).
– Almonds (the best kind of nuts, don’t eat walnuts)
– Organic (!!!! Don’t eat meat full of hormones, get meat from free-range farms) meat
– Fish
– Brown rice is okay

Foods to avoid (I thought the first three were okay, they made my acne worse) :
– Dairy
– Bread and other wheat food (contains gluten), especially white rice/bread/pasta. Pasta and Bread aren’t very good overall.
– Candy (very important, one of the worst things you could be eating, it gave me 3 fresh pimples)
– Chips
– Fried food

Just try to eat like a caveman : meat, some fruit, maybe nuts, and vegetables (vegetables are very very good, especially the ones I mentioned, they are very anti-inflammatory and have loads of vitamins)

Change your habits :
– Don’t touch your face with your hands, always gently care for your skin.
– Relax, and be happy, don’t think about the acne.
– Exercise and carefully remove the sweat after every workout.
– Don’t be afraid of the sun, but it’s not the right time to get a tan.

I wish you best of luck, I know how annoying acne is. I know you want this to clear fast, but you might just make it worse by using bad products. Maybe visit a dermatologist, he will tell you diet isn’t that important, but hey, a healthy diet isn’t something he can sell you huh? On the other hands, some people do get good results from a visit to a dermatologist. I never visited one, but I’m sure there are doctors with a lot of experience.

If nothing works, maybe try going to, although I don’t recommend it. The owner of the website “cured” acne with his own medication, and sells it. He also says diet does nothing, but his product contains things I’d rather not get on my skin.

Sandy asks…

Looking for acne remedy from Tortola, Virgin Islands?

friend says she knew a guy that had really bad acne and got a remedy from this country that worked a miracle. Has anyone heard of it?

vti answers:

Home remedies for
Grape Cleanser
Grab a few fresh grapes from
your fridge, and you’ve got an
easy facial cleanser. Cut two or
three grapes in half and rub the
flesh over your face and neck,
says Dr. Cook-Bolden. Follow
with a cool water rinse.
Cucumber Face Mask
“Make a paste by blending one
small cucumber and 1 cup of
oatmeal,” says Cook-Bolden. Mix
1 teaspoon of this paste with 1
teaspoon of yogurt and apply it
to your face. Leave it on for 30
minutes, and then rinse.
Cucumber Face Pack
This cooling, soothing mask will
help smooth your skin, which
can often feel rough from acne.
“Mash one whole cucumber,
strain the water, add 1
tablespoon of sugar, and mix
well,” says Cook-Bolden. “Apply
to your face and leave it on for
10 minutes; then wash with
cold water.”
Simple Honey Mask
Before applying this mask, rinse
your face with warm water to
open up pores, says Cook-
Bolden. Then apply honey and
leave it on the skin for 30
minutes. Rinse the honey off
with warm water; then rinse
again with cold water to close
the pores.
Yeast and Yogurt Mask for Oily
Oily skin is prone to acne, and
this home remedy can reduce
excess oil and help clear acne.
To make the mask, combine 1
teaspoon of brewer’s yeast
with a little plain yogurt to
create a thin mixture. Cook-
Bolden says, “Apply it
thoroughly to all the oily areas
and leave on for 15 to 20
minutes. Rinse with warm
water; then use cold water to
close the pores.”
Oatmeal Facial
Oatmeal is naturally soothing,
and this simple oatmeal mask
can also help clear acne. Mix
together 2 teaspoons of
oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of baking
soda, and enough water to
form a paste. Smooth the paste
all over your face and gently
rub it in. Rinse thoroughly
Lemon-Egg Face Mask
This is a great all-purpose acne
home remedy that can boost
any skin type. “Squeeze half a
lemon and mix the juice with
one beaten egg white,”
recommends Cook-Bolden.
Apply to the face, and leave the
mask on overnight while you
sleep. In the morning, wash
your face with warm water. Be
sure to keep the raw-egg
mixture out of your mouth and
Turmeric Facial Mask
For beautiful skin, brides in
India traditionally use a
turmeric mask before their
wedding, says Cook-Bolden.
Ingredients for this acne
remedy are available at spice
markets and ethnic food stores.
Mix together 1/2 cup of
chickpea flour and 2 teaspoons
each turmeric powder,
sandalwood powder, and ghee
(clarified butter) or almond oil,
and then combine them with
enough water to make a paste.
“Apply and leave on for 5 to 10
minutes,” says Cook-Bolden.
“Rub with pressure with both
palms and fingers to remove all
the paste.” Rinse well with
Homemade facial masks can
rejuvenate your skin and help
clear acne — and all of these
recipes use common
ingredients found in your
pantry and refrigerator. Try
one or more of the acne

Sandra asks…

What are some home remedies for getting rid of acne?

what are some remedies made from household items that can get rid of acne?
did you use lemon juice and just put it on the problem area?

vti answers:

Why some home remedies are no good for acne:

1. Papaya mask (or any other fruit mask)…. Not effective. Better to be eaten to help with your body’s detoxification.

2. Toothpaste. Tried it. The effectiveness was okay. But that’s all. If you use this everyday, YOUR SKIN WILL SUFFER! From all the dryness and etc it causes.


Lemon juice is great for acne. The way you described in your question is one way to use it to cure acne. But to get more out of each piece of your lemon, drink some lemon juice frequently and let it rejuvenate your skin. The vitamins it contains are just great for your skin and acne.


BEST ACNE REMEDIES: Most of them wont work, some do.

-fruits mostly are all great for acne. Eat them regularly and you are treating your acne naturally already.
– ginger and garlic. Improve your immune system. Regulate hormone secretion and anti-inflammatory properties mean reduced redness.

I won’t recommend people to use home remedies to get rid of their acne. Sometimes, people try to get too clever and try all sorts of things with their household items and end up getting their acne to worsen A LOT.

Here’s one system I think is best for curing acne –

Sharon asks…

Home remedies for Subclinical acne?

Hey I’m 15
I have these forehead bumps on my…forehead and they are really bad. It’s like they are spreading. I have never really had bad acne before and this is aweful. I have been drinking soo much water lately and they seem to get worse? Anyway, r there special foods I should eat or something because I am sorta poor and can’t buy any fancy products or anything.
Thanx for reading:)

vti answers:

Unfortunately there are no home remedies for acne. People will tell you all kinds of things and at best they do no harm, and at worst they make things worse. Acne requires a coordinated treatment approach. Clean your skin gently, try not to touch your skin when your hands are not clean, and avoid the sun.

The three basics of acne treatment are to (1) unclog pores, (2) kill bacteria, and (3) minimize oil. Use mild exfoliating cleansers to unclog your pores. Use benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria. Get rid of oil on the surface of your skin by using a gentle toner. Generally drug store brands will do each of these things well. You don’t need to spend a fortune.

These are all good basic skin regimens that may help with the acne battle:

Cleanse twice daily with a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash. An alternative for those who are allergic to benzoyl peroxide is 2% salicylic acid.

Apply a gel or cream containing 5% benzoyl peroxide; an alternative is sulfur or resorcinol.

At night, apply a spot cream containing sulfur to the affected areas.

Use a light skin moisturizer and oil-free makeup.

If you try all these approaches and it still does not seem to work, it is time to consult your doctor. You may need a prescription medication approach to deal with your acne.

And read the information at these sites. You may find other ideas that will help you.


Donna asks…

Home “remedies” and Acne?

What are some homeremedies” that can help with acne or dry skin (on my face)???

vti answers:

Acne Home Remedies with Lemon:
Lemon has a lot of vitamins therefore really good for health problems.
You can use lemon in cooking by slicing it or squeezing it or you can drink its juice.
Lemon is really tasty as an addition to salads or in tea. It can also be used in cosmetics and for aromatic use.

* Mix lemon juice and rose water, apply on your face and leave it for about 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.
* Before you go to bed, soak a cotton ball in lemon juice and clean the face. After you are done with the lemon wash your face with water.

Acne Home Remedies with Garlic:
Garlic is a member of the onion family. It is very useful in health problems.
Garlic can be consumed cooked or rough in salads, dishes, as a powder, in soups and more.

* Take garlic cloth and apply on the acne everyday.

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